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bullet Ranulph "DE GERNOR" died in 1135. He served in the military Fought in wars for Stephen and for. Parents: RANULPH Earl of Chester and Lucia.

Children were: Fifth Earl of Chester Hugh KENLOCK.

bulletAdelicia "widow of Henry I King of England".

She was married to Lord of Buckenham in Norfolk William 'The Strong Arm" DE ALBINI Earl of Arundeil upon marriage. Children were: William DE ALBINI.

bullet Agnes

Children were: William PRATYMAN.

bulletAlice . Parents: Richard Earl of Arundel.

Children were: Eleanor HOLLAND.

bulletAlice .

Children were: Thomas BAGWELL.

bulletAlice (1) was born on 15 Nov 1854 in Carlysle, PA..

Children were: Jesie Asenith KROH, Laura Valeria KROH, Florence Mabel KROH, Mernice KROH, Charles Edward KROH, Lynn Adolphus KROH.

bulletAnita (2).

She was married to John russel POLSTON on 13 Aug 1994. Children were: Micaila Marie POLSTON.

bullet Ann was born about 1796 in Tennesse.

Children were: Mathew M WOODS, Samuel WOODS, Robert K. WOODS, David C. WOODS, John B. WOODS, s Sidney M. WOODS, Renwick WOODS, Mary WOODS.

bulletAnn .

Children were: Ann STOCKLEY.

bulletAnn (3)(4) .

Children were: Edmund WITT.

bulletAnna .

bulletArnold of Guelders.

Children were: Marie of Gueldres .

bulletAvenel .

She was married to William "The Lion" King of Scotland. Children were: Isabel.

bullet Beatrix

She was married to Fifth Earl of Chester Hugh KENLOCK . Children were: Mabel KENLOCK.

bullet Betty (5)

Children were: Randy NORRIS, Ronnie NORRIS, Kim NORRIS.

bulletBig Myrtle(5) was born between 18 Mar 1900 and Jan . She died on 28 Oct 1963.

Children were: twin COX, twin COX.

bulletCarmen (6).

Children were: Timmy DUNN, Mickey DUNN.

bulletCarol .

Children were: Jeff STORCKMAN, Jeremy STORCKMAN.

bulletCarrie Mae(5).

Children were: John Allen COX.

bulletCharity .

Children were: James K. MARVEL, Prettyman MARVEL, Mary MARVEL, Joseph MARVEL, John M. MARVEL, George M MARVEL, Braxton MARVEL.

bulletChristina was born in 1836 in Wertenburg.

She was married to Jacob DERR. Children were: David DERR, John DERR, Layfayette DERR.

bullet Comfort was born about 1814 in Kentucy.

Children were: Wiley MARVEL, Prettyman MARVEL, Matilda MARVEL, William MARVEL, Noma MARVEL, David MARVEL, Eliza MARVEL, Elizabeth MARVEL, Samuel MARVEL.

bulletdaughter of Pictish king.

Children were: King Eoachaidh III MAC EOACHAIDH of Dalriada.

bulletDawn .

bulletDebbie was born about 1857.

She was married to Patrick Henry MCRAVEN.

bullet Debbie

bulletDella .

She was married to Harry TINDELL. Children were: Brenda Joyce TINDELL.

bullet Doda was born about 980.

Children were: Harlette DE FALAISE .

bulletDorothy .

She was married to Arch SCHUMERT. Children were: SCHUMERT, SCHUMERT , SCHUMERT.

bullet Edmund of WOODSTOCK was born on 5 Aug 1301. He died in 1360. Parents: King of England Edward I. PLANTAGENT and Eleanor OF CASTILE.

Children were: Joan of WOODSTOCK .

bulletDuchess of Aquitaine Eleanor of Guienne.

She was married to Henry II King of England PLANTAGENT. Children were: John I King of England PLANTAGENT.

bullet Eleanor of Provence

She was married to Henry III King of England PLANTAGENT. Children were: King of England Edward I. PLANTAGENT.

bullet Eliza (7)(8) was born about 1853.

Children were: Achiles COX, Ambrosetta COX, Bertha COX.

bulletElizabeth .

bulletElizabeth was born in 1843 in Illinois.

She was married to Thomas George MCRAVEN ALSO MCCRAVIN.

bullet Elizabeth

Children were: Sally MONTGOMERY, Robert [Robin] MONTGOMERY, Samuel MONTGOMERY , Ellender MONTGOMERY.

bulletElizabeth .

Children were: Sarah JUSTICE.

bulletElizabeth .

Children were: Hugh WALLACE.

bulletElizabeth .

bulletElizabeth (9) was born on 10 Mar 1820. She died on 16 Jul 1853. She was buried in Mt. Pleasant Cem. Cynthiana, Ind.. (10)

bullet' Emma [half sister to William "The Conqueror"].

She was married to Chamberlain to Duke Robert Richard GOZ of Normandy in 1035. Children were: Maud GOZ.

bullet Ethelmae (11)

She was married to Frederick Robert POPPETT in Highland, CA.

bullet Evelyn

She was married to Robert Dale COX. Children were: Robin COX, Linda COX , John Edwin COX.

bullet Fairy

She was married to Jack WILLIS. Children were: Gary Wayne Sr. WILLIS.

bullet Florence

She was married to Morton WOODS.

bullet Garva (12) was born on 20 Sep 1910.

bulletGertrude . Parents: BALDWIN III Count of Hainault and YOLANDE.

She was married to Roger DE TOENI AND CONCHES. Children were: Isabel DE EOENI AND CONCHES .

bullet Gertrude (13)

bulletGlenda .

She was married to John Rife Jr. SCHAEFFER . Children were: Jason SCHAEFFER, Nathain SCHAEFFER, Brad SCHAEFFER.

bullet Hannah

Children were: Corbin WASHINGTON, George WASHINGTON.

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