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bullet Linda COX was born on 6 Sep 1947. Parents: Robert Dale COX and Evelyn.

bullet Linda Lou COX(36) was born on 9 Dec 1944. Parents: Raymond Hershel COX and Alnora APPMAN.

She was married to James Edward STONE on 19 Apr 1964.

bullet Lizina COX(13) was born in 1879.

She was married to Kelly CAUSEY on 5 Feb 1919 in Indiana. Children were: Margaret CAUSEY.

bullet Lois COX(5) was born on 12 Jul 1943 in Searcy, AR. Parents: Viola SARGEANT. Parents: Lucien Alfred (Swad) COX and Viola SARGEANT .

bullet Lola COX(5) Parents: James Robert COX and Judy SALMON.

bullet Lolita Kay COX(5) Parents: Delbert COX and Carol BAKER.

bullet Loretta Fay COX(5) Parents: Delbert COX and Carol BAKER.

bullet Louanna COX(5) Parents: Cleopatra COX.

bullet Louellen COX(113) Parents: Johnathon COX and Betsy HAYS.

bullet Louis COX(5) Parents: John William COX.

bulletLouis COX(8) was born about 1846. Parents: Joseph COX and Molly.

bullet Lowell COX(36) Parents: Charles Edward COX and Lula Mae GWALTNEY.

bullet Lucien Alfred (Swad) COX(26) (5) was born on 1 Feb 1899 in Bono, AR.. He died in 1969. Lucien (Alfred) Monroe Cox
Feb 1, 1899- Oct. 28, 1969
Uncle Swad

Lucien (Swad) and married to Viola Sargeant (b. Aug, 28, 1905) of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Uncle Swad was 19 years old when his father died. He joined the Army during WWI and was sent to France. The day he arrived, Peace was declared. He stayed in France, then served the rest of his Army life until he was discharged. Uncle Bob sent Uncle Swad a picture of the beautiful girls on the beaches of California. He encouraged Uncle Swad to come out to California as that is where the future is. Since Uncle Swad was married and had several children, he decided that the only way to get to California was to join the Navy. So he did. They sent him to Great Lakes Naval Station near Chicago, Ill. He stayed in the service for about 6 months. The Navy, did not send him to California, nor was it going to send him there. He decided to go AWOL, and returned to Arkansas. (Grandma Moschenrose was always threatening him that she would turn him into the government if he didn’t do what she wanted him to do. Back then, there was a $50.00 reward given to the person that turned in the deserters.) Uncle Swad and Aunt Viola raised a large family of 7 sons, Robert, Cecil, Le Roy, Delbert, John, Harold, and Gerald and 4 daughters Beatrice, Marie, Wilma, and Lois. They also had one or two children that were stillbirths. They lived in Arkansas for many years and most children were born there. He was gone a lot, (dodging the Navy?) working in different cities and states, trying to find the better job to raise his family with. He finally settled down in Illinois, near Lincoln, in 1950, and the family soon followed. He died on October 28, 1969 in Beebe Arkansas and was buried in Antioch Cemetery in Beebe. Viola died on November 14, 1991 in Lincoln Illinois, and is buried next to her husband.
Parents: Henry COX and Lue Cindie JOYNER.

Children were: James Robert COX, Cecil COX, Lee Roy COX, Beatrice Jean COX, Delbert COX, Carma Marie COX, John D. COX, Harold Monroe COX, Wilma Lue COX, Lois COX, Gerald Wayne COX, Baby Girl COX.

bulletLucinda COX.

She was married to George Washington WALLACE on 29 Aug 1833. Children were: James Thomas WALLACE , Betsy Ann WALLACE, Franklin WALLACE, Virgil T. WALLACE, Matilda Jane WALLACE, Mary Amanda WALLACE, Josephine T. WALLACE.

bullet Lucy COX(5) was born on 5 Sep 1903. She died on 1 Aug 1979. Lucy Cox Trammel Norris
September 5, 1903 - August 1, 1979
Aunt Lucy

Lucy was born Sept 5, 1903. Lucy married Jim Trammel and had one daughter Martha. Mr. Trammel was born in 1900 and died in 1924. A few years later, Lucy married Taylor Earnest Sneed Norris on June 5, 1924. Ernest was born December 6, 1901 in Scotsboro, Alabama. He earned their living farming and/ or share cropping. They moved from farm to farm in the Weiner and Greenfield areas, south of Jonesboro, Arkansas. This was hard work and the children also worked in the fields. Some years, the house they lived in was near the rice fields. Working in rice fields was very hard. Ernest and Lucy started their family of 10 children right away. All of the children were born in Arkansas, except Marvin which was born in Missouri. Lucy was a great cook and her specialty was chicken and dumplings with big hot rolls. However, her daily cooking was a large pot of soup beans, fried potatoes,, and maybe some cornbread. She loved her children very much, and enjoyed her 30+ grandchildren. She was Baptist and Sneed was Pentecostal. She made sure the children attended whichever church they lived closest to. They were married for 54 years before Lucy died August 1, 1979. Sneed died January 3, 1984. Lucy and Ernest, as well as her first husband, Jim Trammell are buried in Walker Cemetery, approximately 8 miles west of Weiner.
Parents: Henry COX and Lue Cindie JOYNER.

She was married to Jim TRAMMIL in 1921.(26) Children were: Martha TRAMMIL.

She was married to Ernest NORRIS in Jun 1924.(26) Children were: Ernest (Buddy) NORRIS, Virginia Mae "Ginna Mae" NORRIS, Dorothy Nadeen "Dot" NORRIS , John Henry NORRIS, Marvin NORRIS, Ralph Eugene NORRIS, Bobby Kenneth NORRIS, Walter NORRIS, Lacona NORRIS, Billy Joe NORRIS.

bullet Lucy COX(113) (113) Parents: Johnathon COX and Betsy HAYS.

bullet Lulu Dean COX(36) was born on 27 Jun 1938. Parents: Calvin Adolph COX and Macel E HUST.

She was married to Royce Cletus FELTY julne 14 1958.

She was married to Dennis HOGAN on 14 Feb 1975.

bullet Lumus Henry COX(5) was born on 19 Nov 1906. He died on 1 Sep 1963 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Lumus Henry (John) Cox
Nov 19, 1906 - Sept 1, 1963
Uncle John

(Lumus) John was born on Nov. 19, 1906. He met, fell in love and married Iva Brown. Iva was born on December 28, 1908 to John Brown and Jesse Tuttle. They had 6 children all of them born in Weiner, Arkansas. They had 3 sons and Alfred Lee (Pete), Ray, and Jerry and 3 daughters Thelma, Ida Mae, and Ileta..
He worked for the railroad in Arkansas. He left his wife and family in Arkansas in 1943 and moved to Pine Bluff, AR and worked for Cotton Belt R. R. Iva moved the family to Pine Bluff, and found he had a girlfriend, so she moved the family back to Weiner. After that, he lost touch with his family for several years. They met again at the reunion in Murphysboro at Grandma Moschenrose’s house. He was either living in or moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, where he worked in a piano factory. While in Cincinnati, he lived in an apartment in the city close to the factory. Occasionally sent his family money . After being there several years, he met and fell in love with a co-worker Carrie Mae. They shared an apartment which was over an ice cream shop. Carrie Mae had two daughters (Loretta & ?). Eventually they married and had a son John Allen.
When Uncle John died, Iva and children were notified. There was a big mess when Carrie Mae and Iva found out they were both his wife. He died September 1, 1963. He was buried Walker Cemetery in Weiner, at his request. Iva died November 19, 1986. Aunt Iva died on Nov. 19, 1986 and is buried close to her husband,

Parents: Henry COX and Lue Cindie JOYNER.

Children were: Alfred Lee (Pete) COX, Ray COX, Jerry COX , Thelma COX, Ida Mae COX , Ileta COX.

Children were: John Allen COX.

bulletLuna COX(5) was born on 5 Sep 1903 in Arkansas. She died on 19 Jul 1926. Luna Cox Wheaton
Sept 5, 1903 - July 19,. 1926
Aunt Luny

Luna was born September 5, 1903, she married Mr. Leo Wheaton in 1920 or 1921 and had two children. Charles and Mildred. She lived in the country. Aunt Luna, like all women at that time, did the laundry outside in a large kettle which she filled by bucket and heated over an open fire. After Mildred was born, while doing the laundry, she had a post partum hemorrhage. When her husband came in from the fields, he found her lying in the yard, in a pool of blood. She was already dead. She died on July 19, 1926 and is buried in Walker Cemetery outside of Weiner, Arkansas. Leo remarried ( ) and they had 2 more children : LeRoy and Laura (Talley). She had 3 children from a previous marriage Ed Smith, Edna (Wheaton) and Flora (Ellard).

Charles was born on April 15, 1922. He married Audie (unknown). They had 1 child Lou . She had a child by a previous marriage Gary Forrester. Charles died on March 14, 1998 and was layed out in the Roller’s Farmers’ Union Funeral Home in Weiner.

Mildred was born in July, 1926. She married ( ) Best. They had children.
Parents: Henry COX and Lue Cindie JOYNER.

She was married to WHEATON in 1920.(26) Children were: Charles WHEATON, Mildred WHEATON.

bullet Lura May COX(5) Parents: Harrison COX and Louisi PUCKETT.

bullet Lurania COX(8) Parents: Joseph "General Joe" COX and Elizabeth HUNSIGER.

bullet Luther [Robert] COX(26) (5) was born on 11 Mar 1897. He died in Apr 1972. Luther Robert Cox
March 11, 1897- April 1972
Uncle Bob

Luther changed his name when he entered the service to Robert Luther Cox. He stayed in California after W.W.I. and became a policeman in Alhambra. He moved up the ranks, from patrolman, to Sargent then into the detectives, and was made Captain before his retirement. After retirement, he worked part time as a guard at General Electric, then at Universal Studio in Hollywood. Uncle Bob married twice. The first wife (Emma) had a child by her first husband. They were married for a short time (one or two years). She didn’t remarry again. Emma worked in Medical Records in Alhambra Community Hospital until her retirement. His second wife’s name was Sibyl. She was born on Sept. 9, 1911. She had one brother. They had no children. Aunt Sibyl worked at the Los Angeles Water Department, downtown LA. They were married around 1946 until his death in 1972. They had planned to retire to a Villa in Mexico and live out their lives with servants surrounding them. Uncle Bob had a bad stroke in late 1971- or early 1972 and died a few months later in a nursing home in San Gabriel, California. He was almost 75 years old. Aunt Sibyl was still too young (age 61) to retire when Uncle Bob died. They were never able to live in their Villa in Mexico as they had dreamed. It is not known how Aunt Sibyl died, but it was in June of 1980.
Parents: Henry COX and Lue Cindie JOYNER.

He was married to Sybol about 1946.

bullet Lynn COX(5) was born on 22 Nov 1941. He died on 21 Dec 1941. Parents: Walter Leroy COX and Mary Alene HOUZLOW.

bullet Madaline COX(41) was born on 3 Nov 1914 in Posey Co., Ind. Parents: Alfred COX and Mabel [May] BARTON.

She was married to Thomas Albert HUST on 12 Nov 1934. Children were: Charlotte Mae HUST, Thomas Alfred HUST, Eva Louise HUST, Alvin Ray HUST.

bullet Mandy J. COX(8) was born about 1852. Parents: Isaac COX and Melissa .

bullet Marc A. COX was born on 17 Feb 1995. Parents: Martin Allen COX and Cynthia L. KNIGHT.

bullet Margaret COX(137) Parents: Absolom COX and Martha [Patsey] GARRIS.

bullet Marion Absolom COX was born on 26 Feb 1899. He was born on 26 Feb 1899. He died in 1943. He died in 1943. Parents: John T[ Turkey ] COX and Mary Melvina MCREYNOLDS.

bulletMarion Francis [Marty] COX was born on 16 Jun 1930 in Edwards County, Illinois. Uncle Marty used to tease me when I was small. He was in the service and became a minister. He is now one of my computer buddies. I love him very much and want to thank him for all the help he has given me with our genealogy. [photo]
Parents: John Larkin COX and Ethel Louise WICKENCAMP.

He was married to Marie Carolyn ISOM on 29 Jan 1955. Children were: Johnny James COX, Catherine Louise COX, Dwight David COX, Cheryl Ann COX.

bullet Martha COX(27) was born in 1838. She died in 1908. Parents: John T. COX and Sally [Sarah] HARRIS.

She was married to W. A. KINCHELOE on 2 Feb 1862 in Indiana. Children were: U. S. KINCHELOE, Ora KINCHELOE.

bullet Martha Jane COX(41) was born on 6 Oct 1930. Parents: Everitt Earl COX and Edna Laura KINCHLOE.

She was married to GILES .

She was married to Ralph GOLDMAN.

bullet Martin Allen COX was born on 5 Oct 1951. He resided 109 Alan Drive, McLeansboro, IL. 62859 on 16 Sep 1999. Parents: William Howard COX and Wanda Jean COMPTON.

He was married to Cynthia L. KNIGHT on 14 Jul 1989. Children were: Casey J. RHINE, Elizabeth A. COX, Marc A. COX.

bullet Mary COX was born on 13 Oct 1886. Parents: John T[ Turkey ] COX and Nancy C COX.

She was married to Louis BRANDENSTEIN on 6 Apr 1905.

bullet Mary COX(5) Parents: James Robert COX and Judy SALMON.

bullet Mary COX(138) was born in 1839. Parents: John T. COX and Sally [Sarah] HARRIS.

bullet Mary COX(31) was born about 1839. Parents: Noah COX and Polly.

bullet Mary COX(76) Parents: Silas M COX.

bullet Mary Agnes COX(66) was born on 29 Oct 1902. She died in 1950. Parents: Calvary COX and Mary KITCHEL.

Children were: Donald A HANES , Beverly HANES.

bulletMary Ann COX(24) was born about 1841 in Tennessee. Parents: Armstead COX and Mary SMITH.

bullet Mary C. COX(8) was born about 1860. Parents: Joseph COX and Molly.

bullet Mary Elizabeth COX was born on 31 Aug 1862 in Boone County, Indiana. She died on 27 Dec 1890 in Alex.County, Illinois. She was buried in Tap White Cemetary Alex. Co. Ill. She was ill with heart disease. Parents: Joseph S. [Smith] COX and Mary Elizabeth WITT .

She was married to Joseph Reuben MCRAVEN 6 April 1879 by J.Levi Gifford. Children were: Vernetta May MCRAVEN , Arthur Leroy [Weaver] MCRAVEN, Leona Rosetta MCRAVEN, Emma Elizabeth MCRAVEN , Jesse Thomas MCRAVEN.

She was married to Andrew Jackson OLLER on 28 Jul 1889. Children were: David Minnous OLLER.

bullet Mary Francis COX(66) was born on 18 Jun 1922. She died in 1976. Parents: Millard Sheardon COX and Anna Mae HIDELBRADER.

She was married to William PINKSTON in 1940. Children were: Robert E. PINKSTON.

bullet Mary Jane COX(41) was born on 20 Sep 1932. Parents: Everitt Earl COX and Edna Laura KINCHLOE.

bulletMary Louise COX(36) was born on 11 Dec 1928 in Oliver, IN. Parents: Calvin Adolph COX and Macel E HUST.

She was married to Melvin George LOPP on 25 Jun 1946.

She was married to Elmer Violas CHANDLER on 19 Jul 1957.

bullet Matthew Thomas COX was born on 21 Jan 1973 in Pa. Parents: Robert Eugene Jr COX and Shirley Joanne PENTZ.

bullet McKenzie Logan COX was born on 11 Apr 1996. Parents: Dwight David COX and Nicole Leigh WARD.

bullet Merle COX(41) was born on 22 Feb 1920. Parents: Alfred COX and Mabel [May] BARTON.

bulletMichael Alan COX(66) was born on 25 Jun 1957 in Fort Knox, KY. Parents: Millard G. COX and Mary Kathryn HILAKOS.

He was married to Deborah Lynn CHESSER on 10 Apr 1982 in Louisville KY. Children were: Joshua Michael COX, Ryan Jesse COX, Arianna Wynne COX.

bullet Micheal Ryan COX was born on 3 Jul 1990 in Jasper, Indiana. Parents: Ronald Dee COX and Bonnie Elizabeth COCHRANE.

bullet Michel Lee COX was born on 2 May 1984 in Hamilton, Ohio. Parents: Chris Lee COX and Vicki Lynn GILL.

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