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bullet Sally MCREYNOLDS Sally, the youngest child of John and Hannah never married, but spent
her life near Wadesville, Indiana. She always "got happy" and shouted
all over the church. Parents: John MCREYNOLDS and Hannah NEAL.

bullet Sally MCREYNOLDS(96) Parents: Samuel Davis MCREYNOLDS and Elizabeth Ellen CRAIG .

bulletSamuel MCREYNOLDS was born on 7 Jan 1784. He died on 5 Feb 1850. 1830 U.S. Census - Indiana
Posey County, Smith Township
Sam McReynolds 2 males 5-10, 2 males 10-15, 3 males 15-20, 1 male 40-50, 1 female under 5, 1 female 30-40

We now come to Samuel, the eldest son of Joseph and HenriettaMcReynolds. He was born in North Carolina, January 6th,1784. Although he had little schooling, he was a studious minded fellow, and was always considered one of the best informed men in the comunity. On October9th, 1804 he married Milbrey Dement. The first time she saw Samuel he was sitting on a bench in a large crowd at a camp meeting. He was exorting the people to repentance. He was a deeply religious man and a strong Presbyterian. Although there was no church of his choice near him, after locating in Indiana, he always worked heartily with the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. He donated the grounds for the campground, and then for the church, where Mt. Pleasant Church and Cemetary still stand. A short time after their marriage Samuel and Milbrey moved across the state line into Kentucky. They lived in Sumner Co. Tennessee at the time of their marriage.[ At least Sam did. Milbrey lived in Alabama, not far from Huntsville.] The Kentucky farm they first lived on was in the river valley and the land was very fertile. But it was unhealthy there. Their first two children were born there, Lucinda and James, and both diedi n infancy. Samuel had a most severe case of rheumatism. He lay helpless for many months. He had no idea he would ever get well again, but he finally began to improve. He still found he was a cripple for life. His legs were all drawn out of shape, and his knees would not bend. He was never able to dress himself again, and he could not walk without crutches.He owned two or three slaves and he returned to Sumner Co. Tennessee.He again tried to farm with slave labor, but it was entirely unsatisfactory as the slaves would not work when sent out alone, and he did not farm extensively enough to hire an overseer. In Tennessee four more children came. Matilda was born February 14, 1810,William October 6th, 1812, Samuel Davis April 10th,1814, and Joseph September 20th, 1816. Slave labor was so unsatifactory to him he often thought of moving to the free states north of the Ohio River. He had heard glowing accounts of the fertility of the lands in that region. After the battle of Tippecanoe, and the power of the Indians in that region was broken, the country was made perfectly safe for white settlers, so he decided to try his luck in that land. He sold his slaves and his other holdings in Tennessee and went on a prospecting tour of Indiana.He rode in a two-wheel cart or gig as he called it and had an attendant with him of course. The first land he looked at in Indiana was where Evansville now stands. Although it was covered with fine timber the area was too hilly to suit him. Then he came out into what is now Smith Township, Posey Co. and selected a tract of land about a half of a mile east of where Mt. Pleasant Church now stands. This land was all heavily timbered and it seemed a man as crippled as he was would have to have a strong heart to attemt to carve out a farm in that wilderness. But he went to Vincennes, paid the government a dollar and twenty-five cents per acre for the land and then returned for his family in Tennessee. He hired a young man who had recently married to go to Indiana and work for him. This man's name was Moses Dorset. All these people arrived in Indiana in the early autumn, and Dorset imediately began to cut poles with which to build a small cabin. This cabin was very small. The cracks were all chinked and daubed with mud. The roof was of split clapboards held on with weight poles. One end was a large fireplace with a chimney built of sticks heavily daubed with mud to keep from catching fire. The floor was of puncheon split out of the timber and smoothed with an adz. In this crude building made entirely of the forrest these two families lived through the winter. Dorset then began to clear a small field in which to raise a crop the following spring. He grubbed out the small brush and cut the small trees in the tract. He deadened the larger timber and in the spring he took his steel pointed wooden plow and tore up the fertile soil sufficiently to be able to plant it in corn. The corn came up nicely, but a great flock of blackbirds came out of the woods and pulled it all up. Dorset was very much discouraged. Samuel and his oldest son, now about six years old, drove to New Harmony, where a company of German Socialists from Pennsylnania had recently settled. They bought a shotgun and plenty of Shot. Then as soon as the corn began to peep through the soil, Samuel and his small son went to the field. The boy carried the gun and helped him load it, and together they killed a great number of birds and crippled many more. The cries of the other birds seem to scare them more than the gun. The birds left the field and the corn was this time permitted to grow. Of course no big crop was raised that year in such a field, but they did raise enough corn to feed themselves and all their stock, until they could raise enough of some other crop. In another year this field had been more perfectly cleared, and some other land also cleared. Meat was plentiful, for all Dorset had to do was go out in the woods with his rifle and in a short time he had all the meat he wanted. Deer was plentiful, wild turkeys, Pheasants, and squirrels were found in abundance.Dorset continued to work for Samuel for many years, and from the savings from his salary he was able to buy a farm adjoining the land then owned by Samuel. The two families were the best of friends.Samuel, in a short time, had built a comfortable log house near the cabin and lived there. He continued to buy other tracts of land until he owned about seven hundred acres. Much of this land was cleared and put into cultivation, all of course by hired labor until his sons were old enough to work the clearings. The neighbors soon found out that Samuel was well learned for that day in that region, and as they needed a school, Samuel was one of the first teachers in what is now Smith Township. A few years later he was elected associate judge of Posey Co. He served in that capacity for a number of years. There are old court dockets or records signed by Samuel McReynolds in the year 1832. The following children were born to Samuel and Milbrey after they came to Posey Co. Indiana: Nelson born Februaray 7th, 1819, Alexander A. born June 17th, 1821, Robert orn April 7th, 1825, and Nancy born March 31st,1828. Samuel, as well as his father before him was a democrat in politics and a strong Presbyterian. Samuel did not see fit to change his membership as there was no church of his denomination near. But the Cumberland Presbyterian organized a church at a very early date in the neighborhood,and Samuel always had his camp at the campgrounds.
Parents: Joseph MCREYNOLDS and Henrietta BROWNING.

He was married to Milbrey DERMONT on 9 Oct 1804. Children were: Lucinda MCREYNOLDS , James MCREYNOLDS, Mathilda MCREYNOLDS, William Hodges MCREYNOLDS, Samuel Davis MCREYNOLDS, Joseph MCREYNOLDS, Nelson MCREYNOLDS, Alexander MCREYNOLDS, Robert MCREYNOLDS, Nancy MCREYNOLDS.

bullet Samuel MCREYNOLDS(12) was born in 1749 in Lancaster, PA [Cecil Co.]. He died in 1807 in Bledsoe, TN. Samuel McReynolds was born in 1749 in , Lancaster, Pa.. He died in 1807 in , Bledsoe Co., TN. He was christened. He was buried. He has reference number 130. Source: "McReynolds, a Noble Clan" by William Howard McReynolds (1917 -1981)
Copyright 1980; Printed by Don's Printing, 120 East Missouri,
Kirksville, Missouri. ID Code J16, page 262; Quote:

Samuel McReynolds was born in the Cecil County, Maryland-Lancaster County, Pennsylvania area, the son of Joseph and Sarah Dixon McReynolds. The first record we have of Samuel McReynolds is where he was assigned land in Washington County, Virginia in the year 1768. He was married, date unknown, presumedly in Washington County, Virginia, to Sarah Margaret Woods, the Woods family being early pioneers of that area.
Samuel was very active in the real estate business. When the land was surveyed and the deeds recorded in 1783, Samuel laid claim to a large parcel of land. Samuel McReynolds, Washington County, Virginia acted as Attorney in selling his brother John's land in Lincoln County, North Carolina in the year 1785 and his father Joseph's land located in Campbel l County, Virginia in 1794. In the Washington County, Virginia land transactions, Samuel's wife always signed her name as Sarah but the Compendium of Biographies from Tennessee refer to her as Margaret. The last joint deed we find for them is dated Feb. 16, 1802.
On 27 November 1804, Samuel McReynolds, resident of Blount County, Tennessee, sells some of his Washington County, Virginia land . His wife's name does not appear on this transaction which signifies that she deceased between the last two above mentioned dates.
Family sources state that Samuel moved from Virginia to the Sequatchie Valley, Bledsoe County, Tennessee taking his aged father with him. The father Joseph reportedly died in 1806 and is buried on the farm owned by the son Samuel. Since the Bledsoe County Courthouse burned in 1908 it is difficult to obtain adequate county history of our early ancestors. We do find a land entry for Samuel McReynolds dated Aug. 30, 1807. From our research we determine these to be the Children of Samuel and Sarah Margaret Woods McReynolds:

1. John (1778-1822) m. Jane McReynolds
2. Joseph (____-1822) m. Rachel Rainey
3. Robert (____-____) m. Celia Snider
4. Sarah (____-____) m. David Rainey
5. James (____-____) no marriage record
6. Margaret (1786-1870) m. Alexander Coulter
7. Samuel, Jr. (1793-1865) m. (1.) Jane Hale
(2.) Anna D. Stephens

Tennessee descendants of Samuel McReynolds, Sr. state that he was a Revolutionary war veteran which claim may very well be true as most able bodied men participated in that encounter but as yet I have been unable to find any official records on which to base this claim.
_____________________________________________________________________ __________

Source: from the McReynolds Family Newsletter, by John McReynolds, 13 14 Dena Street, Chesapeake, Virginia. Vol. 1, Spring 1971:

Samuel, son of Joseph McReynolds, was closely associated with his father. Several of Joseph's sons moved away from him to North Carolina and various parts of Tennessee. Joseph spent the latter part of his life with Samuel and died in Tennessee while living with him. Samuel must have had a good mind for business as Joseph allowed him to conduct his business transactions in his absence.
January 1794: Joseph McReynolds grants power of attorney to Samuel McReynolds, in and about the land in the state of Virginia, County Campbell, "to make deed in my name". Signed 12 January 1794 in the presence of Robert McReynolds, Halbert McClure and Leonard McReynolds.
Deed Book 1 Page 362. (see Joseph McReynolds RIN 102 for detailed transcript of Deed.)

Samuel McReynolds moved to Bledsoe County (Eighth District ) Tennessee being among the earliest settlers of the Sequatchie Valley -- - taken from Compendium of Biography sent by Mrs. James R. Hamilton of Baltimore, Maryland.

Samuel McReynolds married Margaret ________ and was known to have at least two sons; Samuel D. and John, both born in Virginia. The sons will be covered in a later issue.----Editor.
He was married to Sarah Margaret Woods about 1768 in , Washington Co., VA. Sarah Margaret Woods was born. She was christened. She died. She was buried. She has reference number 131. Clan: pg 262
Samuel McReynolds and Sarah Margaret Woods had the following children:

i. John McReynolds.
ii. Joseph McReynolds.
iii. Robert McReynolds.
iv. Sarah McReynolds.
v. James McReynolds was born in , Washington Co., VA. He was christened. He died. He was buried. He has reference number 3552. Clan: J165, pg 262, 266; no marriage record
Notes: James evidently migrated to Bledsoe County, Tennessee with the rest of his family. In the year 1814 he is dealing real estate in Bledsoe County . On several occasions we find James and his brother Joseph as partners in real estate transactions. One instrument dated May 9, 1816 involving James and Joseph McReynolds, and Jesse Rainey whereby Jesse Rainey purchases one-third interest in the McReynolds partnership for $3000.00 states that the McReynolds brothers own considerable Real Estate in the state of Virginia not connected with the firm (Salt Works) and therefore excluded from the agreement.
vi. Margaret McReynolds.
vii. Samuel D. McReynolds Jr..

Parents: Joseph MCREYNOLDS and Sarah DIXON.

He was married to Sarah Margaret WOODS in 1768 in Washington Co. Va.. Children were: John MCREYNOLDS, Joseph MCREYNOLDS, Robert MCREYNOLDS, Sarah MCREYNOLDS, James MCREYNOLDS, Margaret MCREYNOLDS, Samuel D Jr. MCREYNOLDS.

bullet Samuel MCREYNOLDS was born on 27 Feb 1766 in Caswell Co. NC. He died bdf 1776 in Washington Co. Va.. Samuel, Son of Roland lived near Lynchville, Virginia. He was a planter
and a teamster. None of his descendents ever came to Indiana.
Parents: Roland MCREYNOLDS and Agnes Ann RICH.

bullet Samuel MCREYNOLDS Parents: James MCREYNOLDS and Mary Bell.

bullet Samuel MCREYNOLDS Parents: Leonard MCREYNOLDS.

bullet Samuel MCREYNOLDS(14) (14) was born on 27 Feb 1766. He was born on 2 May 1776. He died on 7 Nov 1854. Parents: Robert MCREYNOLDS and Martha RICH.

He was married to Mary DEAKENS on 19 Aug 1796.

bullet Samuel D Jr. MCREYNOLDS(12) was born in Jun 1797 in Washington Co. Va.. He died on 13 Feb 1865 in Pikeville, Bledsoe Co. TN. Parents: Samuel MCREYNOLDS and Sarah Margaret WOODS.

He was married to Mary Jane HALE on 10 May 1821 in Blount Co. TN. Children were: Margaret MCREYNOLDS, MCREYNOLDS, Alexander Hale MCREYNOLDS, Mary Jane MCREYNOLDS , Samuel M. MCREYNOLDS, Sarah J. MCREYNOLDS, Claiborne Delaney MCREYNOLDS , James W. MCREYNOLDS.

He was married to Anna Davis STEVENS on 10 Aug 1844 in Bledsoe, TN. Children were: Isaac Stevens MCREYNOLDS, Martha Josephine MCREYNOLDS , Joseph MCREYNOLDS, Thomas MCREYNOLDS, Dora MCREYNOLDS.

bullet Samuel David MCREYNOLDS was born in 1867. Parents: Joseph Marion MCREYNOLDS and Sarah GAMBREL [GAMBLE}.

bullet Samuel Davis MCREYNOLDS(96) was born on 10 Apr 1814 in Sumner, Co. Tennessee. He died on 9 Jan 1898. Parents: Samuel MCREYNOLDS and Milbrey DERMONT.

He was married to Elizabeth Ellen CRAIG on 2 Feb 1845 in Posey Co., Ind. He was married to Elizabeth Ellen CRAIG on 2 Feb 1845 in Posey Co Indiana. Children were: John C MCREYNOLDS, Samuel Davis MCREYNOLDS, Sally MCREYNOLDS, Sarah E. MCREYNOLDS, Leo Early MCREYNOLDS, Dolly MCREYNOLDS, Hattie MCREYNOLDS, Minnie MCREYNOLDS, India MCREYNOLDS.

Children were: Joseph Marion MCREYNOLDS , Robert Nelson MCREYNOLDS.

bulletSamuel Davis MCREYNOLDS(96) was born on 1 Oct 1848. He died on 26 Aug 1906.(249) He was buried in Mt.Pleasant Cem Cynthiana, Ind. (249) Parents: Samuel Davis MCREYNOLDS and Elizabeth Ellen CRAIG.

bulletSamuel Davis MCREYNOLDS(12) was born on 16 Apr 1872 in Bledsoe County, Tenn. He died on 11 Jul 1939 in Washington DC. He was buried in Forest Hill Cemetery, Chattanooga, Tenn.. McREYNOLDS, Samuel Davis, a Representative from Tennessee; born on a farm near Pikeville, Bledsoe County, Tenn., April 16, 1872; attended the rural schools, People's College, Pikeville, Tenn., and Cumberland University, Lebanon, Tenn.; studied law; was admitted to the bar in 1893 and commenced practice at Pikeville; served as assistant district attorney of the sixth judicial circuit of Tennessee in 1894 and 1896; moved to Chattanooga in 1896 and continued the practice of law; appointed judge of the criminal court for the sixth circuit of Tennessee on April 16, 1903; subsequently elected and twice reelected to the same office and served until February 1, 1923, when he resigned, having been elected to Congress; elected as a Democrat to the Sixty-eighth and to the eight succeeding Congresses and served from March 4, 1923, until his death; delegate to the International Monetary and Economic Conference at London, England, in 1933; died in Washington, D.C., July 11, 1939; interment in Forest Hill Cemetery, Chattanooga, Tenn.
In the acquirement of his education Samuel D. McReynolds attended Peoples College at Pikeville and afterward became a student in Cumberland University at Lebanon, Tennessee. He then entered the law office of his cousin, the Hon. J. B. Frazier, at Chattanooga, for the study of law and was admitted to the bar in April, 1893. He then began practice in Pikeville, but in 1895 removed to Chattanooga, where he has since made his home. He was assistant attorney-general of the old sixth district in 1894 and in 1895 he entered upon the private practice of law as a partner of John H. Cantrell of Chattanooga, with whom he was associated for eight years. He was then appointed to the position of judge of the criminal court in April, 1903, by Senator J. B. Frazier, and from that time until the latter part of January, 1923, he remained upon the bench. His district covered Hamilton county, although when he took office he had jurisdiction over four counties. With the increasing population, however, it has been necessary to divide the district. Twice he was elected to the bench without opposition.
In 1922 Judge McReynolds became a candidate on the democratic ticket for representative in congress from the third district of the state, comprised of the counties of Bledsoe, Bradley, Franklin, Grundy, Hamilton, Marion, McMinn, Meigs, Monroe, Polk, Sequatchie, Van Buren, Warren, and White. At the regular election on November 7, 1922, he defeated his republican opponent, R. L. Burnett, by a majority of close to eight thousand votes.

In March, 1910, occurred the marriage of Judge McReynolds and Miss Mary Davenport, who was born in Hamilton county, Tennessee, a daughter of R. B. Davenport, a retired wholesale merchant now interested in the hosiery mills. Judge and Mrs. McReynolds have one child, Margaret Henriette. The parents are active members of the Methodist Episcopal church, South, and Mrs. McReynolds has served as president of the General A. P. Stewart Chapter of the Daughters of the Confederacy. She was educated in the schools of Chattanooga and in the Ward School at Nashville and is a lady of liberal culture and innate refinement. Judge McReynolds is identified with the Masonic fraternity, having become a Knights Templar Mason and is now an active worker in the Mystic Shrine. He likewise belongs to the Knights of Pythias, in which he is a past chancellor, and he is connected with the Knights of Khorassan, with the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and with the Benevolent Protective Order of Elks. As mentioned before, Judge McReynolds has always given his allegiance to the democratic party, but he has devoted the greater part of his time and efforts to his responsible position upon the bench. However, he is the owner of an excellent farm, which returns to him a gratifying annual income. His entire course is one which reflects credit and honor upon the judicial history of the state and the worth of his work is widely acknowledged and highly appreciated by the general public.
By Peggy Grenz - Sep 20, 2000
Hello McReynolds cousins, I just received an old family bible and in it was a newspaper article about Rep. Samuel D. McReynolds of Tennessee, a member of the US delegation to the world economic conference, and his daughter, Margaret Henriette McReynolds. (It is a very long article and unfortunately not dated, but I am sure someone in this family either knows about this or could find out.) The article, written by Henry T. Russell, United Press Correspondent in London states: "Miss Margaret Henriette McReynolds, of Tennessee, a studious young woman of 21 with large brown eyes, auburn hair and an infectious smile, saw King George and Queen Mary at court because the king had too soft a heart to turn her down. Miss McReynolds, daughter of Rep. Samuel D. McReynolds, a member etc etc etc., received special notice that she would be permitted to attend the court, despite a ruling that wives and daughters of delegates would be barred, there being too many who applied. Originally she had been included in tonight's court presentation list, which includes 12 other American women. Joyfully, she made her preparations for the coveted honor. But her hopes faded into tears when Buckingham palace issued a rule that ladies accompanying delegates to the economic parley were barred at this court reception." goes on for about five more long paragraphs....I'll be happy to continue this at another time if any of you are interested. I just love the way they used to write this type of's feminists would be hugely offended :-)) On the back of the article, written in pencil, is a sentence which states: "Grandmother McReynolds son Samuel Mc played his cornet and saxaphone before King George when he went to Europe". So, guess he was related to 'bout you? Peggy Poppett Grenz, granddaughter of Eva McReynolds Poppett
Parents: Isaac Stevens MCREYNOLDS and Virginia A. DAVIS.

He was married to Mary DAVENPORT in Mar 1910. Children were: Margaret Henriette MCREYNOLDS .

bullet Samuel Jackson MCREYNOLDS(11) was born on 26 Mar 1853 in New Harmony, Posey Co, IN. He died on 19 Jan 1933 in Oklahoma City, , OK. He was a Circuit Preacher. Parents: John Berry MCREYNOLDS and Mathilda CARNAHAN.

He was married to Cynthia Annie ALSUP on 30 Jan 1876. Children were: Pearl MCREYNOLDS, Clarence Edwin MCREYNOLDS.

bullet Samuel M. MCREYNOLDS(12) was born on 8 Oct 1829 in Bledsoe, TN. He died on 1 Aug 1899 in Bledsoe, TN. Source: 1870 Federal Census, Bledsoe Co., TN; pg. 4, dwelling 21:

McReynolds, S.M. age 40, Farmer, POB TN, R/E $6,000, P/P $300
Lizzie E. age 30, , POB TN,
Charlie age 11, , POB TN
Joseph age 9, , POB TN
James age 7, , POB TN
Halley 4/12ths , POB TN
Clemon, Sarah age 20, black female, Domestic Unit, POB TN

note: It is apparent from the above census that Samuel had considerable property and was a Plantation owner. I beleive that Sarah Clemon was kept on after the Civil War as an employee around the house . A Black McReynolds family was living adjecent to Samuel's property at the time of this Census which I also beleive to be former Slaves of Samuel McReynolds:
McReynolds, ????
Parents: Samuel D Jr. MCREYNOLDS and Mary Jane HALE.

Children were: Charlie L. MCREYNOLDS , Joseph MCREYNOLDS, James MCREYNOLDS, Halley MCREYNOLDS.

He was married to Kate BELL on 30 May 1876.

bullet Sarah MCREYNOLDS Parents: Leonard MCREYNOLDS.

bullet Sarah MCREYNOLDS Parents: Joseph MCREYNOLDS and Elizabeth BLOOKWORTH.

bullet Sarah MCREYNOLDS(14) was born on 27 Mar 1762. Parents: Robert MCREYNOLDS and Martha RICH.

bulletSarah MCREYNOLDS(250) (251) was born in 1765 in Caswell Co. NC. Parents: Roland MCREYNOLDS and Agnes Ann RICH.

bulletSarah MCREYNOLDS(12). Parents: Samuel MCREYNOLDS and Sarah Margaret WOODS.

Children were: Nancy RAINEY.

bulletSarah MCREYNOLDS(21) was born about 1751. Parents: Joseph MCREYNOLDS and Sarah DIXON.

bullet Sarah E. MCREYNOLDS(96) was born in 1851. Parents: Samuel Davis MCREYNOLDS and Elizabeth Ellen CRAIG.

bullet Sarah Ellen MCREYNOLDS(77) Parents: Robert Elesha MCREYNOLDS and Mary Emily ALES.

She was married to Thomas BRADFORD. (78) Children were: Thomas Franklin BRADFORD , Margaret Ann BRADFORD, Earl Paul BRADFORD.

bullet Sarah Ellen MCREYNOLDS(252) Parents: Leo Elber MCREYNOLDS and Amanda MAUCK.

bullet Sarah J. MCREYNOLDS(12) was born in 1832 in Bledsoe, TN. Parents: Samuel D Jr. MCREYNOLDS and Mary Jane HALE.

bulletSarah Jane MCREYNOLDS(11) was born on 18 Jul 1847. She died in 1930 in Cushing, OK. She was ill with pneumonia in 1930. Parents: John Berry MCREYNOLDS and Mathilda CARNAHAN.

Children were: Martha BELLIS , Alice BELLIS, Etta BELLIS , John Jr. BELLIS.

bulletSolomon MCREYNOLDS(14) was born on 5 May 1805 in Washington Co. Va.. He died on 11 Jul 1882 in IA. Parents: Joseph MCREYNOLDS and Rebecca BOREN [BORIN].

bullet Stanza Jasmine MCREYNOLDS(63) was born on 12 Apr 1903. Parents: Leo Elber MCREYNOLDS and Amanda MAUCK.

She was married to Lilburn WALTERS on 20 Dec 1924.(64) Children were: Amanda Geraldine WALTERS, Cecil Eugene WALTERS .

bullet Stephen MCREYNOLDS Parents: John Ward MCREYNOLDS.

bullet Stephen MCREYNOLDS(14) was born on 14 Aug 1778. Parents: Robert MCREYNOLDS and Martha RICH.

He was married to Jane HILLIARD on 23 Dec 1802 in Washington Co. Va..

bullet Susan Renee MCREYNOLDS(16) was born on 4 Sep 1954. Parents: William Robert MCREYNOLDS and Dixie Lee CRANMEN.

bullet Susanna MCREYNOLDS(14) Parents: Joseph MCREYNOLDS and Rebecca BOREN [BORIN].

bullet T.V. MCREYNOLDS(12) Parents: Isaac Stevens MCREYNOLDS and Virginia A. DAVIS .

bullet Tabitha MCREYNOLDS was born in 1794. Parents: Joseph MCREYNOLDS and Henrietta BROWNING.

She was married to Joseph [Shaker Joe] MCREYNOLDS. Children were: William [Bill Burly] MCREYNOLDS, John Berry MCREYNOLDS , MCREYNOLDS.

bullet Terri Ann MCREYNOLDS(12) was born on 22 Sep 1958 in Conyers, GA. Parents: Ralph Boyd MCREYNOLDS and Mary Elizabeth RUSSELL.

She was married to David Irvin GILBERT on 18 Jun 1983 in Lithonia, GA. Children were: Amber Lorien GILBERT, Carly Susanne GILBERT.

bullet Thomas MCREYNOLDS Parents: James MCREYNOLDS and Mary Bell.

bullet Thomas MCREYNOLDS Parents: Leonard MCREYNOLDS.

bullet Thomas MCREYNOLDS Parents: Joseph MCREYNOLDS and Elizabeth BLOOKWORTH.

bullet Thomas MCREYNOLDS(14) was born on 14 Feb 1777. Parents: Robert MCREYNOLDS and Martha RICH.

bulletThomas MCREYNOLDS(12) was born in 1849. Parents: Samuel D Jr. MCREYNOLDS and Anna Davis STEVENS.

bulletThomas Nelson MCREYNOLDS(219) was born on 29 May 1859 in Franklin, IL. Parents: William Hodges MCREYNOLDS and Nancy MARVEL.

bullet Vickie Lynn MCREYNOLDS(12) was born on 28 May 1956 in San Antonio, Texas. Parents: Ralph Boyd MCREYNOLDS and Mary Elizabeth RUSSELL.

She was married to David Matthew KNOTT on 5 Sep 1981 in Lithonia, GA.

bullet Weatherson S. Sr. MCREYNOLDS(12) was born on 17 Feb 1854 in Pikeville, Bledsoe Co. TN. He died on 2 Feb 1926 in Pikeville, Bledsoe Co. TN. He was buried in Wesley Chapel Cem. Pikeville, Bledsoe, TN.. Parents: Alexander Hale MCREYNOLDS and Emily C. GREER.

bulletWesley MCREYNOLDS. Parents: Joseph MCREYNOLDS and Elizabeth BLOOKWORTH.

bulletWilford MCREYNOLDS. Parents: George MCREYNOLDS.

bulletWilfred O'Neil MCREYNOLDS(12). Parents: William Alexander MCREYNOLDS and Winnifred Purl WHITE.

bulletWilliam MCREYNOLDS was born about 1759 in Cecil,MD. (21) He died in 1796 in Campbell,Va. (21) Parents: Joseph MCREYNOLDS and Sarah DIXON.

bullet William MCREYNOLDS Parents: Joseph MCREYNOLDS and Elizabeth BLOOKWORTH.

bullet William MCREYNOLDS(216) was born in 1845 in Posey Co., Ind. He died in 1846 in Posey Co., Ind. Parents: Nelson MCREYNOLDS and Lavina MARVEL.

bullet William MCREYNOLDS(14) was born on 18 Jan 1787. Parents: Robert MCREYNOLDS and Martha RICH.

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