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bullet Joe DELONG(42).

He was married to Debbie SMITH on 1 Apr 1978. (43)

bullet Samuel DELONG was born on 13 Nov 1997. Parents: Scotty DELONG and Shanon Lichelle CREEK.

bullet Scotty DELONG

He was married to Shanon Lichelle CREEK on 17 Sep 1994. Children were: Samuel DELONG, Seth Owen DELONG.

bullet Seth Owen DELONG was born on 1 Mar 2002 in Indiana. Seth Owen DeLong was born Friday March 1st. He weighed 8# 3oz and was 19 1/2 inces long. And like all my other grandkids he is perfect! Spoken like a true grandmother!
Parents: Scotty DELONG and Shanon Lichelle CREEK.

bullet Edith Almeda DENNISTON

Children were: Cora Alene SHILLING .

bulletDEOGH . Parents: ARCADH.

Children were: BRATH.

bulletMilbrey DERMONT was born on 30 Jul 1786 in Alabama. She died on 28 Aug 1854. She was buried in Mt. Pleasant Cem. Cynthiana, Ind..

She was married to Samuel MCREYNOLDS on 9 Oct 1804. Children were: Lucinda MCREYNOLDS, James MCREYNOLDS, Mathilda MCREYNOLDS, William Hodges MCREYNOLDS , Samuel Davis MCREYNOLDS, Joseph MCREYNOLDS, Nelson MCREYNOLDS, Alexander MCREYNOLDS, Robert MCREYNOLDS, Nancy MCREYNOLDS.

bullet Christina DERR(181) (141) was born about 1879. Parents: David DERR and Sarah Ann COX.

bullet Cora Alice DERR(181) (141) was born in Apr 1877 in Illinois. Parents: David DERR and Sarah Ann COX.

She was married to Alfred Jr MARTIN on 27 May 1893 in Wabash Co., IL.

bullet David DERR(182) (141) was born in Jul 1854 in Illinois. (142) enumerated 15th June 1880
1880 census Lawrence Co Illinois Bond township
David Derr 25 farm laborer
Sarah 21
Cora A 8
Christina 1

enumerated 15th June 1900
1900 census
Alfred Martin farm laborer born Kentucky Aug 1872 age 27 married 7 years
Cora A wife [I believe this is Sarah Cox [Derr] daughter born April 1877
Vivian M. adopted daughter born Oct 1897
Herbert Martin brother born1883
this family is right next door to David and Sarah Derr

Christina's husband may be John McCabe. That could explain a picture I have of a Sarah McCabe which could be her daughter. There was a Noll Irvin McCabe born in Clay county Indiana to a Christina Derr and a John McCabe in 1910
Parents: Jacob DERR and Christina.

He was married to Sarah Ann COX about 1877.(143) Children were: Cora Alice DERR, Christina DERR.

bullet Jacob DERR was born about 1830 in Bavaria. enumerated 1st of August 1870
1870 census Lawrence Co Illinois Boud township #1
Jacob Derr 40 farmer value of real estate 1000 personal 500 born in Bavaria born abt 1830
Christina 34 born in Wertenburg born abt 1836
David 16 born in Illinois born abt 1854
John 13 born in Illinois born abt 1857
Layfayette 6 born in Illinois born abt 1864

He was married to Christina. Children were: David DERR, John DERR, Layfayette DERR.

bullet John DERR was born in 1857 in Illinois. Parents: Jacob DERR and Christina.

bullet Layfayette DERR was born in 1864 in Illinois. Parents: Jacob DERR and Christina.

bullet Catherine DETURK was buried in DeTurk Pvt. Cem., Berks Co. PA.

She was married to Peter [Deysher] DEISHER.

bullet Emma DEVIN(93)

Children were: James Howard CROSS, Thomas Lee CROSS.

bulletMary Jane DEVIN was born in 1825. She died in 1891.

bulletMartha Jane DEXTER(18) was born on 31 Oct 1919 in Oakland, CA. She died on 21 Dec 1971 in Oakland, CA..

She was married to Royal Sheldon , Jr. MILLIGAN on 15 Oct 1941 in Piedmont, CA. Children were: Royal Sheldon III MILLIGAN , Martha Ann MILLIGAN.

bullet DIACHA SRABHTEINNE Parents: Cairbre Riada MAC CORMAC .

Children were: MUREDOCH TIREACH.

bulletElbert DICKERSON was born about 1799 in VA. He died on 9 Aug 1848 in Wyocena, Wisconsin.

He was married to Obedience MAXWELL on 12 May 1831 in Tazewell Co. IL.

bullet Deloris DICKHAUT(36) Parents: Harvey H. DICKHAUT and Silvia Kane COX.

bulletHarvey H. DICKHAUT(36) was born on 13 Jan 1909.

Children were: Deloris DICKHAUT.

bulletEdward Henry DIERLAM(66).

He was married to Norma Louise COX on 21 Oct 1944. Children were: Vera Diane DIERLAM, Larry Lee DIERLAM.

bullet Larry Lee DIERLAM(66) was born on 19 Jun 1947. He died on 2 Aug 1984. Parents: Edward Henry DIERLAM and Norma Louise COX.

bullet Vera Diane DIERLAM(66) was born on 6 Feb 1946. Parents: Edward Henry DIERLAM and Norma Louise COX.

bullet King of The Saxons DIETRICH Parents: King of the Saxons SIGHARD.

Children were: King of the Saxons WERNICKE .

bulletGeorge DILS(29) was born *1809.

bulletDiana DILSTON.


bulletRichard Alva DIXON(2).

He was married to Gloria Lee DEISHER on 9 Aug 1969 in Wabash County Mt.Carmel, Illinois.(39)

bullet Sarah DIXON was born in 1719.

She was married to Joseph MCREYNOLDS about 1736 in Ireland. Children were: Robert MCREYNOLDS, Roland MCREYNOLDS, James MCREYNOLDS, John MCREYNOLDS, Elizabeth MCREYNOLDS, Samuel MCREYNOLDS, Sarah MCREYNOLDS, Joseph M MCREYNOLDS, William MCREYNOLDS.

bullet Bill DOAN(34)

bulletThelma DOAN.

Children were: Shirley LANSDOWN, Nancy LANSDOWN, Robert LANSDOWN, Phyllis LANSDOWN.

bulletCharles DOANE(32).

He was married to Violet Bess REISINGER on 4 Dec 1936 in LaPort, IN. (33) Children were: Yvonne Earlene DOANE , Mona Marlene DOANE.

bullet Mona Marlene DOANE(32) Parents: Charles DOANE and Violet Bess REISINGER.

Children were: Brian SMALL, Dee Lynda SMALL, John Jay SMALL.

bulletYvonne Earlene DOANE(32) was born on 13 Mar 1937. Parents: Charles DOANE and Violet Bess REISINGER.

She was married to William Jerry WARMOUTH on 22 Dec 1954 in MO.. Children were: Sandra Denise WARMOUTH, William Jerry WARMOUTH , Myndi Jo WARMOUTH.

bullet Bert Sidney DOCKSTADER(1) was born on 17 Mar 1873 in Blue Rapids, KS..

He was married to Elizabeth KROH on 9 Nov 1900 in Osborne, KS..

bullet Vivian DOCKTER(84)

She was married to Steven CUNNINGHAM on 21 Jun 1969.(85)

bullet DODA

She was married to Bishop of Metz in 613 ARNULF Duke of Austrasia and a Saint. Children were: ANSEGHIS Mayor of Palace of King.

bullet King of the Frankish Tribes DOGOBERT died died in 317 after reigning 11 year. Parents: King of the Frankish Tribes WALTER.

Children were: King of the Franks in 319 CLODOMIR IV .

bulletAraminty [Minty] DOHERTY was born in 1784. Parents: David DOHERTY and Rebecca.

She was married to Adam MCRAVEN ALSO MCCRAVIN on 9 Feb 1811 in Mecklenburg Co. NC. Children were: Eveline MCRAVEN ALSO MCCRAVIN, Jane Camelia MCRAVEN ALSO MCCRAVIN, David Olando MCRAVEN ALSO MCCRAVIN.

bullet Cynthia DOHERTY was born about 1785. She died about 1829. Parents: David DOHERTY and Rebecca.

She was married to Matthew WHITLOW on 24 Nov 1803 in Mecklenburg Co. NC.

bullet David DOHERTY

He was married to Rebecca. Children were: Araminty [Minty] DOHERTY, Cynthia DOHERTY, David Jr. DOHERTY, James DOHERTY, George DOHERTY, Polly DOHERTY.

bullet David Jr. DOHERTY Parents: David DOHERTY and Rebecca.

bullet George DOHERTY Parents: David DOHERTY and Rebecca.

bullet James DOHERTY Parents: David DOHERTY and Rebecca.

bullet Polly DOHERTY was born about 1794. Parents: David DOHERTY and Rebecca.

bullet Stephen Leroy DOMBO(28) (29) was born in 1968. Parents: William Leroy DOMBO and Freda Lynn LOBDELL.

bullet William Leroy DOMBO(28) (29) was born in 1933.

He was married to Freda Lynn LOBDELL.(28) Children were: Stephen Leroy DOMBO.


He was married to Alice Muriel PORTER in Tacoma, Washington.

bullet King DONALD II of Scotland Parents: King CONSTANTINE I of Scotland.

Children were: Kinf MALCOLM I of Scotland.

bulletViola DORNEY(151) was born on 6 Jul 1908 in Lukin Township, Lawrence Co. IL.(153)

She was married to Earl Fredrich DEISHER. (155) Children were: Carl DEISHER.

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