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bullet Kenneth Walter HERRICK was born on 17 Jun 1921 in Vinita, Oklahoma. He died on 10 Oct 1969 in San Jose, CA. He was buried in Mendicino Cemetery. Parlier, CA. Parents: Walter Grant HERRICK and Lena Gertrude LANTERMAN.

Children were: Tim O. HERRICK.

bulletTim O. HERRICK was born on 15 Jul 1954 in Anchorage, Alaska. Parents: Kenneth Walter HERRICK and Averil Annette BURKE .

bullet Walter Grant HERRICK was born on 21 Feb 1884 in Edgar, Sutton Co. Nebraska. He died on 15 Jan 1946 in Parlier, CA. He was buried in Mendicino Cemetery. Parlier, CA. Parents: David Lester HERRICK and Fanny E. BROWNELL.

Children were: Kenneth Walter HERRICK.

bulletLendill HERRING(38).

bulletAlgie Ray HESS was born on 13 Dec 1895 in Glasford, Peoria Co., IL. He died on 7 Jul 1969 in Pekin, Tazewell Co., IL.

He was married to Elizabeth Lottie MONTGOMERY on 5 May 1917 in Lincoln, Logan Co., IL. Children were: Mary Alice HESS.

bullet Maria Margaretta HESS

Children were: Cathryn [Catherine S.][Katharine?] LESHER.

bulletMary Alice HESS. Parents: Algie Ray HESS and Elizabeth Lottie MONTGOMERY.

bulletSallie Lauri HESTON(1) was born on 9 Jul 1866 in Center Co., PA.

She was married to Lyn Willard CLARKE on 30 Dec 1885 in Rooks Co., KS.. Children were: Helen Irene CLARKE, Roy Heston CLARKE, Charles Lyn CLARKE, Lila Wilma CLARKE.

bullet Blanch HIBBS(27) was born in 1871. She died in 1943.

Children were: William Guy KINCHELOE, Russell A. KINCHELOE, Goldia KINCHELOE, Marie KINCHELOE, Dewey E. KINCHELOE.

bulletClovis HICKS(194) was born on 1 Jul 1915.

He was married to Pearl Dulcina MCREYNOLDS on 1 Jun 1940.(195) Children were: Daniel Lee HICKS.

bullet Daniel Lee HICKS(194) was born on 17 May 1942. Parents: Clovis HICKS and Pearl Dulcina MCREYNOLDS.

He was married to Deona WYATT on 1 Apr 1960.(195) Children were: Winona Lea HICKS, Jeffry Scot HICKS, Lynn Ann HICKS.

bullet Jeffry Scot HICKS(194) was born on 9 Sep 1962. Parents: Daniel Lee HICKS and Deona WYATT.

bullet Lynn Ann HICKS(194) was born on 16 Nov 1970. Parents: Daniel Lee HICKS and Deona WYATT.

bullet Winona Lea HICKS(194) was born on 21 Sep 1960. Parents: Daniel Lee HICKS and Deona WYATT.

bullet HIDEBRADER (8)

bulletAnna Mae HIDELBRADER(66) was born in 1898. She died in 1957 in Mt Vernon, IN. She was buried in Mt. Zion Cem.

She was married to Millard Sheardon COX on 20 Jul 1918 in Posey Co., Ind. Children were: Dorothy M. COX, Mary Francis COX, Norma Louise COX, Millard G. COX.

bullet Elisha HIGGENS(196) was born on 11 Jan 1852 in Friendsville, IL.. He died on 24 Apr 1908 in Los Angeles, CA.. Parents: William HIGGENS and Alzina KROH.

He was married to Eva MCCLINTOCK on 24 Nov 1873 in Newton, KS. Children were: Maud HIGGENS .

bullet Mary HIGGENS(197) was born on 3 Apr 1849 in Friendsville, Illinois. She died on 3 Aug 1869 in Friendsville, Illinois. Parents: William HIGGENS and Alzina KROH.

bullet Maud HIGGENS(196) was born on 6 Aug 1874 in Newton, KS.. Parents: Elisha HIGGENS and Eva MCCLINTOCK.

She was married to John J. WRIGHT on 22 Jun 1899 in Walsenburg, CO. Children were: Eva Merriam WRIGHT, John J. , Jr. WRIGHT.

bullet Pearl Naomi HIGGENS(38)

She was married to Herman Roy STEVENS on 12 Aug 1939 in Henderson, KY.(53) Children were: Peggy Ann STEVENS.

bullet Theodore HIGGENS

bulletWilliam HIGGENS. William HIGGENS (son of George W. HIGGENS and PRENTICE MAYFES ) was born on 14 May 1787. He died on 26 Oct 1877 in Mt. Carmel, Illinois.8 He was buried in HIGGINS CEMETERY, Friendsville Precinct, Wabash County, IL. Dear Ruth: After searching diligently, I finally located some material on the above named relatives that Donna Ritola. sent to me at least a year ago. Her info says: William Higgins, son of George W. and Prentice Mayfes Higgins was b: Mass 1781. His second wife was Alzena Crowe age 24 by the 1850 census (I guess of either Edwards co Il or Wabash co Il; they were merged for a while). Wm was a tanner and ran a ferry boat. His will was dated Wabash co 8-21-1871 and by it Alzena received 200+ acres and $3241.00. He died the same yr he made his will. Hope this helps...Joann Higgins Coleman
PS I'm sure Donna wouldn't mind if you contacted her.

HIGGINS, Daughter
b. 8-apr-1840 or 1849, d. 6-aug-1869, p. william & a. higgins

HIGGINS, William
d. 26-oct-1877, a. 90y 5m 12d

Children were: Mary HIGGENS, Elisha HIGGENS.

bulletNancy HIGHFIELD.

She was married to Benoni MCRAVEN ALSO MCCRAVIN 6 APR 1825 [bond date] in Rockingham County NC. (198)

bullet Sarah HIGHMAN(199) (200) was born about 1823.(199)

Children were: Nancy Jane ALLISON, Mary A ALLISON, Abigail ALLISON.

bulletMary Kathryn HILAKOS(66) was born on 11 Sep 1935.

She was married to Millard G. COX on 25 Jun 1955. Children were: Gerald Lee COX, Michael Alan COX.

bullet HILD Parents: ERIC.

She was married to EYSTEIN I. Children were: HALFDAN II OF VESTVOLD .

bullet Princess of the Goths HILDE Parents: King of the Vandals HILDERICH.

She was married to King of Denmark PRODE VII. Children were: HALFDAN OF LETHRA .


She was married to Count of Vermandois HUBERT II . Children were: Count of Champagne ROBERT.


She was married to Count of Anjou Reigning in 987 FULK "THE BLACK". Children were: Emengarde FULK.

bullet HILDEGARDE Parents: Duke of Alemania GEROLD I.

She was married to King of France CHARLEMAGNE "THE GREAT" . Children were: King of France LOUIS I"THE PIUS" .

bullet Chief of the Frankish Tribes HILDERIC died diedin 223 after reigning 40 years. Parents: Chief of the Frankish Tribes SUNNO OR HUNNO .

Children were: BARTHERUS.

bulletKing of the Vandals HILDERICH died in 530. Parents: King of Spain HUNNERICH and 'The Younger' EUDOXIA .

Children were: Princess of the Goths HILDE.

bulletKing of Denmark Harold HILDESTAND died in 770. Parents: HAERIC OF LETHRA and AUDA.

Children were: HALFDAN.

bulletAnnaCatharine Elisabeth HILGENBOKER was born 24 December1786 in Rehme, Minden, Germany.

She was married to Karl Heinrich WICKENCAMP on 16 Mar 1814 in Rehme, Minden Germany. Children were: Anne Marie Christine WICKENCAMP, Johann Heinrich Ferdinand WICKENCAMP.

bullet David HILL Parents: Larry HILL and Dixie Isabelle BYRD.

bullet Larry HILL

Children were: David HILL.

bulletMary HILL.

Children were: Elizabeth ENLOES.

bulletOrrin Albert HILL was born on 30 Oct 1906 in Pekin, Tazewell Co., IL. He died on 2 Dec 1993 in Pekin, Tazewell Co., IL.

He was married to Audrey Nadine MONTGOMERY on 11 Jan 1947 in Havana, Mason Co., IL.

bullet Jane HILLIARD(14)

She was married to Stephen MCREYNOLDS on 23 Dec 1802 in Washington Co. Va..

bullet Allison HILLIS(29) was born in 1972.

bulletKing of the Visigoths HILPERICH. Parents: King of the Visigoths GUNDIOCH.

Children were: CHLOTILDA .

bulletWillima HINES(18) was born on 9 Jan 1880 in River John, Nova Scotia.

She was married to Henry Levett ZIMMERMAN on 4 Jul 1903 in Napa, CA.. Children were: Levett Holmes ZIMMERMAN.

bullet Viola HIPPLE

She was married to David MOSTELLER. Children were: Annette Gay MOSTELLER.

bullet Marie Therese HIRSCHUITZ

Children were: [Clara] Maria Hedwig NEUMANN.

bulletAnnie HIXON(12) was born on 5 Mar 1869 in Tn. She died on 1 Jan 1937 in Pikeville, Bledsoe Co. TN. She was buried in Wesley Chapel Cem. Pikeville, Bledsoe, TN..

She was married to Gather A. MCREYNOLDS in 1888 in Bledsoe, TN. Children were: William Alexander MCREYNOLDS, Margarett MCREYNOLDS , James Frazier MCREYNOLDS.

bullet Esther HOCH

Children were: John Hock SCHAEFFER.

bulletMary HOCH.

She was married to Jacob DEISHER on 10 Oct 1813 in Oley Twn. Berks Co. Pa.

bullet Sybilla HOCH was born in 1715. She died in 1803. Probable daughter of Rudolph Hoch. Nobody else has linked her to Rudolph; but she has the name, the age and in the right place

She was married to Johann Peter ROTHERMEL. Children were: Daniel H ROTHERMEL , Johann Peter H ROTHERMEL, Anna Margaret ROTHERMEL, Elizabeth ROTHERMEL , Esther ROTHERMEL, Barbara ROTHERMEL.

bullet Elizabeth HOCK

She was married to Conrad REIFF. Children were: Daniel H. REIFF.

bullet William HODGE

He was married to Josephine KROH on 27 Jul 1874.

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