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bullet Diza Ann TINNEN(29) was born in 1831. She died in 1853.

Children were: Mary Laura 'Mollie' MCRAVEN ALSO MCCRAVIN.

bulletWinifred TINNING(18) was born in 1920.

Children were: Susan VAN SICKLEN, Isobel VAN SICKLEN, James Harrold VAN SICKLEN .

bulletSir Sir Paine TIPOFT [DE TIBETOT].

He was married to Ann DE ROOS. Children were: Sir Sir John De TIPOFT .

bullet Joyce TIPOFT Parents: Sir John TIPOFT and Joyce CHARLTON.

She was married to Edmond SUTTON patron of Aston-le-Walls Rectory. Children were: Edward SUTTON Baron of Dudley.

bullet Paine De TIPOFT Parents: Sir Sir John De TIPOFT.

Children were: Sir John TIPOFT.

bulletSir John TIPOFT died in 1443. Parents: Paine De TIPOFT .

He was married to Joyce CHARLTON. Children were: Joyce TIPOFT.

bullet Sir Sir John De TIPOFT Parents: Sir Sir Paine TIPOFT [DE TIBETOT] and Ann DE ROOS.

Children were: Paine De TIPOFT.

bulletAnna TODD was born on 13 Nov 1966. Parents: James TODD and Phylis Louise SEVERNS.

She was married to Ron LIVENGOOD on 27 Jan 1990. Children were: Kevin LIVENGOOD, Kayla LIVENGOOD.

bullet Hattie Mae TODD(37) was born in 1882 in Excelsior Springs, MO..

She was married to John Marshall DAVIS in Jul 1906 in Tacoma, WA.

bullet James TODD was born on 3 Jan 1939 in Dent Co., MO.

He was married to Phylis Louise SEVERNS on 28 Jan 1965 in Pekin, Tazewell Co., IL. Children were: Anna TODD.

bullet James TOLIVER was born on 7 Mar 1798 in Ashe Co. NC. He died on 22 Apr 1848 in Bloomington, McLean Co. IL. He was buried in Woodland [Rhodes] Cem., McLean Co.IL.

He was married to Elizabeth MAXWELL on 19 Jun 1821 in Orange Co.IN.

bullet Hazel TOMLINSON(6)

Children were: Philip DUNN, Lucille DUNN, Virginia DUNN.

bulletTORA .

She was married to Famous Viking Chief Ragnar LODBROK . Children were: King of Denmark 854-873 Sigurd "Snale Eye" SNODEYE.

bullet Charles William TOWER was born on 30 Nov 1934 in Peoria, Peoria Co., IL.

He was married to Darlene Jeanette SEVERNS on 13 Feb 1955 in Washington, Peoria Co., IL.

bullet TOWNE (18) Parents: William TOWNE and Marjorie Ann HARROLD.

bullet Clay TOWNE(18) was born between 7 Jan 1942 and Jan . Parents: William TOWNE and Marjorie Ann HARROLD.

bullet William TOWNE(18)

He was married to Marjorie Ann HARROLD on 13 Aug 1940 in Piedmont, CA. Children were: TOWNE, Clay TOWNE.

bullet Jack D. Jr. TOWNSEND(159)

He was married to Mary Louise ORR on 17 Oct 1980. (160)

bullet Jim TRAMMIL(5)

He was married to Lucy COX in 1921.(26) Children were: Martha TRAMMIL.

bullet Martha TRAMMIL(5) was born on 23 Oct 1923. She died in Sep 1978. Martha Trammell James (October 23, 1923) Married Arthur Slim James. They had 5 children: 3 boys: Billy, Butch, and Roy James, and 2 girls: Ruthie and Helen. They lived in Winter Haven, Florida. Martha died in September 1978 and she and Slim are buried there. Her children reside in Alabama, Arkansas, and Florida. Her daughter Ruthie (Sasser), and her children live in Andalusia, Alabama. Helen (Whiteside) resides in Crawfordsville, Arkansas. Billy, Butch and Roy James live near Winter Haven.
Parents: Jim TRAMMIL and Lucy COX.

Children were: Ruthie JAMES, Helen JAMES, Billy JAMES, Butch JAMES, Roy JAMES.

bulletElsie Louise TRAVERS(36) was born on 13 Jul 1920. Parents: Loral TRAVERS and Lillian Beatrice COX.

bulletJerry Lee TRAVERS(36) was born on 26 Jan 1937. Parents: Loral TRAVERS and Lillian Beatrice COX.

bulletJesse Eugene TRAVERS(36) was born on 27 Mar 1930. Parents: Loral TRAVERS and Lillian Beatrice COX.

He was married to Emily ELLIOTT .

bullet Lloyd Earl TRAVERS(36) was born on 9 Feb 1924. He died on 23 May 1989. Parents: Loral TRAVERS and Lillian Beatrice COX.

He was married to Sarah Pauline COLBURN on 9 Mar 1947.

bullet Loral TRAVERS(36) was born in 1892. He died in 1950.

He was married to Lillian Beatrice COX on 18 Oct 1919 in Indiana. Children were: Elsie Louise TRAVERS, Lloyd Earl TRAVERS, Robert Loral TRAVERS, Jesse Eugene TRAVERS, Jerry Lee TRAVERS.

bullet Robert Loral TRAVERS(36) was born on 19 Aug 1927. Parents: Loral TRAVERS and Lillian Beatrice COX.

He was married to Fanny Mae BLACKBURN on 3 Mar 1924.

bullet David W. TREMBLY(18) was born on 13 Sep 1825 in Brooklyn, NY. He died on 1 Jan 1857 in Stockton, CA.

He was married to Mary Matilda KROH on 7 Nov 1855 in San Francisco, CA.

bullet Gretchen D. TRENHOLM was born on 28 Oct 1917.

She was married to Howard Cyril MONTGOMERY on 15 Aug 1936 in Pekin, Tazewell Co., IL.

bullet Samuel TRIBBLE

He was married to Hannah BRASELTON on 6 Oct 1825.

bullet Barnett TRIBLE

He was married to Kitty Ann WALLACE on 23 Jan 1857.

bullet George TRIBLE

Children were: Melissa TRIBLE.

bulletMelissa TRIBLE was born on 22 Aug 1823. She died on 30 Apr 1908. Parents: George TRIBLE and Elizabeth BINGHAM.

She was married to Prettyman Marvel MONTGOMERY on 12 May 1851 in Gibson co. Princeton, Indiana. Children were: Susan MONTGOMERY, Comfort MONTGOMERY, Elizabeth MONTGOMERY, John MONTGOMERY, George MONTGOMERY, Prettyman D. MONTGOMERY, Sanuel MONTGOMERY, Thomas Newton MONTGOMERY, Treble MONTGOMERY.

bullet Jennifer Anne TRUSTY(28) (29) was born in 1972. Parents: William Edrington TRUSTY and Dorothy Anne SAXTON.

bullet Shannon Corine TRUSTY(29) was born in 1973. Parents: William Edrington TRUSTY and Dorothy Anne SAXTON.

bullet William Edrington TRUSTY(28) (29) was born in 1940.

Children were: Jennifer Anne TRUSTY, Shannon Corine TRUSTY, William Edrington Jr. TRUSTY.

bulletWilliam Edrington Jr. TRUSTY(29) was born in 1975. Parents: William Edrington TRUSTY and Dorothy Anne SAXTON.

bullet TUATHAL TEACHDMAR was also known as Tuathal the Legitimate. Parents: FIACHA FIONN OLA.

Children were: FELIM ROCHTMAR .

bulletTUBBS (5).

bulletClyde Emerson TUCKER(6) was born on 22 Jun 1928 in Pleasanton, KS.

Children were: Ronald Douglas TUCKER, Laura Gail TUCKER, David Allen TUCKER.

bulletDavid Allen TUCKER(6) was born on 26 Jul 1960 in Denver, Denver, CO. Parents: Clyde Emerson TUCKER and Carol Ardis DUNN.

Children were: Jillian Stahley TUCKER.

bulletJillian Stahley TUCKER(6) was born on 17 Jun 1984 in Denver, Denver, CO.. Parents: David Allen TUCKER and Kim FETTER.

bullet Laura Gail TUCKER(6) was born on 7 Feb 1958 in LaJolla, CA.. Parents: Clyde Emerson TUCKER and Carol Ardis DUNN.

She was married to Timothy Stuart PERRY. Children were: Alexander Tucker PERRY, Joshua Stuart PERRY.

bullet Ronald Douglas TUCKER(6) was born on 31 Mar 1956 in Kansas City, MO. Parents: Clyde Emerson TUCKER and Carol Ardis DUNN.

Children were: Ryan Martin TUCKER.

bulletRyan Martin TUCKER(6) was born on 17 Dec 1987 in Lancaster, CA. Parents: Ronald Douglas TUCKER and Maureen Sharon MCKEON.

bullet Martha TUCKERMAN(26) (5) Martha Tuckerman was born in Payneway, Arkansas. She resided in Harrisburg

Children were: Marvin Eugene "Gene" NORRIS.

bulletMargaret TUDOR was born on 28 Nov 1489 in Westminster Palace, London, England. She died on 18 Oct 1541 in Methven Castle.

She was married to James IV STEWART on 8 Aug 1503 in Holyrod Abbey. Children were: James V STEWART.

bullet Margaret (Peggy) TURNBAUGH

Children were: Dicey WOOLEY .

bulletHarold TURNER(36) was born on 12 Feb 1936.

He was married to Betty Ellen COX in Sep 1958.

bullet Nelly TURNER(41) was born on 14 Feb 1933.

She was married to Robert Dale COX on 6 Nov 1948.

bullet Amphillis TWIGDEN died in 1654. She was buried in 1654 in Tring..

She was married to Rev. Lawrence WASHINGTON in Apr 1633. Children were: John WASHINGTON, Lawrence WASHINGTON.

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