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bullet Peggy HAWORTH was born on 26 Mar 1805 in Guilford Co., NC.

She was married to John JESTER on 1 Nov 1827.

bullet Rachel HAWORTH was born on 2 Jan 1810 in Guilford Co., NC.

She was married to Maikel JESTER on 13 Oct 1839 in Guilford Co., NC.

bullet Ada HAYES(61) was born on 23 May 1860 in Toledo, OH.

She was married to Ursina Keffer LOOSE on 31 Mar 1885 in Toledo, OH. Children were: Julia LOOSE.

bullet Esther HAYES(27)

bulletPolly HAYNES.

She was married to Joseph WALLACE on 11 Oct 1817 in Ohio, Kentucky. Children were: Hardin WALLACE, Arthur WALLACE, Charles H. WALLACE, Eviline W. WALLACE, Pendleton D. WALLACE, Lucy Ann WALLACE, Mary E. WALLACE, Henry Clay WALLACE, Nancy J. WALLACE, Malissa WALLACE, Jamimah WALLACE, Harriet WALLACE, Haynes WALLACE.

bullet Betsy HAYS(113)

Children were: Lucy COX, Eliza Jane COX, James COX, Harrison COX, Hamilton COX, Sarah COX, Nancy COX, Louellen COX.

bulletFrancis HAZELWOOD was born about 1857. Parents: Salmon HAZELWOOD and Louisa MCRAVEN ALSO MCCRAVIN.

bullet Louis HAZELWOOD was born about 1858. Parents: Salmon HAZELWOOD and Louisa MCRAVEN ALSO MCCRAVIN.

bullet Salmon HAZELWOOD was born abt1834.

He was married to Louisa MCRAVEN ALSO MCCRAVIN in Jul 1856. Children were: Francis HAZELWOOD, Louis HAZELWOOD, Sylvester HAZELWOOD.

bullet Sylvester HAZELWOOD was born about 1860. Parents: Salmon HAZELWOOD and Louisa MCRAVEN ALSO MCCRAVIN.

bullet Henry HEAD

He was married to Martha BRASELTON.

bullet Mary HEAD


bulletJames HEATH(41).

bulletThelma D. HEATH(2) died feb 11 1974 auto accident. (177)

She was married to Ronald Dale DEISHER in 1956.(177) Children were: Ronald Dale DEISHER, Rhonda Irene DEISHER, Donald Arthur DEISHER, James Randall DEISHER.

bullet Mary HEATHER

She was married to James MCREYNOLDS on 22 Jan 1782. Children were: Mary MCREYNOLDS .

bullet HEBER SCUTT Parents: SRUTH.

Children were: BEOUMAN.

bulletHECKMAN .

Children were: Gerald Owen CREEK.

bulletDebra Arleen HEDGE(60).

She was married to William Claude Arthur MURPHREE on 5 Apr 1978. Children were: Stephanie Michele MURPHREE, William Herbert Joseph MURPHREE, Robert Shawn MURPHREE .

bullet Eloise HEDGES(27)

bulletFranklin HEDRICK.

bulletHEDWIG OR LUDGARDE. Parents: King of Bavaria and Carinthia ARNULF.

She was married to Emperor of Germany OTTO "THE ILLUSTRIOUS". Children were: Emperor of Germany Henry THE FOWLER.

bullet George HEFFNER

bulletJacob HEFFNER.

bulletGordon HEIN(18).

He was married to Margaret Jean HARROLD in Oakland, CA..

bullet Gisela HEINRICH [NEELY](29) was born in 1950.

She was married to Jack Douglas PEPPER.


bulletElmer "Red" HEISLER.

bulletPeter HEITER.

bulletHELEN was born in 248. She died in 328. Parents: King of Colchester COEL and STRADA 'THE FAIR'.

She was married to Emperor of the Roman empire CONSTATINE CHLORUS. Children were: Emperor of the Roman Empire CONSTATINE "THE GREAT".

bullet HELENA Parents: ROMANUS I.

She was married to Emperor of Eastern Roman Empire CONSTANTINE VII. Children were: Emperor of the Eastern Empire ROMANUS II.

bullet King of the Britons HELI was born abt 130 B.C..

Children were: Chief of the Cantuevellani CASSIBILIAN.

bulletJames HELM(34).

He was married to Beverly Sue DEISHER in 1967. Children were: James Jr. HELM.

bullet James Jr. HELM(34) was born on 3 Feb 1971. Parents: James HELM and Beverly Sue DEISHER.

bullet King of Denmark 813-837 HEMING OF JUTLAND Parents: HALFDAN .

Children were: HAROLD of Jutland.

bulletPauline HEMPEL(84).

She was married to Jeffrey CUNNINGHAM on 28 Dec 1980 in Fargo, ND. (85)

bullet Junior HENDERSON(5) was born on 5 Aug 1931 in Randolph, Mississippi..

He was married to Carma Marie COX on 4 Apr 1953 in Pontotoc, Mississippi. (26)

bullet Winney HENDRICKS(117)

She was married to Ferny COX on 14 Nov 1866 in Posey Co., Ind. (118)


Children were: Prince of the Saxons HARTWAKE.

bulletMarilyn HENNEBERRY. Parents: Robert HENNEBERRY and Dorothy Ruth Elizabeth LANSDOWN.

Children were: Calvin ADOLPH.

Children were: Susan SMITH , Carla [twin] SMITH, Karen [twin] SMITH.

bulletRobert HENNEBERRY.

Children were: Marilyn HENNEBERRY .

bulletLucinda HENRICKS(114).

She was married to Joseph T COX on 15 Oct 1868 in Indiana. Children were: Elizabeth COX, Joseph COX.

bullet HENRY I KING OF ENGLAND Parents: Robert MEULLANT Count of Meullant and ELIZABETH.

He was married to Elizabeth BELLOMONT. Children were: Count of Muellant Robert DE MUELLANT Earl of Gloucester.

bullet HENRY I KING OF ENGLAND Parents: King King of England WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR and Countess of Flanders MATILDA .

He was married to MATILDA OF SCOTLAND. Children were: Matilda of Scotland.

bullet King of France HENRY I KING OF FRANCE Crowned in 1031. He died in 1060. He served in the military in With William Duke of Normandy 'defeated'. He was increased territory and power of France. Parents: King of France 996-1031 Robert CAPET KING OF FRANCE and Constance TAILLEFER.

He was married to ANNE. Children were: ADELA.

bullet Elizabeth E. HENSEN(12) was born on 8 Oct 1839 in Bledsoe, TN. She died on 16 Jun 1875 in Bledsoe, TN.

Children were: Charlie L. MCREYNOLDS, Joseph MCREYNOLDS, James MCREYNOLDS, Halley MCREYNOLDS.

bulletSheila Kay HENSLEY(2) was born on 22 Jul 1943. Parents: Sherman Lester DEISHER and Esther NEAD.

She was married to Stanley L ALFIELD on 25 Dec 1962 in Olney. Ill..(39)


Children were: AGNAN FIONN.


Children were: IRIAL FAIDH.

bulletHarrison H. HERMAN.

He was married to [Wilhemina] Caroline Louise MAX on 31 Dec 1908.

bullet David Lester HERRICK

Children were: Walter Grant HERRICK .

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