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bullet Sarah MCDANIEL(223)

bulletSarah MCDANIEL(224).

bulletJennifer Lynn MCDONALD(60) was born on 29 Apr 1971. Parents: Terry Joe MCDONALD and Nancy Kay ERNST.

bullet Joan Christina MCDONALD(52)

She was married to Melvin DEISHER on 19 Sep 1948 in Allendale, Ill. (154) Children were: Patricia Ann DEISHER, Donna Sue DEISHER, Timothy Ralph DEISHER.

bullet Tearea Melissa MCDONALD(60) was born on 28 Aug 1967. Parents: Terry Joe MCDONALD and Nancy Kay ERNST.

bullet Terry Joe MCDONALD(60)

He was married to Nancy Kay ERNST on 21 Jan 1967. Children were: Tearea Melissa MCDONALD, Trudy Marie MCDONALD, Jennifer Lynn MCDONALD .

bullet Trudy Marie MCDONALD(60) was born on 28 Apr 1969. Parents: Terry Joe MCDONALD and Nancy Kay ERNST.

bullet Susan Lynn MCDOWELL

She was married to Larry Clifford REED on 10 Feb 1968 in Lynwood, Cal..

bullet Abraham MCGARY(37) died in 1874.

He was married to Laura KROH in 1869 in Carmi, IL. Children were: John MCGARY, Emma MCGARY .

bullet Emma MCGARY(37) was born in 1872 in Mt Vernon, IN. She died in 1873 in Mt Vernon, IN. Parents: Abraham MCGARY and Laura KROH.

bullet John MCGARY(37) was born on 12 Nov 1870 in Marshalls Ferry, IL.. Parents: Abraham MCGARY and Laura KROH.

He was married to Victoria WARE on 24 Aug 1896 in Mt. Vernon, IN.. He was married to Victoria WARE.

bullet Ollie MCGEE(35) was born on 7 Mar 1875 in Franklin Co., Il..

She was married to William MOYER on 27 Oct 1897 in Friendsville, IL.. Children were: Maggie Jane MOYER, Henry Alfred MOYER.

bullet James Bartley III MCGEHEE(29) was born in 1975. Parents: James Bartley Jr. MD MCGEHEE and Katherine Olivia SAXTON.

bullet James Bartley Jr. MD MCGEHEE(28) (29) was born in 1942.

Children were: Lisa Katherine MCGEHEE, James Bartley III MCGEHEE , Mary Olivia MCGEHEE.

bulletLisa Katherine MCGEHEE(29) was born in 1972. Parents: James Bartley Jr. MD MCGEHEE and Katherine Olivia SAXTON.

bullet Mary Olivia MCGEHEE(28) (29) was born in 1979. Parents: James Bartley Jr. MD MCGEHEE and Katherine Olivia SAXTON.

bullet Lois Loreen MCGINNES was born on 15 Sep 1918 in Delavan, Tazewell Co., IL.

She was married to Perry Franklin MONTGOMERY on 17 May 1937 in Pekin, Tazewell Co., IL.

bullet Bryan T. MCGUIRE Parents: Charles MCGUIRE and Teresa Kathleen WIGGINS.

bullet Caroline Hetty Baker MCGUIRE(1) was born on 5 Mar 1850 in Morrow Co., OH..

She was married to Abraham Harrison KROH on 21 Nov 1871 in Clear Spring, MD.. Children were: Elizabeth KROH, Myrtle Alice KROH, Calvin Luther KROH.

bullet Charles MCGUIRE

Children were: Bryan T. MCGUIRE.

bulletLela MCGUIRE.

She was married to James E. ROSE on 13 Mar 1927. Children were: Betty ROSE.

bullet Raymond MCGUIRE(22)

He was married to Dorothy mae COBURN on 21 Jul 1947.

bullet Kate MCILVOY(1) died on 27 Oct 1897 in Moberly, MO.

She was married to Willie Claude CUSHWA on 31 Dec 1885. Children were: Ionia Gregory CUSHWA .

bullet Adelaide Cecil MCINTYRE(18) was born on 20 Aug 1858 in San Francisco, CA.. She died on 27 Sep 1911 in Fruitvale, CA..

She was married to Frank H HARROLD on 18 Mar 1880 in Fruitvale, CA. Children were: Herbert Frank HARROLD , Cecil Adelaide HARROLD, Emilie Evelyn HARROLD.

bullet Maureen Sharon MCKEON(6) was born on 24 Jun 1953 in Long Beach, CA.

Children were: Ryan Martin TUCKER.

bulletBill MCKINLEY(60).

He was married to Sharon YARBOR on 26 Jun 1976 in Wabash County Mt.Carmel, Illinois. Children were: Tracy MCKINLEY, Terry MCKINLEY.

bullet Terry MCKINLEY(60) was born on 22 Feb 1979. Parents: Bill MCKINLEY and Sharon YARBOR.

bullet Tracy MCKINLEY(60) was born on 19 Dec 1976. Parents: Bill MCKINLEY and Sharon YARBOR.

bullet Albert Sherwood MCKINNEY(61) was born in Feb 1850 in Cardington, OH.. He died in CA..

He was married to Sara Lucretia PRYOR on 1 Oct 1874 in Bronson, OH. Children were: Francis Walter MCKINNEY.

bullet Francis Walter MCKINNEY(61) was born on 28 Jun 1875 in Huron Co., OH.. Parents: Albert Sherwood MCKINNEY and Sara Lucretia PRYOR.

He was married to Nellie BLISS on 4 May 1898.

bullet May MCKINNEY(1) was born on 5 Jun 1884 in Des Moines, IA..

She was married to Calvin Luther KROH on 8 Nov 1902 in Norton, KS. Children were: Mamie Deloris KROH.

bullet MCLAUGHLIN (61)

bulletMCLINTOCK (36).

bulletEliz. MCMILLAN was born on 30 May 1803. She died on 16 Jul 1867.

She was married to Amos BRASELTON on 19 Oct 1819.

bullet Hortense MCMORRIS(29) was born in 1898.

Children were: Hannah MCRAVEN ALSO MCCRAVIN.

bulletDermon "King of Leinster" MCMURCHA.

Children were: Eva MCMURCHA.

bulletEva MCMURCHA. Parents: Dermon "King of Leinster" MCMURCHA.

She was married to Richmar "The Strongbow" DE CLARE Earl of Pembroke in 1171. Children were: Isabel DE CLARE.

bullet Mary Lucille MCNALLY(2)

She was married to Terry Stephen POLSTON on 21 Mar 1981 in Winona Lake, IN. Children were: Cortney Rachael POLSTON , Justin Neal POLSTON.

bullet LaWanda L. MCPHERON

She was married to John Jr. KEE . Children were: Deborah J. KEE.

bullet William MCPHERSON(115)

bulletMCRAVEN ALSO MCCRAVIN. Parents: George Washington MCRAVEN ALSO MCCRAVIN and Frances Louisa. LEITNER [LIGHTNER] .

She was married to IRVIN. Children were: Alma F. IRVIN, Louisa IRVIN, Herbert IRVIN.

bullet MCRAVEN ALSO MCCRAVIN(225) (226)(227) For All I know some of this may never be solved. I have no proof that James and John were brothers to Duncan, but they must have been related in some sense. So I have entered them in my program as such so I can relate them to the ones we do have documented.
Ruth Ann Braselton
This is from the book by Dr. John L. Schlenker [The Schlenker Family in Lorraine, in Prussia. and in America and their allied North Carolina Deitsch, Kornthal Deutsch, Cherokee, and Ulster-Presbyterian {Orange} Lines]
The petition of David O. McCraven, Eveline McCraven, & Jane C. Beard praying to be paid the arrears of pensioin due their grandfather, Duncan McCraven, a pensioner of South Carolina.
Mr. Jesse Spencer
SC York District
Coat Tavern
Hickory Grove___12th
June # 11
North Carolina Mecklenburg County June 3rd 1832
Dear Uncle and Aunt we recieved your letter yesterday and was sorry to hear of Aunts ill state of helth. I was in great hopes when I seen her last that she was in a fair way of regaining her health. Grandfather was looking for you to be up about harvest and was very much agitated when he herd you was sick {till he hears (crossed out)} and will be very uneasy till he hears from you again, he says he can't complan of his helth in no respect only the infirmity of old age, he bears the loss of his beloved wife with calm resign and the true courage of a christian {portion of sheet missing where paper was flded} he is able to rise with help and walk to and fro____and____sit down____in the day to rest, he say{s} the loss of sight and hearing is a great loss to sustain to sit here and meditate from day to day without hearing a word that is spoken without it is pertickularly directed to him, he says he must grapple tois his may hem inda hloust til he gits that aufull summon's to repare to another world, there to give an account of his stewardship; You said you wanted to hear more partickularly about grandmother, she was taken ill on the 7th of Aprile with a cold chill and sivere pain in her right side, Doctor White attended her and he said her disease commenced with pluracy and terminated in the typhis fever, she seemed to have hevy drousyness on her the most part of her time and never inclined to talk. It was on Tuesday she died and the Saturday before she lost her speach and continued so till about 7 oclock Monday night. She lost the use of her lmbs, and continued so til 10 oclock Tuesday morning and expired, Also on the 15th of May grandfather MCraven was well as usual and walking from his dask, and was struck with palsey, or an apoplectic fit, and lost all usse of the left side. It was at Rachel Robinson's he lived and he lay on the floor til some of the neabours was sent for to blood him___to bed he never spoke or___after________and kept his eyes shut and he expired on the 7th day of his ill________Elizabeth is dead. It was the consumtion that has been working with her for many years and she died in nine days after she took bead. There is several in our vicinity lying sick. Jesse Whittacre says if he can he will go and see you this summer if he_______like to go with him but it is verry uncertain whither or not Mother says she pertickularly____asked grandmother if she would send for you, and______am she wand she said, says she, if she will not come without_______sending for, she wont come if you do send She said about what to do with her cloaths and mother made there directions, one for you______for mothers children and one for herself I ad_______but remains your afectionate neice.
Eveline MCraven.
Jesse & Polly Spencer

Pleas excuse all_____bles
in the letter E.M.

State of South Carolina
York District
To the honorable speaker of the house of representatives of the said state; the humble petition of Eveline McCraven, David O. McCraven, and Jane C. Beard, heirs at law of Duncan McCraven, dead, of York District, South Carolina and Mecklenburg County; North Carolina respectfully sheweth; that they are the grandchildren as well as the heirs of Duncan McCraven who was a revolutionary pensioner of the state of South Carolina at the rate of sixty dollars per annum and who died in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina on the twenty second of May 1832 not having drawn his pension for several years previous to his death and that for many years before his death he lived with the parents of your petitioners and whilst in this family he was entirely supported by the joint labors of your petitioners and that they contributed to his support and nursed him in sickness up to the time of his death, trhey further show that they are the only surviving children of Adam McCraven who was a son of Duncan McCraven and that Duncan McCraven had two other sons who removed to the west about the year 1815 and have never been heard of by the family since then
[one was Benjamin--moved to Indiana Territory after Tennessee, which is now Illinois. Part of the family stayed in Cape Girdeau Mo. which was then Illinois; note by Ellenbeth]


bulletMCRAVEN ALSO MCCRAVIN(29) was born in 1901. He died in 1901. Parents: William Duncan MCRAVEN ALSO MCCRAVIN and Ada MCWILLIAMS.

bullet Adam MCRAVEN ALSO MCCRAVIN was born in 1774. Parents: Duncan Benjamin MCRAVEN ALSO MCCRAVIN and Elizabeth Jane MCCOOL.

He was married to Araminty [Minty] DOHERTY on 9 Feb 1811 in Mecklenburg Co. NC. Children were: Eveline MCRAVEN ALSO MCCRAVIN, Jane Camelia MCRAVEN ALSO MCCRAVIN, David Olando MCRAVEN ALSO MCCRAVIN .

bullet Agnes Lucille MCRAVEN ALSO MCCRAVIN(29) was born in 1901. She died in 1989.(28) Parents: John Wilson MCRAVEN ALSO MCCRAVIN and Lorena Emeline 'Lula' STUBBLEFIELD.

bulletAgness MCRAVEN ALSO MCCRAVIN. Parents: Duncan Benjamin MCRAVEN ALSO MCCRAVIN and Elizabeth Jane MCCOOL .

She was married to Samuel SMITH on 16 Nov 1790 in Mecklenburg Co. NC.(228)

bullet Alexander Duncan MCRAVEN ALSO MCCRAVIN(29) was born in 1868. He died in 1932. Parents: John Wilson MCRAVEN ALSO MCCRAVIN and Almira Louise DUNCAN .

Children were: Mullins MCRAVEN ALSO MCCRAVIN .

bulletAlice P MCRAVEN ALSO MCCRAVIN was born about 1862. Parents: Ben Franklin MCRAVEN ALSO MCCRAVIN and Sarah A. .

bullet Amelia MCRAVEN ALSO MCCRAVIN was born in 1824 in Smith Co. Tn. Parents: Benjamin Franklin MCRAVEN ALSO MCCRAVIN and Mildred [Milly] VICK.

She was married to George T. PETERSON OR PATTERSON on 7 Jun 1841 in Unity, Illinois.

bullet B.F. Jr. MCRAVEN ALSO MCCRAVIN was born about 1875. Parents: Ben Franklin MCRAVEN ALSO MCCRAVIN and Sarah A. .

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