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bullet John Allen COX(5) John Allen is a Minister in the Christian church. He presently lives in Jordon England.

Parents: Lumus Henry COX and Carrie Mae.

bullet John D. COX(5) was born on 6 Oct 1935 in Bono, AR.. He died on 4 Mar 1973 in Little Rock, Ark. Parents: Viola SARGEANT. Parents: Lucien Alfred (Swad) COX and Viola SARGEANT.

bullet John Edward COX(36) was born on 5 Jul 1933. Parents: Calvin Adolph COX and Macel E HUST.

bullet John Edwin COX was born on 13 Nov 1949. Parents: Robert Dale COX and Evelyn.

bullet John Larkin COX [photo1] [photo2] was born on 15 Aug 1895 in Poseyville, Indiana. He died on 5 Dec 1976 in Evansville, Indiana. He was buried on 8 Dec 1976 in Graceland Cem. Albion, Illinois Cemetary. In the 1920 census Larkin worked as a mechanic in the brickyard. His brother Gilbert lived with him and worked as a laborer in the brickyard. His neighbors were William Katerman and Henry [Recaline?] resided at 201 Walnut St. in Albion, IL Parents: John T[ Turkey ] COX and Mary Melvina MCREYNOLDS.

He was married to Ethel Louise WICKENCAMP on 19 Feb 1914 in Mt.Vernon, Indiana. Children were: Esther Eloise COX, Kathryn Melvina COX, Vivian Geraldine COX, Evelyn Marie COX, Robert Eugene COX, William Howard COX, Donna Mae COX, Marion Francis [Marty] COX.

bullet John Leonard COX was born on 30 Dec 1947. Parents: William Howard COX and Wanda Jean COMPTON.

He was married to Deborah J. KEE on 4 Jul 1968. Children were: Julie Beth COX, Jack Larkin COX.

bullet John P. COX(8) was born about 1850. Parents: Elijah COX and Elizabeth PRICE.

Children were: Achiles COX, Ambrosetta COX, Bertha COX.

bulletJohn Patterson COX. Parents: Earl Dale COX and Margaret Jane PATTERSON.

bulletJohn Sr. COX(126) was born abt1750 or 1753 in NC. In searching for the earliest Cox ancestor I have been looking for similar names [ Absolem, Ferneyfold, etc.]
In Colonial North Carolina: 1607-1789 I found in the Cox-Co-op Library the following:
Absalom Cox Currituck Co. 1775
I have been barking up the wrong Absolom all these years. I have updated the
Cox McRaven family webpages. I did not add pictures this time, but I have
more information on the families. I originally had the first Absolom as
coming from Abbeville SC. I now believe that was wrong. The Absolom that
came from Abbeville, SC went to Illinois and not to Indiana. According to
the Posey Co. census Absolom came from North Carolina. [In Colonial North
Carolina: 1607-1789 I found in the Cox-Co-op Library the following:
Absalom Cox Currituck Co. 1775]
also these Coxs:
Thomas Jr. COX Currituck Co. 1715
Thomas COX Currituck Co. 1715
Sarah COX Currituck Co. 1782
Sarah COX Currituck Co. 1783
Nancy COX Currituck Co. 1780
Lewis COX Currituck Co. 1780
Edward COX Currituck Co. 1715
Duke COX Currituck Co. 1755

Given name County Location Year Page# Age range in hh
1st # free white males 16 year upwards and head of families
2nd # free white males under 16 years
3rd # free white females and head of families
4th # all other free persons
5th # slaves
Given name County Location Year Page# Age range in hh

Caleb Currituck Co. 1790 22 01-02-04-00-00
Javan Currituck Co. 1790 22 01-00-01-00-00
Jonathan Currituck Co. 1790 22 01-01-03-00-00
Lewis Currituck Co. 1790 22 01-01-01-00-00
Marmeduke Currituck Co. 1790 22 01-00-01-00-00
Solomon, Junior Currituck Co. 1790 22 01-02-04-00-00
Solomon, Sr. Currituck Co. 1790 22 01-01-01-00-00
Thomas Currituck Co. 1790 20 02-04-02-00-00

1810 NC census all Cox
Aney (?) Currituck
Bradey Currituck
Caleb Currituck
David Currituck
Garvon Currituck
Jesse Currituck
John Currituck
Jonathan Currituck
Niley Currituck
Thomas Currituck
Thomas Currituck

From 'The Cox Pioneers of Posey Co., IN' by Rev. John E. Cox

The father of 'General Joe' came with him [he was named John Cox] but none of his children seem to know anything about his death. But in my search for historical facts I visited a little Cox burial lot about half a mile from the Donally farm where my grandfather lived. There is a tombstone showing that 2 sons---Abner and James Perry---- of John L. Cox are buried. Another shows that Sally Price Cox, wife of Thomas G. Cox had died 1845. Thomas G. probably lived where General Joe did. He married again and lived there when I knew him and died there. There is also a grave stone marking the grave of 'John Cox, Sr., died May 26, 1826, age 73 years.'
There is a stone at the grave inscribed, 'Martha, 2nd wife of John Cox,Sr., died 1822.'
I am satisfied that the man was the father of General Joe Cox and 'Martha' was either the mother or step-mother of General Joe.

He was married to Martha. Children were: John [Doublehead] COX , Absolom COX, Furneyford COX, Joseph "General Joe" COX, Jemima COX, Johnathon COX, Elizabeth COX.

bullet John T. COX was born on 8 Jan 1810 in ?. He died on 13 Jul 1876 in IN. (127) 1850 census

10 707 707 Cox John T 40 M farmer 800 NC
11 707 707 Cox Sally 30 F Tenn X
12 707 707 Cox Absalom 21 M farmer Ia
13 707 707 Cox David 18 M farmer Ia
14 707 707 Cox Ferney 16 M farmer Ia
15 707 707 Cox Martha 12 F Ia X
16 707 707 Cox Mary 11 F Ia X
17 707 707 Cox Alfred 6 M Ia X
18 707 707 Cox Joseph 3 M Ia
19 Parents: Absolom COX and Martha [Patsey] GARRIS.

He was married to Sally [Sarah] HARRIS on 24 Aug 1828. Children were: Absolom COX, David COX, Ferny COX, Martha COX, Alfred E. COX, Joseph T COX, Mary COX, Sarah COX.

bullet John T[ Turkey ] COX was born on 24 Aug 1859 in Posey County, Indiana. He died on 24 Aug 1932 in Wadesville, Indiana. Picture left to right:
Marion, Larkin, Alva, Gib, Mary, and Bob

Parents: Absolom COX and Nancy Jane ALLISON.

He was married to Mary Melvina MCREYNOLDS on 27 Sep 1893. [photo] Children were: COX , John Larkin COX, Marion Absolom COX, Alva Louis COX, Gilbert Raymond COX, Robert Dale COX.

He was married to Sarah [Laurence] BARTON on 22 Sep 1889. He was divorced from Sarah [Laurence] BARTON on 16 Oct 1891.

He was married to Nancy C COX on 27 Jun 1878. Children were: Fronia COX, William Ezra COX, Henry COX, Mary COX.

bullet John William COX(26) (128)(5) was born about 1872 in Posey Co., Ind. John William Cox

John William Cox was born ________ He married _____________. They had two children Burtis L. (Nov. 26, 1892- Oct. 1, 1975) and Louis. She died and he remarried Maud Pylor. Both Burtis (Burt) and Louis (Louie) married Myrtles. To keep the Myrtles straight, one was called Big Myrtle and the other Little Myrtle. Big Myrtle (Graham) and Burtis had 8 children, including a set of twins, but all did not survive into adulthood. Louis and Little Myrtle (Bryant) had only one son Otto. (Otto, became a Penticostal Preacher). Big Myrtle and Burtis are buried in Trinity Cemetery in Bono. John had a big farm outside of Bono. John’s second wife was was a mistake, they lived together on and off. She was unfaithful. They never had any children. It was such a worry and embarrassement to have an unfaithful wife that he eventually divorced her. He was depressed over the situation with his wife. One day, he put a gun under his chin to end his life. But as luck would have it, he did not die, but blew off his whole chin and part of his mouth. From that time forward, he could only sip soups and eating was very difficult. Medicine was not into the stage of plastic surgery like today, so he lived that way. He usually wore a hankerchief under his nose (like a bandit) to hide his deformity. He took it off to eat and sleep. He used to visit with BH and family. Their younger son Ralph said he hated it when Uncle John came because he had to sleep with him. One day, John was at Louis’s house waiting for Little Myrtle to dress Otto, so he could take him back to the farm with him. When she finished dressing Otto, she took him into the living room, John, was dead. He died on _______ and is buried in Trinity Cemetery in Bono.
Parents: Alfred E. COX and Martha J. SANDERS.

Children were: Louis COX , Burtis L. COX.

bulletJohnathon COX(113). 1820 Indiana Posey Co Census
Jonathon Cox 2 males under 10, 1 male 26-45, 3 females under 10, 1 female 16-18, 1 foreigner not naturalized
1830 Indiana Posey Co. Census
Jonathon Cox; 1 male under 5, 1 male 10-15, 1 male 40-50, 1 female under 5, 2 females 10-15, 1 female 30-40 Parents: John Sr. COX and Martha.

Children were: Lucy COX, Eliza Jane COX, James COX, Harrison COX, Hamilton COX, Sarah COX, Nancy COX, Louellen COX.

bulletJohnny James COX was born on 6 Feb 1956 in Nix Hospital - San Antonio, Texas. Parents: Marion Francis [Marty] COX and Marie Carolyn ISOM.

Children were: Candida Christa HOFFMAN.

bulletJolina COX(8) was born about 1854. Parents: George W. COX and Serene .

bullet Joseph COX(19) was born on 15 Mar 1874. He died on 21 Apr 1958. Parents: Absolom COX and Nancy Jane ALLISON.

He was married to Elizabeth WADE on 25 Aug 1897 in Indiana. Children were: Estal Everett COX, Lester Homer COX, Edith COX, Kenneth COX.

He was married to Anna PHILLIPS on 8 Jan 1914 in Indiana. Children were: Towrine COX, Charles Joseph COX.

bullet Joseph COX(114) Parents: Joseph T COX and Lucinda HENRICKS.

bullet Joseph COX(76) Parents: John [Doublehead] COX and Sarah ROGERS.

He was married to Nancy COX on 20 Jan 1825. (129)

bullet Joseph COX(8) Parents: Benjamin COX and Melvina GATES.

bullet Joseph COX(8) was born about 1819. Parents: Joseph "General Joe" COX and Elizabeth HUNSIGER.

Children were: Louis COX , Willliam COX, Robert COX , Mary C. COX.

bulletJoseph COX(8) was born about 1861. Parents: Jackson COX and Cynthia RAMSEY.

bullet Joseph COX(8) was born about 1852. Parents: George W. COX and Serene .

bullet Joseph COX(113)

He was married to Nancy COX on 20 Jan 1825.(130)

bullet Joseph "General Joe" COX(8) was born on 16 Feb 1795 in SC.. He died on 20 Dec 1866 in Posey Co., Ind. He was buried in Fillinghim Cem.(131) Parents: John Sr. COX and Martha .

He was married to Elizabeth HUNSIGER in 1810 in Muhlenburg, Co. KY. Children were: John COX , David COX, Allen COX , Lurania COX, Elijah COX , Joseph COX, Benjamin COX , Stinson COX, Andrew COX , Jackson COX, George W. COX, Isaac COX.

bullet Joseph L. COX(41) was born on 10 May 1931. He died on 10 May 1931. Parents: Chester Ralph COX and Hazel Katherine HUST.

bullet Joseph S. [Smith] COX(24) was born about 1839 in Tennessee.(107) He died on 10 Mar 1865 in Wise's Forks NC.(107) He served in the military 7 March 1864 to 10 March 1865 in Indiana 124 Inf. Reg. Co. E..(132) 1850 CAMPBELL CO. CENSUS
341 341 Cox, Mary 34 f TN X
341 341 Cox, Joseph S. 11 m TN X
341 341 Cox, Mary Ann 9 f TN X
341 341 Cox, William 7 m TN
341 341 Cox, Abel R. 4 m TN
341 341 Smith, Milley Ann 16 f TN X
341 341 Smith, William 13 m TN X
341 341 Smith, Eleanor 11 f TN X
342 342 Agee, James 23 m Farmer 300 TN
342 342 Agee, Mary 19 f TN
COX, Joseph S. 21 M Farm Laborer 12 TN 13
COX, Mary E. 20 F TN 13
COX, Sarah Ann 1 F TN
Staunton is in Clay County Indiana
Database: American Civil War Soldiers

Name State Served Enlist Date Enlist Rank Enlist Age Enlist Place Army
Joseph S Cox Indiana 07 March 1864 Priv Union

Parents: Armstead COX and Mary SMITH.

He was married to Mary Elizabeth WITT [photo of Mary and second husband Armstead Wilson] on 29 Dec 1857 in Campbell Co. Tennessee. Children were: Sarah Ann COX, Mary Elizabeth COX.

bullet Joseph T COX(114) was born about 1847. Parents: John T. COX and Sally [Sarah] HARRIS.

He was married to Lucinda HENRICKS on 15 Oct 1868 in Indiana. Children were: Elizabeth COX, Joseph COX.

bullet Josephus COX(8) was born about 1860. Parents: Stinson COX and Sarah .

bullet Joshua Michael COX(66) was born on 6 Jun 1985 in Marengo, IN. Parents: Michael Alan COX and Deborah Lynn CHESSER.

bullet Joyce COX(5) was born 14 Jul 1944 in in Wyandotte, MI..(26) Parents: Walter Leroy COX and Mary Alene HOUZLOW.

She was married to Darrell Duane MOODY on 23 Aug 1963 in San Gabriel, Calif.(26) Children were: David Duane MOODY.

bullet Julie Beth COX was born on 11 Jan 1971. Parents: John Leonard COX and Deborah J. KEE.

bullet Kathryn Melvina COX was born on 2 Jun 1916 in Posey County, Indiana. She died on 29 Aug 1997 in Albion, Illinois. She was buried on 31 Aug 1997 in Albion, Illinois. Aunt Kathryn lived in Albion all her life. She was always cheerful and sweet. She was a great person and loved by all that knew her. In her later life she had altzimers disease but was still cheerful. [photo] Parents: John Larkin COX and Ethel Louise WICKENCAMP.

She was married to Mervin Ernest RIGG on 30 Jun 1935 in Benton.Ill. Children were: Janice Elaine RIGG , Evelyn Ilene RIGG, Mervin Donald RIGG, Vivian Dianne RIGG.

She was married to James E PEPPERWORTH in 1984 in Benton, Ill.

bullet Kelsey Hannalyn COX(66) was born on 11 Mar 1987. Parents: Gerald Lee COX and Terri Lynn CRUSE.

bullet Kenneth COX(19) Parents: Joseph COX and Elizabeth WADE.

bulletKenneth E. COX(41) was born on 2 Feb 1933 in Indiana. Parents: Chester Ralph COX and Hazel Katherine HUST.

He was married to Anita MOORE in 1955.

He was married to Marie YEIDA in 1968.

He was married to Emma RICKETTS on 14 Oct 1978.

He was married to Mary Hardin GROSS on 24 May 1996 in Mt Vernon, IN.

bullet Kenneth Wayne COX(36) was born on 15 May 1946. Parents: Raymond Hershel COX and Alnora APPMAN.

He was married to Josephine RICKERT on 26 Oct 1970.

bullet Kessiah COX(133) Parents: Absolom COX and Martha [Patsey] GARRIS.

She was married to James LEWIS on 19 Apr 1846 in Posey Co., Ind.(134)

bullet Korbin David COX was born on 12 Aug 1998. Parents: Dwight David COX and Nicole Leigh WARD.

bullet Larry COX(5) Parents: James Robert COX and Judy SALMON.

bullet Larry Dale COX(5) Parents: Delbert COX and Carol BAKER.

bullet Laura B COX(8) was born about 1868. Parents: Jackson COX and Cynthia RAMSEY.

bullet Laura Ellen COX(66) was born on 3 Mar 1892. She died in 1959. Parents: Calvary COX and Mary KITCHEL.

Children were: Truman MORTON .

bulletLavina E. COX(8). Parents: Benjamin COX and Melvina GATES.

She was married to Elias S. ANDERSON on 10 Sep 1874 in Posey Co., Ind. Children were: Asa ANDERSON, Martha ANDERSON, Elizabeth ANDERSON, Elias S. ANDERSON.

bullet Lee Roy COX(26) (5) was born on 23 Mar 1928 in Amazon, AR. He was born on 23 Mar 1928 in Amazon, AR. He died on 29 Apr 1952 in Montana. He died on 29 Apr 1952 in Montana. Died while cleaning out a cememt mixer at the end of the day. A fellow worker turned it on, not knowing Lee Roy was inside. Very Tragic!!!!
Parents: Lucien Alfred (Swad) COX and Viola SARGEANT.

bullet Lemuel COX(24) (25) was born about 1814 in Tn.(135) He was born about 1814 in Tn.(136) He died after 1860 in Tn.(109) He died after 1860 in Tn.(125) Parents: William COX and Mary "Polly" .

bullet Leo COX(8) was born about 1866. Parents: Elijah COX and Elizabeth PRICE.

bullet Leroy COX(8) was born about 1867. Parents: Stinson COX and Sarah .

bullet Lester Homer COX(19) was born on 17 Apr 1901. Parents: Joseph COX and Elizabeth WADE.

bulletLillian Beatrice COX(36) was born on 17 Feb 1902. She died on 2 Sep 1968. Parents: Charles Edward COX and Lula Mae GWALTNEY.

She was married to Loral TRAVERS on 18 Oct 1919 in Indiana. Children were: Elsie Louise TRAVERS, Lloyd Earl TRAVERS, Robert Loral TRAVERS, Jesse Eugene TRAVERS, Jerry Lee TRAVERS.

bullet Lillie R. COX(5) was born on 10 Feb 1909 in Weiner, AR. She died on 6 Aug 1995. Lillie R. Cox Foster
Feb 10, 1909 - Aug. 6, 1995

Lillie met Homer Niles Foster, and after a proper courtship, they married on November 1, 1924 in Pitts, Arkansas. Homer was born on Feb 22, 1898 to Ann Raines and William Clinton Foster (1863-1936), in Murphysboro, Illinois. He was the second of 11 children. His brothers as far as can be remembered were: Harry, Daniel, James, and Johnny. His sisters were: Melody, Rainie, Hazel, Rebecca?(struck by lightening as a child) and Mae who died in childbirth. Ann Raines Foster died in childbirth with the 11 child, that died also. The family came to Arkansas when Homer was 8 years old (1906) by covered wagon .
Lillie and Homer had four children: Emma Belita (July 29, 1926), Clinton Avlon (October 26, 1928), Junior Laverne (Aug 13, 1933) and Maggy Lou (Dec 10, 1940). Homer was a farmer. They lived in Arkansas and rented or sharecropped farms.
When William Clinton Foster died, Uncle Homer’s father, back then there were no funeral homes so the body was taken care of by the family. The women bathed and clothed the body while the men built the coffin. (pine box) The body was laid out usually in the front room. Some one usually sat up with the body until burial. The grave was hand dug by the family and filled also. Avlon remembers his grandfather’s funeral. I remember that my dad rented a rubber tired wagon to take the body to the cemetery. Coming back we got to ride in that wagon, it was like riding in a Caddilac. We were used to riding on those bumpy roads in a wagon with wheels made of wood with steel rims, that was a real rough ride. But we got a kick out of riding in that rubber tired wagon.
One year (1952) they came up to Michigan to pick blue berries, as migrant farm workers. It was very difficult, living conditions were poor and I don’t think they did that again.
Homer died on September 20, 1975 and was buried in Holloway Cemetery, Northwest of Weiner, AR. Aunt Lillie lived in Sterling and Rick Falls in 1986, close to her children. She and died on August 10, 1995. She is buried next to Homer.

Emma was born on July 29, 1926. She married Leslie Wade on November 1, 1943. They had no children. Leslie died in June 1960 of a heart attack. On November 3, 1963, Emma married Eugene Jarvis. Eugene died January 26, 1986 at the age of 77.

Avlon was born on October 26, 1928. On November 21, 1949 he married Thelma Peterson. They had three daughters Barbara Catherine (Cathy) on October 4, 1954 and Lilly Janette on December 5, 1959 and Belita Kay on August 10. 1963. They were divorced in the fall of 1982, and neither remarried. Avlon worked as an Inspector and in shipping for Northwest Steel and Wire. He is retired and currently lives in Rockfalls, Ill. He has 4 grandchildren.

Junior Laverne was born on August 13, 1933. He married Unice Deal on May 1, 1953. She is the daughter of Virginia (Jenny) and Jacob Dewey Deal. They had one son Tommy Allen on Oct 15, 1954. Junior worked in machines and shipping in the Northwest Steel and Wire company, in Rock Falls, Illinois. Unice retired from General Electric in Morrison, Illinois in June 1986. Junior is also retired and they currently live in near MountainView, AR. They have two granddaughters.

Maggy Lou was born on December 10, 1942. She married Frank Maurer. They had 3 daughters Emma Jeanette , Judith Ann. and Janice Lynn. She was a _______ . Currently they live in ___Illinois and spend the winter in Texas. (Need Dates.)

Lillie Cox Foster
by Avlon Foster

Now here’s some things about mom. Mom was a really, really good mom. She had a really good sense of humor, but I didn’t really realize that until I was grown. She came from a family that liked to laugh and joke, and tease each other. When any of them got together, there was always plenty of laughter, to go around. She always had a great big time with any of them that came to visit. Aunt Lucy, Uncle John, Uncle Swad, Uncle Walter or Aunt Pat, they made the best of everything. And Mom was also a great cook. She was known for her cream pies like Coconut cream, Lemon Cream, or just plain cream pie. It just kinda melted in your mouth. I remember when I was a young boy, some times at church, they’d have an outside dinner, called Dinner on the ground. They’d put down some table cloths (white) on the ground, and they’d spread the food out something like 30 foot long. I can remember when people started getting done with the dinner, and started thinking about dessert, they’d come and ask me Where’s your mom’s pie? That’s all they wanted. I don’t blame them, because they were really, really good.
I remember every now and then maybe on a Sunday, Aunt Lucy and her family would come over. And they would come early on Sunday morning so they could stay for dinner. Back then, when you fixed dinner, you fixed it from scratch. The conveniences we have today, we have it so easy. The first thing, we had a wood cookstove, and they had to start a fire in the stove. We usually had chicken on Sunday, especially if somebody came. That meant we had to go out and catch the chicken, kill him, dress him, and then they are ready to start cooking. If my Dad killed a chicken, he would chop their heads off with an ax, but if Mom did it, man she would grab that chicken by the neck and wring it round and round until that neck twisted off. Boy I’ll tell you, I am sure glad I don’t have to do that. Then the women would start to cook, and man you would hear them laughing and a talking and having a big time all the time they were cooking. We’d have a great dinner too. Not only Aunt Lucy’s visits, but my dad’s family too. Even when we went to other people’s house it was the same thing. The food might be a little different, some might have something else. I remember at Uncle John’s we had steak and gravy. We’d go there sometimes.
Mom was a great one for punishment too. When she thought us kids did something wrong, boy she would get us. But back then I really didn’t see anything wrong with swimming naked in the creek. with the snakes and turtles, but she thought it wasn’t too good so when I would get home, she would send me out for a peach tree limb, or a branch off a tree, and I’d try to fool her. I’d try to get on that I thought was about half dead and it wouldn’t hurt much, they did sting pretty much. But mom never hurt any of us. But she would always send us back for a better switch. And I’d bring it to her. When she would whip us kids, she would grab us by the hand, of course we’d run around and around her. She’d hang onto that hand and she’d be switching us on the back or the backside there, going round and round, then she’d get tickled watching us run trying to get away from that switch, and that would be just about the end of it. She couldn’t do much more. And like I said, she never hurt us, but she did keep us in line pretty good.
I remember one time when mom really, really, embarrassed herself though. They had been gone some place, her and Dad, and they came home. Uncle Swad would once in a while come by, just walking, and if nobody was home, he would just go in the house and find something to eat and lay down across the bed until somebody came home. So when Mom and Dad got home that day, she walked into her bedroom and there was a man lying face down on the bed. So, mom went in and got a belt, or a razor strap and she went in there and slapped him on his rump. This man jumped up. It scared him to death. Then it scared Mom to death because it wasn’t who she thought it was. It wasn’t Uncle Swad, it was a stranger. So she ran out of the room yelling for Dad. So Dad, he went in and got the man out. It was just a man that was traveling and got tired decided to rest a while because he was tired. Back then when most people went away, they didn’t think much about locking the doors. Most people didn’t have anything anyone would care about stealing anyway. And most people were really trustworthy back then too. Out in the country like that everyone knew everyone, unless they were a stranger like that man was. Just passing through. He didn’t bother anything, he just went in there to rest.
It was a good life, a hard life for the folks, but a good life none the less.
Parents: Henry COX and Lue Cindie JOYNER.

She was married to Homer FOSTER on 1 Nov 1924 in Pitts, AR.(26) Children were: Emma FOSTER, Avalon FOSTER, Junior Laverne FOSTER, Maggy Lou FOSTER.

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