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bullet Teresa NORRIS(5) Teresa Norris was born in Died shortly after birth. She was buried in Walker Cemetary, Cooper Haymes Community, NW of Weiner, AR.
Parents: Ralph Eugene NORRIS and Sabra ROGERS.

bullet Virginia Mae "Ginna Mae" NORRIS(26) (5) was born on 11 May 1928. Virginia Mae (Ginna Mae) was born May 11, 1928. She married Alvin Adamson, a tall skinny readhead from Walnut Ridge, Arkansas. They spent most of their married life in the Harrisburg and Weiner areas before retiring to Sealy, Texas. They had four children, Earnest Shorty of Sealy, Texas; Larry Wayne of Poplar Bluff, Missouri, William Doyle of Holly Springs, Mississippi and Lula Jane Toot of Memphis Tennessee. They had 6 grandchildren. Ginna Mae was a housewife and waitress before she died of cancer in Sealy, Texas in September 1990. Alvin died in 1996 or 1997. Both are buried in Sealy, Texas.

Parents: Ernest NORRIS and Lucy COX.

Children were: Earnest "Shorty" ADAMSON, Larry Wayne ADAMSON, William Doyle ADAMSON, Lula Jane "Toot" ADAMSON.

bulletWalter NORRIS(26) (5).
Walter Norris was a. US Navy during Vietnam

Parents: Ernest NORRIS and Lucy COX.

He was married to Mary Kathryn on 8 Dec 1967.(26) Children were: Lucinda Ruth "Cindy" NORRIS, Kathryn Marie NORRIS.

bullet Janet Meek NORTHON(18) was born on 9 Jan 1922 in Oakland, CA.. She died on 15 Nov 1990 in Piedmont, CA..

She was married to Royal Sheldon , Jr. MILLIGAN on 16 Sep 1972 in Carmel, CA.

bullet Catherine Jenny NOYE(2) was born on 20 Nov 1996 in New Richmond, WI. Parents: John Joseph IV NOYE and Tammt Lynn SWENSON.

bullet Emily Linda NOYE(2) was born on 28 Nov 1999 in New Richmond, WI. Parents: John Joseph IV NOYE and Tammt Lynn SWENSON.

bullet Jamison Jon NOYE(2) was born on 15 Feb 1994 in New Richmond, WI. Parents: John Joseph IV NOYE and Tammt Lynn SWENSON.

bullet John III NOYE(2)

He was married to Carolyn Sue DEISHER in 1965 in Petaluma, CA. Children were: John Joseph IV NOYE, Kristi NOYE.

bullet John Joseph IV NOYE(2) was born on 29 Sep 1968 in Oxnard, CA. Parents: John III NOYE and Carolyn Sue DEISHER.

He was married to Tammt Lynn SWENSON on 24 Jul 1993 in Grantsburg, WI. Children were: Jamison Jon NOYE, Catherine Jenny NOYE, Emily Linda NOYE.

bullet Kristi NOYE(2) was born on 17 Apr 1970. Parents: John III NOYE and Carolyn Sue DEISHER.

She was married to Greg ANDERSON on 24 Aug 1996.

bullet NUADHAD Parents: NENUALL.

Children were: ALLODH.


Children were: AODH GLAS.

bulletNUMERUS JULIUS CAESAR was born about 310 B.C..


bulletElizabeth Lillian NUTT(18).

She was married to Herbert Frank , Jr. HARROLD. Children were: David Herbert HARROLD, Rhoda Elizabeth HARROLD , Jeanne Eleanor HARROLD.


She was married to Consul of the Roman Emperor MARK ANTHONY III. Children were: ANTONIA 'THE YOUNGER'.

bullet ODA

She was married to ARNOLDUS. Children were: Bishop of Metz in 613 ARNULF Duke of Austrasia and a Saint.

bullet Eleanor OF CASTILE Parents: King of Spain ST.FERDINAND and Countess of Ponthieu JOANA.

She was married to King of England Edward I. PLANTAGENT. Children were: Edmund of WOODSTOCK.

bullet OGHAMAN Parents: BEOUMAN.

Children were: TAIT.

bulletOLAF I. Parents: king of Sweden INGILD ILLRADE.

Children were: HALFDAN I Ruler of Vestvold.

bulletCzar of Russia OLGA was baptised 1st Russian leader to be baptized in into the Christian Faith but failed to establish in Russia. She was also known as St. Olga. She was canonized as a Saint and known as St. Olga.

She was married to Czar of Russia IGOR. Children were: Czar of Russia 964 SVATSLAF.




Children were: GIALLCHADH.

bulletAndrew Jackson OLLER was born on 14 Apr 1868.

He was married to Mary Elizabeth COX on 28 Jul 1889. Children were: David Minnous OLLER.

bullet David Minnous OLLER was born on 23 May 1890. He died on 10 Mar 1892. Parents: Andrew Jackson OLLER and Mary Elizabeth COX.

bullet Ascrida OPPLAND Countess of Oppland was born about 804 in Norway.

She was married to Eystien "Glumra" IVARSSON about 846. Children were: RONVALD I Earl of More & Romsdal .

bullet Charles [Jake] ORR(159)

He was married to Lucille Anna LEIPOLD on 17 Oct 1960. (160) Children were: Mary Louise ORR, Tommy T. ORR.

bullet Mary Louise ORR(159) Parents: Charles [Jake] ORR and Lucille Anna LEIPOLD.

She was married to Jack D. Jr. TOWNSEND on 17 Oct 1980.(160)

bullet Tommy T. ORR(159) was born on 13 May 1962. Parents: Charles [Jake] ORR and Lucille Anna LEIPOLD.

bullet Adam [Maus] ORT

bulletOSBURGH .

She was married to King of England AETHELWULF . Children were: King of England ALFRED "THE GREAT" .

bullet Peggy OSCHMAN(41)

She was married to Alvin Ray HUST on 19 Feb 1966.

bullet Craig Allen OSTENDORF(2)

He was married to Michelle Erlene POLSTON on 1 Nov 1985. Children were: Shane Michael OSTENDORF.

bullet Shane Michael OSTENDORF(2) was born on 22 Jun 1986. Parents: Craig Allen OSTENDORF and Michelle Erlene POLSTON.

bullet Arthur Wilhelm OSTENSON(1) was born on 13 Jan 1902 in McIntosh, MN. He died in Mar 1985 in Eureka, CA. [Brøderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 2, Ed. 4, Social Security Death Index: U.S., Social Security Death Index, Surnames from M through Z, Date of Import: May 20, 1997, Internal Ref. #]

Individual: Ostenson, A
Birth date: Jan 13, 1902
Death date: Mar 1985
Social Security #: 546-26-5217
Last residence: CA 95501
State of issue: CA

He was married to Elizabeth Ruth KROH on 10 Aug 1928 in Eugene, OR. Children were: Jack Keith OSTENSON.

bullet Jack Keith OSTENSON(1) was born on 20 Oct 1930 in Seattle, WA. He died on 12 Aug 1947 in Eureka, CA.. Parents: Arthur Wilhelm OSTENSON and Elizabeth Ruth KROH .

bullet Emperor of Germany OTTO "THE ILLUSTRIOUS" was held vast possessions in Westphalia. Parents: Markgraf of Saxony 840 LUIDOLF A Saxon Noble.

He was married to HEDWIG OR LUDGARDE . Children were: Emperor of Germany Henry THE FOWLER .


He was married to PAVIE. Children were: Count of Vermandois HUBERT IV.

bullet Eliza J. OVERSTREET(28) (29) was born in 1821. She died in 1905.

bulletPhyllis OVERTON(65).

Children were: Sharon Kay RENNER.

bulletDeana OWENS(2).

She was married to Ronald Dale DEISHER on 5 Jul 1980. Children were: Ronald Dale III DEISHER, Marcella Jean DEISHER , Nathan DEISHER, Nicole Lynn DEISHER.

bullet Bobby Ray PADGETT was born on 9 Sep 1932. He (or she) died on 11 Feb 1933. Parents: Lewis G. PADGETT and Jessie Lela MCRAVEN.

bullet Lewis G. PADGETT died on 13 Oct 1933.

He was married to Jessie Lela MCRAVEN on 25 Jun 1932. Children were: Bobby Ray PADGETT.

bullet PAGE

He was married to Mary CLEMENTS.

bullet Delene PAIGE(11) Parents: William PAIGE and Marcia Nan [Nan] POPPETT.

bullet Denise PAIGE(11) Parents: William PAIGE and Marcia Nan [Nan] POPPETT.

bullet Jon PAIGE(11) Parents: William PAIGE and Marcia Nan [Nan] POPPETT.

bullet William PAIGE(11)

He was married to Marcia Nan [Nan] POPPETT on 24 Aug 1955. Children were: Jon PAIGE, Denise PAIGE, Delene PAIGE.

bullet Cathy Rae PAINTER(175) was born on 6 Jun 1953. Parents: Howard PAINTER and Betty Arzelia HALL.

bullet Cecil PAINTER(149)

He was married to Emma Iva GRIGGS on 8 Jan 1925. (150)

bullet Daniel Allen PAINTER(175) was born on 16 Aug 1957. Parents: Howard PAINTER and Betty Arzelia HALL.

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