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bullet Lenora Milford CLYDE(30) was buried in the Portageville, MO cemetery.

Children were: Clyde WILSON.


Children were: MELG MOLBHTHACH.

bulletBarbara Ellen COBURN(22) was born on 10 Jul 1928. Parents: Leonard Berl COBURN and Dicey Mae WILLIS.

bulletDorothy mae COBURN(22) was born on 20 Nov 1924. Parents: Leonard Berl COBURN and Dicey Mae WILLIS.

She was married to Raymond MCGUIRE on 21 Jul 1947.

bullet Leonard Berl COBURN(22) was born on 2 May 1901. He died in 1967.

He was married to Dicey Mae WILLIS on 23 Sep 1922. Children were: Dorothy mae COBURN, Barbara Ellen COBURN.

bullet Bonnie Elizabeth COCHRANE was born on 15 Apr 1963 in Hartfot Ct.. Parents: Edward Cannon [Ned] COCHRANE and Patrica Ann PETERS .

She was married to Ronald Dee COX on 8 Jul 1983 in Princeton Indiana Gibson Co. Children were: Christine Renee COX, Micheal Ryan COX.

bullet Edward Cannon [Ned] COCHRANE

He was married to Patrica Ann PETERS. Children were: Bonnie Elizabeth COCHRANE .

bullet King of Colchester COEL

He was married to STRADA 'THE FAIR'. Children were: HELEN.

bullet King of Siluria abt 100 A.D. COEL Parents: King of Siluria CYLLAN.

Children were: King of Siluria LEUVYR MAWYR .

bulletKing of the Britons COEL was born 125 A.D.. He died 170 A. D.. Parents: MARIUS and DAUGHTER OF BODICEA.

Children were: ATHILDIS.

bulletPleasant Wesley COFFELT.

Children were: Rebecca Jane COFFELT .

bulletRebecca Jane COFFELT was born on 22 Apr 1844 in Missouri. She died on 11 Jul 1925 in Missouri. She was buried on 12 Jul 1925 in Spring Valley Cemetery, Newton County, Missouri. Parents: Pleasant Wesley COFFELT and Cloe A. CROUCH.

She was married to William Arthur WALLACE on 1 Jan 1861 in Jasper County, Missouri. Children were: John Thomas WALLACE.

bullet Craig Markham COKELEY(18)

He was married to Martha Ann MILLIGAN on 25 Sep 1971 in Oakland, CA. Children were: Kirsten Danielle COKELEY, Stephen Tyler COKELEY.

bullet Kirsten Danielle COKELEY(18) was born on 12 Apr 1975. Parents: Craig Markham COKELEY and Martha Ann MILLIGAN.

bullet Stephen Tyler COKELEY(18) was born on 14 Jan 1977. Parents: Craig Markham COKELEY and Martha Ann MILLIGAN.

bullet Sarah Pauline COLBURN(36)

She was married to Lloyd Earl TRAVERS on 9 Mar 1947.

bullet COLE

Children were: Devon COLE.

bulletDevon COLE was born on 28 Sep 1914 in Okahoma City, Oklahoma. He died on 28 Oct 1973 in Florida. Parents: COLE and Martha Alice WALLACE.

bullet Hattie COLE

She was married to Robert Mansan MONTGOMERY .

bullet Hugh COLE(97)

bulletHugh COLE(98).

bulletBertha COLLINS was born on 7 May 1913. Parents: Clarence COLLINS and Nellie E. ROSE.

Children were: Billy Jean WEBBER.

bulletCharles Edward [Eddie] COLLINS was born on 8 Mar 1918. He was a Land Surveying & Building Construction Engr. until 1980. Parents: Clarence COLLINS and Nellie E. ROSE.

Children were: Denney COLLINS.

bulletClarence COLLINS.

He was married to Nellie E. ROSE on 13 Jan 1909. Children were: Rosa COLLINS, Bertha COLLINS, Charles Edward [Eddie] COLLINS .

bullet Denney COLLINS was born on 15 Dec 1940. He died in May 1955. Parents: Charles Edward [Eddie] COLLINS and Dorothy BALLARD .

bullet Minnie May COLLINS(99) was born on 14 Feb 1872. She died on 25 Sep 1957.

She was married to Joseph Newton WILSON on 27 Aug 1894 in Belmont, Wabash Co. Illinois. Children were: Harold Maynard Harry] WILSON, Fern Elizabeth WILSON, Floy Marie WILSON, Ralph William WILSON, Ruth Anita WILSON.

bullet Rosa COLLINS was born on 6 Jan 1910. Parents: Clarence COLLINS and Nellie E. ROSE.

Children were: Shirley CRAIG, Nelda June CRAIG, Billie Alice CRAIG, Gary CRAIG, Margie Ann CRAIG, Randy CRAIG, Kent CRAIG.

bulletWilliam Alonzo MD COLLINS(28) (29) was born in 1847. He died in 1874.

bulletConeth COLLUMS(41).

He was married to Charlotte Mae HUST on 17 Nov 1957.

bullet Frances COLNON(18) was born on 1 Jun 1833 in Stockton, CA. She died on 3 May 1903 in San Francisco, CA.

She was married to George Zwingli KROH on 1 Jan 1868 in Stockton, CA. Children were: George Henry , Jr. KROH, Minnie Mable KROH.

bullet Alfonso Fairchild COLVIN(37) was born on 19 Apr 1865 in Tecumseh, KS.

He was married to Mary Rachel KROH on 7 Oct 1898 in Cheyenne, WY.. Children were: Marguerite Elaine COLVIN.

bullet Marguerite Elaine COLVIN(37) was born on 16 Jul 1901 in Denver. CO. Parents: Alfonso Fairchild COLVIN and Mary Rachel KROH.

bullet Nancy COLVIN was born on 17 Jun 1814 in New Harmony, Ind.. She died 3 Feb 1887 of cancer of the face in Princeton Indiana Gibson Co. She was buried in Columbia Cem. Gibson Co.Ind. She was described as brown hair grey eyes 5'. Clarion Microfilm Thursday Feb 10 1887
Mrs. Nancy Braselton died at the home of her husband 4 miles west of Princeton on Thursday evening at 8 o'clock, age 71, 4 months 26 days. Nancy was born in Princton in 1816. She was married to John in 1831. Mrs. Braselton joined the Cumberland Presbyterian Church at Mt. Moriah in the fall of 1829. She was the mother of 9 children 7 boys and 2 girls. 5 boys and the 2 girls are still living. A year ago it was discovered that she had cancer of the mouth. This disease expanded until it caused her death. Mrs. Braselton was buried in the White Church Cemetery. Her sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Brown, near Kings is only survivor besides imediate family.

She was married to John Jr. BRASELTON on 2 Jan 1831 in Gibson co. Princeton, Indiana. Children were: Lizzie Jane BRASELTON, John W. BRASELTON, Will BRASELTON, George H. BRASELTON, Jim BRASELTON, Samuel Franklin BRASELTON, Dave BRASELTON, Jacob Henry BRASELTON, James BRASELTON.

bullet Carroll COMPTON(15)

Children were: Terry BURTON, Michael BURTON, Janet BURTON.

bulletHerb COMPTON.

bulletWanda Jean COMPTON died in May 1971.

She was married to William Howard COX on 4 Mar 1944. Children were: Hedy Marlene COX, William Howard , Jr. COX, John Leonard COX, Martin Allen COX, Chris Lee COX.

bullet CONN GEADHATHA High King of Tara, Ireland was also known as Conn of the Hundred Battles. Parents: FELIM ROCHTMAR.

Children were: King Airt MAC CONN Ruler of Tara, Ireland.

bulletSusannah CONN was born about 1782 in Tennesse.

She was married to Stephen MCCLAIN on 2 Nov 1802 in Knox co Tenn.. Children were: Isaac MCCLAIN, John C. MCCLAIN, Mary Polly MCCLAIN, Stephan Jr. MCCLAIN, Martha Charlotte [Patsy] MCCLAIN.

bullet Henry Stevens CONNOR(61) was born on 24 Jun 1871 in Canada.

He was married to Grace Vivian HAKES on 27 Jul 1896 in North Fairfield, OH. Children were: Thelma CONNOR, Lionel Zwingli CONNOR.

bullet Lionel Zwingli CONNOR(61) was born on 1 Jan 1902 in Norwalk, OH.. Parents: Henry Stevens CONNOR and Grace Vivian HAKES.

bullet Thelma CONNOR(61) was born on 2 Mar 1900 in Greenwich, OH. She died on 9 Jun 1900 in North Fairfield, OH.. Parents: Henry Stevens CONNOR and Grace Vivian HAKES.

bullet King CONSTANTINE I of Scotland Parents: King Kenneth I MAC ALPIN of Daltiada.

Children were: King DONALD II of Scotland.

bulletEmperor of Eastern Roman Empire CONSTANTINE VII died in 959. He was Crowned as a minor in 911 kept from excersizing power until 945 by ambitious persons. Parents: Emperor of Eastern Roman Empire LEO VI.

He was married to HELENA. Children were: Emperor of the Eastern Empire ROMANUS II.

bullet Emperor of the Roman Empire CONSTANTIUS Defeated in Constantine in conflict for the crown. Parents: UNKNOWN BUT MARRIED and THEODORA.

He was married to GALLA PLACIDA. Children were: Roman Emperor of the West VALENTENIAN III.

bullet Emperor of the Roman Empire CONSTATINE "THE GREAT" was born in 288 in England. He died in 337. Parents: Emperor of the Roman empire CONSTATINE CHLORUS and HELEN.

He was married to FAUSTA. Children were: Emperor of the Roman Empire CONSTATINE II.

bullet Emperor of the Roman empire CONSTATINE CHLORUS was born about 250. He Appointed on 1 Mar 293 in Caesar by Emperor Mximan allotted Briton and Gaul. He ruling on 1 May 305 in Emperor of Rome. He died on 25 Jul 306. Parents: EUTREPIENS Dardanian Nobleman and CLAUDIA.

He was married to HELEN. Children were: Emperor of the Roman Empire CONSTATINE "THE GREAT".

bullet Emperor of the Roman Empire CONSTATINE II died in 340 in invading his brother's part of the Empire. Parents: Emperor of the Roman Empire CONSTATINE "THE GREAT" and FAUSTA.

He was married to "The Elder" EUSEBIA. Children were: THEODORA.

bullet Mary Dell CONWAY(29) Parents: Waverly CONWAY and Ruth SWEATT.

bulletWaverly CONWAY(28) (29) was born in 1913.

Children were: Waverly Jr. CONWAY, Mary Dell CONWAY.

bulletWaverly Jr. CONWAY(29) was born in 1948. Parents: Waverly CONWAY and Ruth SWEATT.

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