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bullet Anna Barbara SEIGFRIED was born about 1684 in Europe. She emigrated 29 Sept 1733 on Ship Pink Mary from USA.

Children were: Johann Peter DEISHER, Susanna Elizabeth DEISHER , Johanna Barbara DEISHER, Christophel Stephen DEISHER, Jacob DEISHER, Maria DEISHER.

bulletJane SELLARS.

Children were: Joseph SPURGIN.

bulletNancy SELLERS.

bulletPreston SELLERS.

He was married to Eleanor BRASELTON on 8 Oct 1836.

bullet Mable Imogene SENFF(42)

She was married to Wayne Lincoln DEISHER on 9 Jul 1972 in Edwards County, Illinois.(43)

bullet SETH was born in 130. He died in 1042. Parents: ADAM and EVE.

Children were: ENOS.

bulletDarlene Jeanette SEVERNS was born on 1 Dec 1935 in Marietta, Fulton Co., IL. Parents: Everett SEVERNS and Myrtle Louise MONTGOMERY.

She was married to Charles William TOWER on 13 Feb 1955 in Washington, Peoria Co., IL.

bullet Dwight Wayne SEVERNS was born on 16 Jun 1944 in Pekin, Tazewell Co., IL. He died on 24 May 1960 in Lincoln, Logan Co., IL. Parents: Everett SEVERNS and Myrtle Louise MONTGOMERY .

bullet Everett SEVERNS was born on 19 Oct 1910 in Vermont, Fulton Co., IL. He died on 19 Dec 1958 in Pekin, Tazewell Co., IL.

He was married to Myrtle Louise MONTGOMERY on 8 Jun 1940 in Kahoka, MO. Children were: Phylis Louise SEVERNS, Darlene Jeanette SEVERNS , Sharon Ann SEVERNS, Dwight Wayne SEVERNS, William Neil SEVERNS.

bullet Phylis Louise SEVERNS was born on 15 Dec 1942 in Pekin, Tazewell Co., IL. Parents: Everett SEVERNS and Myrtle Louise MONTGOMERY.

She was married to James TODD on 28 Jan 1965 in Pekin, Tazewell Co., IL. Children were: Anna TODD.

bullet Sharon Ann SEVERNS was born on 10 May 1941 in Pekin, Tazewell Co., IL. Parents: Everett SEVERNS and Myrtle Louise MONTGOMERY.

She was married to Alton Alfred BRADSHAW on 26 Nov 1960 in South Pekin, Tazewell Co., IL.

bullet William Neil SEVERNS was born on 13 Dec 1945 in Pekin, Tazewell Co., IL. Parents: Everett SEVERNS and Myrtle Louise MONTGOMERY.

He was married to Joy Lynn BOZARTH on 10 Oct 1965 in Pekin, Tazewell Co., IL.

bullet Elizabeth SEVES signed a will on 17 Jun 1766 in Pa. Elizabeth made her last will and testament, June 17, 1766, and she died between that date and the filing of her will, Nov. 10, 1767 [BORST note: Elizabeth died in Sep 1767]. She designated her son, Joseph Siegfried, and her trusted and esteemed friend Sebastian Zimmerman as her executors. The children mentioned in the will were: Joseph; Margaret, m. to Jacob Moss, of Lynn township, Lehigh County; Catherine, m. to Frederick Raumich; Susanna, m. to Daniel Levan; Elizabeth, m. to John Rothermel; Magdalena, m. to Anthony Fisher; and Anna, m. to Jacob Fisher.[BORST note: Should be Jacob Deisher -- Will has "Teisher"]. [BORST note: This paragraph should be about Johannes Siegfried (1790's - Dec 1747). Johannes was the founder of the Siegfried family in Maxatawny and not his sons, Joseph and John. As mentioned, Joseph & John are brothers and brother John died in May of 1766. The rest of the paragraph is not about brother John's widow (whose name was Catherine) but about Elizabeth, mother of Joseph and John and wife of Johannes the immigrant. The author fails to mention that "the heirs of my recently deceased son John" (the John that died in the Spring of 1766) was also mentioned by Elizabeth (d. Sep 1767) in her will. Elizabeth’s husband, Johannes died in Dec.1747].

Children were: Margaret SIEGFRIED, Catherine SIEGFRIED, Magdalena SIEGFRIED, Joseph SIEGFRIED, John Jr. SIEGFRIED, Anna SIEGFRIED, Susanna SIEGFRIED, Elizabeth SIEGFRIED.

bulletSEWARD .

bulletDaughter of King of Mercia SEXBURGH.

She was married to King of Wessex CADEWALLA. Children were: INGILD , King of Wessex INE.



bulletJeanne SHANNON(18) was born in 1929.

Children were: Peter VAN SICKLEN, Shannon VAN SICKLEN, Sophia VAN SICKLEN, Parker VAN SICKLEN.

bulletJulia SHANNON(5). Parents: Lawrence SHANNON and Cleopatra COX.

bulletLawrence SHANNON(5) was born about 1912. He died about 1955.

Children were: Julia SHANNON , Paula SHANNON.

bulletPaula SHANNON(5). Parents: Lawrence SHANNON and Cleopatra COX.

bulletLouis SHARP(42).

He was married to Ruby DEISHER.(43)

bullet Mary SHARP(25)

Children were: Elizabeth RIDENOUR.

bulletArline SHAW(18).

She was married to Henry Warren HARROLD on 17 Nov 1923 in St. Helena. Children were: Nancy Lou HARROLD.

bullet Ethel SHAW

She was married to Jesse MCREYNOLDS.

bullet Marianne Jean SHAW

She was married to Paul Kasper MONTGOMERY on 2 Jul 1948. Children were: Andrea Teresa MONTGOMERY .

bullet Rose Mary SHAW

She was married to James Russell MONTGOMERY in 1931.

bullet Peter SHAWN

He was married to Margaret WALLACE on 24 Mar 1804 in Frederick Co.Md. Children were: Sarah Ann [Sally] SHAWN.

bullet Sarah Ann [Sally] SHAWN Parents: Peter SHAWN and Margaret WALLACE.

She was married to William Hughes WALLACE in 1823 in Ohio Co. Kentucy.

bullet Tom [Dave] SHEARER(34)

bulletMildred J. SHELABARGER was born on 31 Oct 1913 in Mason Co., IL. She died on 16 Jun 1980 in Pekin, Tazewell Co., IL.

She was married to Ralph Jacob MONTGOMERY on 24 Dec 1930 in Sullivan, Moultrie Co., IL.

bullet SHEM was born in 1558. Parents: NOAH.

bullet Elizabeth SHEPARD was born about 1694 in Tyron Co.. Ireland. She emigrated in 1738 from Lancaster, PA. She emigrated in 1781 from America. She died in Appomattox, VA. Footnote
In 1681, one John Sheppard, of Parish Killaman, County Tyrone, had his goods seized for tithes (Stockdale, 178). John McRannell and Elizabeth Sheppherd both of Grange Meeting, near Charlemont, were married 6 Mo. 18, 1714, at Grange. Elizabeth, daughter of Solomon Sheppard, “of Bellis,” Parish of Donagh, County Monaghan, was married, 10 Mo. (Dec.) 14, 1733, in Meeting House at Castleshane, County Monaghan, to William Whitten, of Drummon, Parish of Mullabrack, County Armagh, Ireland.–Friends' Records of Ulster Province.
Parents: Solomon Sr. SHEPHERD.

She was married to John MCREYNOLDS on 18 Jun 1714 in Dongannon Clrmnt, Tyrone, Ireland. Children were: Elizabeth MCREYNOLDS , Joseph MCREYNOLDS, James MCREYNOLDS, Robert MCREYNOLDS.

bullet Hanna SHEPARD(61) was born on 13 Mar 1834 in Mont Maos Co., NY.

She was married to Daniel Bernard KROH on 15 Mar 1856 in Tiffin, OH. Children were: Jacob Henry KROH, William Alvin KROH, Mina KROH.

bullet Sarah SHEPHARD was born about 1735 in Lancaster Co. PA. She died in 1830. Parents: Solomon Jr. SHEPHERD and Jane WILSON.

She was married to William BRASELTON on 20 Dec 1758 in Menallen Meeting, Adams Co. PA. Children were: Samuel BRASELTON.

bullet Elizabeth SHEPHERD Parents: Solomon Jr. SHEPHERD and Jane WILSON.

bullet John SHEPHERD Parents: Solomon Jr. SHEPHERD and Jane WILSON.

bullet Solomon SHEPHERD Parents: Solomon Jr. SHEPHERD and Jane WILSON.

He was married to Margaret BLACKBURN on 19 Oct 1763 in Menallen Meeting.

bullet Solomon Jr. SHEPHERD(267) was born in Tyron Co.. Ireland. He died in 1749 Menallan, Adams, MD. Immigration of the Irish Quakers into Pennsylvania
In Chester County. Established in 1718, from Newark or Kennett.

SOLOMON SHEPHERD,1 unmarried, from Grange Meeting near Charlemont, Ireland, dated 8 mo. 1, 1729, received 11 Mo. 30, 1730-1.

page 359
[p.359] “Att a mens meeting held [at Grange] ye 22 aforesaid [5 Mo. 1729] Solomon Shepard ye younger having transported himself to America as an Aprentice with Jacob Marshill & Desired of us a Certificate,” etc. He settled for a time in New Garden and was married, 9 Mo. 15, 1733, at New Garden Meeting, to Jane Wilson, of New Garden.

They removed to Menallen Township, now Adams County, and in 1748, Solomon became a recommended minister of Warrington Monthly Meeting. He died about 1749, his will being dated July, 1748, and probated March 29, 1749. He mentions his wife Jane and children, John, Sarah, Solomon, and Elizabeth. Jane Shepherd served for several years as overseer of Menallen Meeting. In 1767 she and her daughter Elizabeth received a certificate to remove within the limits of New Garden Monthly Meeting, North Carolina.

Solomon Shepherd, Jr., of Menallen Township, son of Solomon and Jane, m. 10 Mo. 19, 1763, at Menallen Meeting, to Margaret, daughter of John and Rebecca Blackburn.

Sarah, daughter of Solomon and Jane Shepherd, m. 12 Mo. 20, 1758, at Menallen Meeting, William, son of John Braselton, of Frederick County, Md.

Parents: Solomon Sr. SHEPHERD.

He was married to Jane WILSON on 15 Sep 1733 in New Garden Meeting. Children were: John SHEPHERD, Sarah SHEPHARD, Solomon SHEPHERD, Elizabeth SHEPHERD.

bullet Solomon Sr. SHEPHERD(268) was born in Tyrone, Ireland. He died in Tyrone, Ireland.

Parents: John SHEPPHERD and Isabell WILKESON.

He was married. Children were: Elizabeth SHEPARD, Solomon Jr. SHEPHERD, William SHEPHERD.

bullet William SHEPHERD(269) was born in Tyron Co.. Ireland. Parents: Solomon Sr. SHEPHERD.

bullet Frank Berry SHEPPARD(18) was born between 17 Nov 1904 and Jan . Parents: Henry Samuel SHEPPARD and Lulu Diana KROH.

bullet Henry Samuel SHEPPARD(18)

He was married to Lulu Diana KROH on 4 Dec 1898 in Wheaton, IL.. Children were: Frank Berry SHEPPARD.

bullet John SHEPPHERD(268) died before 1685 in Killyman, Tyrone, , Ireland. He was born in Durham, Durham, , England.

He was married to Isabell WILKESON on 18 May 1628 in Durham, Durham, England. Children were: Solomon Sr. SHEPHERD.

bullet Jane SHERWOOD(18)

She was married to Warren Clay HARROLD on 6 Mar 1941 in Piedmont, CA. Children were: Sherwood HARROLD, Warren Clay , Jr. HARROLD.

bullet Cora Alene SHILLING was born on 19 Jun 1901 in Missouri. She died on 3 Aug 1957 in Oakland, Alameda County, California. She was buried in Union Cemetery, Brentwood, Contra Costa County, California. Parents: John Hector SHILLING and Edith Almeda DENNISTON.

She was married to John Adkins WALLACE about 1917. Children were: Edith Elizabeth WALLACE.

bullet John Hector SHILLING

Children were: Cora Alene SHILLING .

bulletCharles Sr. SHOLLEY.

He was married to Lillian MANLEY . Children were: Patricia A. [Gab] SHOLLEY.

bullet Patricia A. [Gab] SHOLLEY was born on 3 Oct 1936 in Pottsville, PA. She died on 1 Oct 1999 in Sunbury, PA. Parents: Charles Sr. SHOLLEY and Lillian MANLEY.

She was married to John Rife SCHAEFFER on 16 Jul 1955 in Muncy, PA. Children were: Lana Elaine SCHAEFFER, John Rife Jr. SCHAEFFER , Lennard Dean SCHAEFFER, Kimberly Gail SCHAEFFER, Timothy Dale SCHAEFFER , Rodney Craig SCHAEFFER, Scott Robert SCHAEFFER, Angella Dawn SCHAEFFER .

bullet Donna SHORT

She was married to John Henry BAKER on 28 Dec 1967 in Logan, Illinois. Children were: John Henry ,Jr. BAKER, Danny Lee BAKER, Dana Marie BAKER.

bullet Wilhelmina SHOUN

Children were: Elizabeth Ann [Lizzie]Lizza A. MARX.

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