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bullet Ellen Owsley [Cookie] COOK was born on 9 Oct 1923 in Danville, Ky.Boyle County. Parents: William Robinson COOK and Madge ISAACS.

She was married to Clifford Milton Jr. BRASELTON on 28 Aug 1948 in Danville, Ky.. Children were: Clifford Milton Jr. BRASELTON, Robinson Cook BRASELTON , Jane Ellen BRASELTON.

bullet Dr. J. Frank COOK(1)

He was married to Sarah N NELSON on 27 Nov 1893 in Toledo, OH..

bullet Sarah COOK(100) (3)(4) was born about 1788 in NC.(100)

She was married to Edmund WITT in Jan 1806 in Stokes Co. NC.(100) She was married to Edmund WITT on 1 Mar 1860 in Stokes Co. NC.(3) Children were: Washinton WITT, Edmond WITT, Mary WITT.

bullet William Robinson COOK

Children were: Ellen Owsley [Cookie] COOK.

bulletDaniel Lee COON(2).

He was married to Teresa Joyce POLSTON on 3 Nov 1984. Children were: Joseph Lee COON.

bullet Joseph Lee COON(2) was born on 31 May 1985. Parents: Daniel Lee COON and Teresa Joyce POLSTON.

bullet Alona COOPER(65)

Children were: David Earl RENNER, Roy Allen RENNER.

bulletElenor COOPER died about 1819.

She was married to William WALLACE in 1803 in Ohio Co. Kentucy.

bullet James Lenward CORAM(29) was born in 1920. (28)

He was married to Frances Louise PEPPER. Children were: Margaret Lorena CORAM, Marilyn Jill CORAM.

bullet Margaret Lorena CORAM(29) was born in 1954. Parents: James Lenward CORAM and Frances Louise PEPPER.

Children were: Gina Rae MCCORMICK, Jessie Laura MCCORMICK.

bulletMarilyn Jill CORAM(29) was born in 1955. Parents: James Lenward CORAM and Frances Louise PEPPER.

Children were: Jane Ellen CUMMINGS, Lauren Frances CUMMINGS.

bulletArthur Elmer CORDER(18) was born on 28 Feb 1875 in Sucker Flat, CA..

He was married to Mary Louisa HARROLD on 21 Apr 1906 in Fruitvale, CA.. Children were: Marion Louise CORDER, Florence Elma CORDER.

bullet Florence Elma CORDER(18) was born on 6 Oct 1910. Parents: Arthur Elmer CORDER and Mary Louisa HARROLD.

She was married to Wendell W. WITTER on 27 Oct 1935 in Oakland, CA. Children were: Wendlyn WITTER.

bullet Marion Louise CORDER(18) was born on 9 Apr 1909. Parents: Arthur Elmer CORDER and Mary Louisa HARROLD.

bullet Augusta Eleanor COREY(18)

She was married to James Edward HARROLD on 18 Feb 1932 in Palo Alto, CA. Children were: James Edward , Jr. HARROLD, Madge Corey HARROLD.

bullet Wilson B. COSBY

He was married to Indiana McFarland WALLACE on 2 Jan 1860 in Ohio, Kentucky.

bullet Clarence Edward COTNER

He was married to Mary MCRAVEN .

bullet Noah COTTON

He was married to Lucretia SPURGIN on 21 May 1846.

bullet Gilbert COUCH(38)

He was married to Omah DEISHER.(53) Children were: Ruth Ann COUCH.

bullet Ruth Ann COUCH(38) was born on 29 Sep 1944. Parents: Gilbert COUCH and Omah DEISHER.

She was married to John R. POEHLEIN .(53) Children were: Angela Marie POEHLEIN, Julie Ann POEHLEIN, Thomas John POEHLEIN.

bullet Sallie COUCH(28) (29) was born in 1858.

Children were: Joseale SMITH.

bulletSarah COULSON.

She was married to Joseph Jr. RICH . Children were: Agnes Ann RICH, Martha RICH.

bullet Alexander Jr. COULTER(12) was born on 16 Aug 1775 in Rutherford Co. NC. He died on 28 Mar 1853 in Walker Co. GA. He was buried in Coulter Cemty, Walker Co. GA. Alexander was a Saddler and Silversmith. Records show them as having lived in Blout County, TN; Roane County, T N; Bledsoe County, TN; Marion County, TN; and finally in Walker County, Georgia. They are buried in the old Coulter Cemetery, Lafayette, Walker County, Georgia.

He was married to Margaret MCREYNOLDS in Jan 1804 in Blount Co. TN.

bullet Hodges COUNCIL

Children were: Lucy COUNCIL.

bulletLucy COUNCIL . Parents: Hodges COUNCIL and Lucy HARDY.

Children were: Richard VICK, Lucy VICK, Robert VICK, Matthew VICK, John VICK, Joseph VICK, William VICK.


Children were: EUDOXIA.

bulletAlice Maud COVINGTON(37) was born on 6 Dec 1883 in Princeton, IN.. Parents: Paul Sears COVINGTON and Caroline Belle SAULMON.

bullet Andrew Jackson COVINGTON(37) was born on 18 Jun 1830 in Grayville, Illinois. He died on 14 Oct 1863 in New Orleans, LA.

He was married to Sara KROH on 25 May 1851 in Grayville, Illinois. Children were: Paul Sears COVINGTON.

bullet Anna Florence COVINGTON(37) was born on 2 Oct 1881 in Fairfield, IL.. Parents: Paul Sears COVINGTON and Caroline Belle SAULMON.

She was married to Phillip ALCOM on 21 Aug 1897 in Fairfield, IL.. Children were: Paul ALCOM.

bullet James Andrew COVINGTON(37) was born on 10 Mar 1879 in Fairfield, IL.. Parents: Paul Sears COVINGTON and Caroline Belle SAULMON.

bullet Maggie May COVINGTON(37) was born on 27 Sep 1877 in Grayville, IL.. Parents: Paul Sears COVINGTON and Caroline Belle SAULMON.

She was married to Clarence ANDERSON on 25 Dec 1897 in Princeton, IN.. Children were: Ada Pearl ANDERSON, Vearlie Maud ANDERSON, Paul Raymond ANDERSON, Maurice William ANDERSON.

bullet Paul Sears COVINGTON(37) died on 29 Jan 1885 in Patoka, IN.. He was born 3 Oct 1852 in in Grayville, Illinois. Parents: Andrew Jackson COVINGTON and Sara KROH.

Children were: Maggie May COVINGTON , James Andrew COVINGTON, Anna Florence COVINGTON, Alice Maud COVINGTON , Willis Sears COVINGTON.

bulletWillis Sears COVINGTON(37) was born on 24 Apr 1884 in Patoka, IN.. Parents: Paul Sears COVINGTON and Caroline Belle SAULMON.

bullet Bessie COWL(18) was born on 3 Sep 1875 in Evansville, IN. Parents: George Washington COWL and Mary Matilda FLAGLER.

She was married to Frank August PREGLER on 22 Jul 1899 in Indianapolis, IN. Children were: Ralph PREGLER, Magdakena PREGLER, Mary Matilda PREGLER.

bullet George Washington COWL(18) was born on 17 Aug 1845 in Grayville, IL..

He was married to Mary Matilda FLAGLER on 26 Nov 1874 in Evansville, IN. Children were: Bessie COWL, Thomas Jefferson COWL.

bullet Thomas Jefferson COWL(18) was born on 28 Jan 1883 in Evansville, IN. He died on 20 Feb 1883 in Evansville, IN. Parents: George Washington COWL and Mary Matilda FLAGLER.

bullet COX was born on 12 Jul 1894. Parents: John T[ Turkey ] COX and Mary Melvina MCREYNOLDS.

bullet COX (101) was born on 21 Apr 1892. Parents: Phillip Sheridan COX and Mary Lucymae ECKELS.

bullet Abel R COX(24) was born about 1846 in Tennessee. He died before May 1887.(102) Parents: Armstead COX and Mary SMITH .

bullet Abner COX(76) Parents: John [Doublehead] COX and Sarah ROGERS.

bullet Absolom COX was born about 1829. Absolom Cox was listed as Postmaster of Wadesville, Ind. from 6-22-1865 to

Search Results Database: Full Context of Posey County, Indiana Directory, 1882 Combined Matches:
Name: Absalom Cox Occupation: farmer Business Address: Center twp, Wadesville Parents: John T. COX and Sally [Sarah] HARRIS.

He was married to Nancy Jane ALLISON on 24 Apr 1856 in Posey Co., Ind. Children were: Thomas COX, John T[ Turkey ] COX, Finley COX, Sarah COX, Calvary COX, Alfred COX, Phillip Sheridan COX, Emily COX, Joseph COX, Wayne COX, Charles Edward COX, Ida COX.

bullet Absolom COX was born abt 1777 OR 1779. Edward Cox
Currituck County 26 Sep 1748 - Jul 1751
Sons: Thomas ("plantation whereon I now live"), Absalom (plantation of 75
acres), Elija ("remainder of my land"). Daughter: Jemima Parker. Executors:
Thomas, Absalom, Elijah Cox (sons). Witnesses: Wm. Shergold, Nathl. Wilson,
Malachi Wilson. Clerk of the Court: Rich'd McClure.

1830 Indiana Posey County Census
Robinson # 1 Absolom Cox; 1 male 20-30, 1 male 30-40, 1 male 50-60[born 1770-80, 2 females 5-10, 1 female 60-70

Search Terms: ABSALOM (1), COX (47)
Database: Charles Parish Records, York County, VA, 1648-1789
Combined Matches: 1

COX ABSALOM, son of Thomas and Amy, b. Dec. 17, 1769, bap. Jan. 14, 1770

Year Surname Given Name (s) County State Page Township or Other Info Record Type Database ID#
1820 COX ABSOLOM Posey County IN 310 Lynn Township Federal Population Schedule IN 1820 Federal Census Index IN320289042

this email from Barbara Cole

Date: 98-08-08 09:38:49 EDT
From: (Barbara Cole)

Ruth Ann,
Here is all I have on Absolom COX. The first comes
from the Andrea papers: Will of Edward wife
listed...children: Thomas (Ex), Elijah (Ex), Absolom (Ex) and Jemima
PARKER. This is from Currituck Co. NC.
Also from Land Grants after the Revolution: 430 acres on Norris Creek,
Abbeville, SC, to Absolom COX, 6-8-1810.
Greenville Co.,SC census for 1830 shows Absolom COX,age 50-60.
Finally this notation. " Absolom COX came to IL from Abbevlle,SC, in
1804 and established a Ferry across the Kaskaskia River about 6 miles
above Evansville (IL).COX served as a Capt. of Militia during the period
of Indian unrest in the territory. COX's Ferry remained for many years,
an important crossing. Absolom had four sons: John, William, Thomas, and
Absolom." This from Randolph Co.,IL.

Here is a paragraph from "A History of The Cox Pioneers" by The Rev.
John E. Cox dated 1931. I have found a few errors in this book, but
in most part it is correct.

"ABSOLEM COX" The U. S. Census of 1820 shows that Asolem Cox lived
in Lynn township, Posey County, Indiana. In 1830 he lived in
Robinson township. There is an Absolem Cox living in Stewartsville,
Indiana. It is probable that he is a grandson of the old pioneer. I
can learn but little of this family. There is a business man in this
city (Evansville, Indiana) who is a nephew of the present Absolem,
who has a wife and quite a family of children. They have a son who
is a young preacher of the Missionary Baptist Church. I have learned
that his name is Rev. Alvin Cox and he lives in Ridgway, Illinois. I
regret that I know so little about this family of Pioneer Coxes.
Absolem is in very poor health.

My records show that Absolem Cox, Sr. C1770-???? married Martha
Garris c1772-????
children are:
Furneyford Cox
Absolem Cox, Jr.
Argent Cox
Daniel Cox
Noah Cox
Stephen Cox
Margaret Cox
Kessiah Cox
John "Turkey" Cox 1810-1876 married Sarah Wade 1812-1876
John T., Jr.
Absolem Cox c1832 married Nancy Allison
Alfred A. Cox c1833
David Cox c1834
Joseph Cox c1835
Sarah Cox c1836
Martha Cox 1837-1908 married W. A. Kincheloe 1830-1924
Furney Cox c1839
Mary Cox c1841
Joseph Cox c1836
Sarah Cox c1838
Martha Cox c1839
???? Cox c1841

Those persons under "Turkey" are his children by Nancy Allison

I may have more for you later.
Catherine Ann Moye

C Parents: John Sr. COX and Martha.

He was married to Martha [Patsey] GARRIS . Children were: Margaret COX, John T. COX, Absolom Jr. COX, Argent COX, Daniel COX, Noah COX, Stephen COX, Kessiah COX.

bullet Absolom Jr. COX(103) Parents: Absolom COX and Martha [Patsey] GARRIS.

bullet Achiles COX(8) was born about 1875. Parents: John P. COX and Eliza .

bullet Albert S. COX(8) was born on 3 Apr 1854. (104) He died on 2 Oct 1879. (104) Parents: George W. COX and Serene.

bullet Alfred COX(105) (41) was born about 1866. He was born on 14 Oct 1866 in Oliver, IN. He died on 29 Sep 1950 in Oliver, IN. Parents: Absolom COX and Nancy Jane ALLISON.

He was married to Sophonia TENNISON on 28 Mar 1889. Children were: Ethel J. COX, Elmer M. COX .

He was married to Mabel [May] BARTON on 18 Jul 1900 in Posey Co., Ind. Children were: Everitt Earl COX, Chester Ralph COX, Doris COX, Dallas COX, Madaline COX, Merle COX, Earl COX.

He was married to Eva WHITNEY about 1930.

bullet Alfred E. COX(26) (5) was born in 1844. Alfred H. Cox was born in Indiana. He married Martha Jane Sanders on November 28, 1867. Martha’s friends and family called her Mandy. They had 4 sons, John William, Henry, Benjamin Harrison, and Alvin. Alfred’s family, according to the 1880 census, was living in Center Township, Posey County, Indiana. He fought as a Union Soldier and was part of the second, or tenth Calvary, during the Civil War. Family legion states he was with General Sherman in Atlanta. He was said to have been a Sargent. After the war, Alfred came home to Evansville, Posey County, Indiana and married. He worked as a reaping machine agent. It was possibly his work led him to Craighead County, Arkansas. One day, he headed west, crossed the Mississippi by swimming with his clothes around his neck, and found a place for his family to live. He went back to Indiana and got his family. They built a barge and brought their things across the river. At that time the Cash River Bottom as it was called, was all woods with lots of good virgin logging timber. There was a little train that went back in the bottom. The logs were transported out of the bottom on that track. The train was called old Blaze. Old Blaze went through Bono. After arriving in Bono, he homesteaded property. As with all of our ancesters before him, he and his sons had to build their house, clear the land, grow their own food, and supply their own water. Electricity was not invented, so making candles, soaps, medicines, teas, etc were part of every day life. Alfred, before he died, saw all of his children except Alvin marry and have children. Helped them to establish thier own homes and enjoyed his grandchildren. He buried one of his sons Alvin who died in March 1899. People walked along the railroad track they called Old Blaze going to and from the cities close by. There were lots of names on that track. Gruber, Tuplow, Cash, Dorothy, Ammes, unknown, etc. On his way home from town one evening, walking from the railroad track toward home, Alfred died, of an apparent heart attack, on Janurary 24, 1900. He is buried in the family plot in the Trinity Cemetery in Bono, Arkansas. (Old Blaze was retired in the mid 1930’s.)

Parents: John T. COX and Sally [Sarah] HARRIS.

He was married to Martha J. SANDERS on 28 Nov 1867 in Posey Co., Ind. Children were: Henry COX, John William COX, Alvin COX, Harrison COX.

bullet Alfred Lee (Pete) COX(5) was born on 1 Feb 1932. He died on 24 Nov 1999. Alfred Lee (Pete) was born February 1, 1932. He married Newthemia Sullins who was born on September 11, 1933. They had one daughter Petrina Louise on February 2, 1953. Pete died on November 24, 1999, and is buried in Philadelphia Cemetery in Jonesboro, AR. On Janurary 18, 2000, Newthemia died. She is buried next to her husband. They had two granddaughters.
Parents: Lumus Henry COX and Mary Iva.

He was married to Newthemia SULLINS in 1952. Children were: Petrina Louise COX.

bullet Alice COX Parents: Harold Edward. COX and Mary V. BARFIELD.

bullet Alice Mildred COX(36) was born on 11 Jan 1906. Parents: Charles Edward COX and Lula Mae GWALTNEY.

She was married to Marion Everett BUCHANAN on 1 Dec 1921. Children were: Rosetta BUCHANAN , Gladis BUCHANAN, Barbara BUCHANAN.

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