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bullet Charles Edward JONES.

He was married to Barbara Lou BRASELTON on 10 Dec 1988 in Folly Beach, SC. Children were: Charles Justin JONES.

bullet Charles Justin JONES was born on 20 Jun 1989 in Charleston SC. Parents: Charles Edward JONES and Barbara Lou BRASELTON.

bullet Dawn Dianne JONES(1) was born on 1 Dec 1941 in Spokane, WA.. Parents: Donald Lindley JONES and Mabel Lucille KROH.

She was married to Rodger Dee GREEN on 24 Jun 1960 in Spokane, WA. Children were: Rusan Pearl GREEN.

bullet Donald Lindley JONES(1) was born on 7 Mar 1911 in Midas, ID.

Children were: Dawn Dianne JONES , Garry Lynne JONES.

bulletDora Meome JONES(28) (29) was born in 1910.

bulletDorotha Jane JONES.

Children were: Jean E. MOGLE.

bulletGarry Lynne JONES(1) was born on 5 Apr 1943 in Spokane, WA.. Parents: Donald Lindley JONES and Mabel Lucille KROH.

bullet Jeff JONES(60)

He was married to Donna Irene MURPHREE on 10 Jun 1981.(156)

bullet Martha C. 'Mabs' JONES(28) (29) was born in 1837.

Children were: William MCRAVEN ALSO MCCRAVIN.

bulletNorman L JONES.

He was married to Pauline Marie PORTER in Seattle, Washington.

bullet Sandra JONES(34)

She was married to Donald Eugene DEISHER on 1 Sep 1968. Children were: Donald DEISHER, Matthew DEISHER, Robbie DEISHER.

bullet Gladys Mae JOPLIN

Children were: Jackie Ray MCREYNOLDS .

bulletBrenda Ann JORDAN was born on 6 Jul 1968 in upper Darby, PA. Parents: William N. JORDAN and Nora Mae CARROLL.

She was married to John Donald Jr. LAESSIG on 3 Aug 1996 in Church of the Savior, Wayne, PA.

bullet Timothy Norney JORDAN was born on 4 Mar 1966 in upper Darby, PA. Parents: William N. JORDAN and Nora Mae CARROLL.

He was married to Susan Marie GOULD on 20 May 1995 in St. Anastasia Ch., Newton Square, PA.

bullet William N. JORDAN was born on 8 Feb 1932 in Philadelphia. PA.

He was married to Nora Mae CARROLL on 17 Nov 1962 in 1st Bapt. Ch. of Newtoun Twp., PA. Children were: Timothy Norney JORDAN , Brenda Ann JORDAN.

bullet Lillian Harriet JORY(18) was born on 2 Feb 1871 in San Francisco, CA.

She was married to William Ellery BLAKE on 5 May 1891 in San Francisco, CA..

bullet JOYNER

She was married to Thomas JOYNER. Children were: Thomas JOYNER.

bullet Ann JOYNER died in 1782. She was born < 1726 in Southhampton County, Va. Parents: William JOYNER and Eleanor SMELLY.

She was married to William VICK before 1766. Children were: Mildred [Milly] VICK , Lewis VICK, Pilgrim VICK , Joshua VICK, Richard VICK , Giles VICK, Silas VICK , Sally VICK, Piety VICK .

bullet Lue Cindie JOYNER(26) (5) was born on 17 Mar 1879 in El Dorado, IL. She died on 15 Feb 1970 in Illinois. Lue Cindie Joyner
March 17, 1879 - Feb 15, 1970

Grandma was born Lue Cindie Joyner (Joiner) on March 17, (St. Patricks Day) 1879 in Omaha, Illinois. Grandma called herself many names. Most were nick names, and at different stages of her life she put her name down differently. (Lula in family Bible) , Lull (on marriage license) or Lulu (on her personalized return address label). When a grandchild named their daughter Lucinda, she told them that that was her name, Lue Cindie. Most of the people that remember her thought her name was Lue, or Lula. Her parents were James T. Joyner and Nancy Hargrove. She had an older brother named Archie (Joiner) Joyner and a younger 1/2 brother named Joseph Lamb. When she was very young, her father died. Her mother, unable to support herself and the children, had to give the children away to some one who could feed and clothe them. She was given to her Aunt and Uncle to be raised in Omaha, Illinois. What she remembered of her childhood, wasn’t very pleasant. She was made to work like a servant, even when she wasn’t very old. She never went to school consistently if at all. But she could read and write. Punishment was severe for any normal childhood misbehavior. The good memories she did recall was centered around fishing on the river in Omaha.
Grandma met Henry Cox, when she was a young teenager. How Grandma got from Omaha, Illinois to Arkansas is unknown. They married on March 3,1896, in Bono, Arkansas. She told a few people in the family that she lied about her age on their marrage license, and made herself a year older. She was really 15 going on 16 instead of 16 going on 17, and he was 23, as stated on their marriage records.
Grandpa (Henry) Cox rented or bought property. They had to grow everything they ate. Animals (cows, pigs, mules, and chickens) were a large part of every farm. They were needed for food, to help with the work, and sell for money. Land was turned into gardens by guiding a heavy plow behind a mule. Everything depended upon the weather. It is not known if he ever grew rice, but I don’t believe he did.
Grandpa and Grandma Cox soon started having children. First born was Luther on March 11, 1897. (Luther changed his name when he entered the army during W.W.I to Robert Luther) Known to the family as Uncle Bob. A second son was born on February 1, 1899, Lucian Monroe (Uncle Swad), who later called himself Alfred. Their first daughter, Pearly Lee was born on Feb 15, 1901. A set of twins girls were born (Aunt) Lucy and (Aunt) Luna on September 5, 1903. The children were all born in Bono, Arkansas. On March 1, 1904 Pearly Lee died and is buried in the Cox family plot in Trinity Cemetery in Bono, Arkansas close to Grandpa Alfred H. Cox.
After Pearly’s death, they move to the Weiner area. They had three more children, a son, Lumas Henry (John) was born November 19, 1906. Another daughter, Lillie was born on February 10, 1909, Walter Leroy (Grandpa Cox) was born September 30, 1912, and Martha Jane was born on February 14, 1917. All of these children were born in Weiner.
Grandpa (Henry) Cox had a childhood friend John Hughes who, rode his horse into Arkansas looking for him. He found the Cox’s in Bono before they moved. John Hughes’ family joined him in Arkansas. Shortly after his family arrived, John Hughes died. John’s son Guy married and had a daughter named Unimay (Hughes McKnight). Unimay thought our Grandpa (Henry) Cox was her grandfather, and can remember sitting on his lap when she was 5 years old. She and Grandpa (Walter) Cox were about the same age, and they used to try to push each other off Grandpa (Henry) Cox’s lap.
Grandpa (Henry) and Grandma Cox were Baptists and the went to church regularly. Grandpa (Henry) had a good voice and loved to sing. Grandpa (Henry) had several opportunities to work for the railroad and other places and did for short periods. But his love was his family and farm and he always preferred to stay close to them, even though they were very poor, and the jobs would give his family more possessions.
If there was a year that was particularly difficult for the Coxes it was 1920. On May 1, Martha Jane died. (Cause unknown). This was the second young girl that they lost. She is buried in Walker Cemetery, north of Weiner.
In September, Grandma was expecting another child any day. Then one of the farm animals, a mule got sick, and died. Back in those days, the farmer was the vet too. Grandpa (Henry) cut open the animal. He either cut himself or had a sore on his hand. The germ Anthrax (a deadly bacteria) had infected the animal causing it to be sick. The germ also entered Grandpa (Henry) Cox through the cut in his hand. Grandpa became very sick. Soon he was unable to get out of bed by himself. Knowing how deadly Anthrax was, made everyone afraid to touch him. Grandma knew that if she contacted the Anthrax, it would kill her and the baby she carried. In a matter of days, he became unable to shave himself. His friend and neighbor, Guy Hughes, risked his life shaving Grandpa. Guy cut himself with the straight razor he was shaving Grandpa with. He doused the cut with kerosene hoping to kill the germ. He didn’t come down with Anthrax.
Within the week of contracting Anthrax, Grandpa was dead. He died on September 6, 1920, and is buried at Walker Cemetery in the Cooper Haymes Community, northwest of Wiener, AR.
To compound the problem, Anthrax was such a deadly germ that the town sheriff went into the house and pulled everything out and burned all their belongings. Clothing, beds, bedding, sofa’s, chairs, everything. This was a drastic measure, but it was the only way ensured the safety of the rest of the family. No one else in the family came down with Anthrax. It was a strong woman that lived through that awful ordeal.
She had 7 children - at least 6 still living at home--and no means of making a living. Thank God she always kept a well stocked root cellar, and the years crop was already stored there. The children and herself had no clothing, no furniture, possibly no home, and no money. Being a widow with all those children, and pregnant must have been very difficult. The neighbors helped a lot.
There was no welfare and no place for a woman to find work. Lots of men couldn’t find jobs. Poverty was the way of life.
On September 11, 1920, their last child Cleopatra (Aunt Pat) was born. Around that same time, Luna was engaged to be married to Jim Wheaton and the wedding date was drawing close. The Hughes helped Grandma and (Aunt) Luna prepare for the wedding, with food and serving pieces. Weddings always took place at the bride’s home, and they hosted the party after. (Reception)
A few years, after Aunt Pat ‘s birth, Grandma moved the family from Weiner to Pitts which was close by. While living in Pitts, she met a man named John Moschenrose.
In her role as a mother, Grandma was strict, but kind. She was a good cook, and preserved everything they ate. She always (if possible) put on a large dinner. She would open jars of pickles, fruits, jelly’s that she would serve along with every meal. No one ever left her table hungry, if she could help it. She was best known for her chicken and dumplings and her peach or berry cobblers. Her children were devoted to her too. Even as adults, they always kept in contact with her and most of their vacations were to visit with their mother.
John Moschenrose and Lula Cox decided to integrate the two households, and they were married on December 22, 1923. After they were married she became Grandma Moschenrose. Almost all of the grandchildren knew her only by that name.

Stories from the Grandchildren

Grandma Moschenrose

Her grandchildren, thought Grandma Moschenrose was the greatest, kindest and best grandmother anyone could have. Her grandchildren loved to visit her. Sometimes during the summer when Grandma and Grandpa lived in Illinois, Grandma would fill (city water) her wash tub with water out in the back yard. The water would set out all day and be warmed by the sun. She would bathe the grandchildren out side in that tub of water. ( Bathing outside at home was forbidden, so it was really fun.) Most of the grandchild remember her washing her clothes outside, and hanging them to dry on a clothes line.
Joyce remembers: One time when we were visiting, Dad and Mom told me not to get dirty. Well, all the kids were running and playing. I started running with them, and slipped and fell down getting grass stain on my pants. Grandma was washing clothes, and saw what was going on. Grandma knew I would get a beating when my parents saw the grass stain, so she tried to wash it out, but it wouldn’t come out. So, I hid behind her until Grandma talked to Dad. When she was sure I wouldn’t get spanked. And I didn’t get spanked. Grandma was my hero....
One place she lived in Illinois, there was a hill that went down into a ditch before going out to the road. Someone got an idea to roll down the hill. The cousins played for hours just rolling down that big hill. The parents were not too happy, but Grandma smoothed it over for us.
She always wore an apron. Phillip gave Grandma a green apron every year on her birthday because her birthday was on St. Patrick’s day. She tried to wear it when Phil was around.
Every year grandma went back to Arkansas to see her children and grandchildren. Lucy, Lillie and John still lived in the Weiner area. She loved the visits and really hated to leave. She would be the grandchildren’s friend, and she would keep them from getting spankings from their parents. Grandma kept in touch with all of her children through letter writing. She always sent her grandchildren a card and a dollar for their birthday, until they got big.
Doris remembers some special times she spent with Grandma: Grandma and I used to make butter out of fresh cream from the cows. She would put the cream in a Ball jar used for canning and seal it tight and then we would shake it (at times it felt like forever), my arms about fell off. It was so good though. She also showed me how to can peaches at about age 4. Every peach was put in the jar perfect so it would look perfect. It took her only a few minutes to get the peaches in her jar, but it took me forever to get the peaches in my jar. The reward was when she said my jar of peaches was the prettiest.
I remember when all of us Grandma, Dad, Mom, Phil and myself, would go fishing on Sunday afternoons. The favorite fishing place was in Gorham, near Aunt Madas hotel. Phil always ended up falling in the water, or stepping in water. He tried harder and harder not to fall in the water, but was not successful. I don’t know if he ever caught a fish. Grandma loved to fish though.
After Grandpa’s death, she moved to Marshall to be close to Joe and Evelyn. She had a great influence on Philip. They went to church every Sunday. She really loved the Lord. Philip is now a minister.

She was married to Henry COX on 3 Mar 1896 in Bono, AR..(26) Children were: Luther [Robert] COX, Lucien Alfred (Swad) COX , Pearly Lee COX, Lucy COX , Luna COX, Lumus Henry COX , Lillie R. COX, Walter Leroy COX, Cleopatra COX.

bullet Thomas JOYNER was born on 14 Nov 1619 in Bere Regis, Dorset, England. He emigrated in 1646 from to Northampton, Va. He died on 21 May 1698 in Isle of Wright County, Va. Parents: Thomas JOYNER and JOYNER.

Children were: William JOYNER.

bulletThomas JOYNER was born before 1600 in Bere Regis, Dorset, England.

He was married to JOYNER. Children were: Thomas JOYNER.

bullet William JOYNER died in 1758 in Southhampton County, Va. He was born in Isle of Wright County, Va. Parents: William JOYNER and Mary BODY.

Children were: Ann JOYNER.

bulletWilliam JOYNER was born in 1658 in Isle of Wright County, Va. He died on 21 May 1698 in Isle of Wright County, Va. Parents: Thomas JOYNER .

He was married to Mary BODY. Children were: William JOYNER.

bullet De Bretagne JUDITH OF BRITTANY of Brittany was born in 982. She died on 16 Jun 1017.

She was married to Duke of Normandy RICHARD II "LE BON". Children were: Duke of Normandy ROBERT II "THE MAGNIFICENT".

bullet Princess JUDITH OF FRANCE

She was married to Count of Flanders BALDWIN I. Children were: Count of Flanders BALDWIN II.

bullet JUDITH Parents: Earl of Huntingdon WALTHEOF and JUDITH.

She was married to Ralph DE TOENI Lord of Flamstead. Children were: Roger DE TOENI AND CONCHES.

bullet JUDITH

She was married to Earl of Huntingdon WALTHEOF . Children were: JUDITH.

bullet JUDITH Parents: Count of Altorf ETICHO.

She was married to King of France LOUIS I"THE PIUS". Children were: Emperor of Eastern Roman Empire LOUIS "THE GERMAN".

bullet Marietta JUDSON(18)

She was married to William Allen BAXTER on 6 Jun 1940 in San Francisco, CA..


She was married to Marcus ATTIUS BALBUS . Children were: ATTIUS BALBUS.

bullet John JUSTICE

Children were: Sarah JUSTICE.

bulletSarah JUSTICE was born between 1745 and 1752. She died after 1826 in Fredrick Co.Md. Parents: John JUSTICE and Elizabeth.

She was married to John BRASELTON between 1769 and 1771 in Fredrick Co.Md. Children were: Phebe BRASELTON, Jane BRASELTON, John BRASELTON, Margaret BRASELTON, Elizabeth BRASELTON, Lydia BRASELTON.

bullet Gary Lee KAHN was born on 10 Dec 1949 in VA Mason Hospital Seattle Wash. Parents: Harold KAHN and Lois Mae WICKENCAMP .

bullet Harold KAHN

He was married to Lois Mae WICKENCAMP on 25 Mar 1945 in Seattle, Washington. Children were: Penny Sue KAHN, Gary Lee KAHN.

bullet Penny Sue KAHN was born on 20 Feb 1946 in Vancover Gen. BC. Parents: Harold KAHN and Lois Mae WICKENCAMP.

She was married to David R. WHEELER on 28 Nov 1964 in Seattle, Washington.

bullet Adrienne KALVIG was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Parents: Paul G. CARBERRY and Janice KALVIG.

bullet Janice KALVIG

She was married to Paul G. CARBERRY in 1980 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Children were: Adrienne KALVIG, Matthew CARBERRY, Ashleigh CARBERRY.

bullet Hazel KAMP(38) was born on 28 Nov 1913 in Wabash County Mt.Carmel, Illinois. Parents: Henry J. KAMP and Lula [Lulu May DEISHER.

bulletHenry J. KAMP(38).

He was married to Lula [Lulu May DEISHER on 4 Nov 1912 in Wabash County Mt.Carmel, Illinois.(53) Children were: Hazel KAMP.

bullet Francis I. KARNS was born on 3 Oct 1852 in Crawford Co. Ind. Parents: Henry KARNS and Martha Charlotte [Patsy] MCCLAIN .

bullet Henry KARNS was born on 13 Feb 1813 in Tennesse. He died on 12 Jun 1886 in Hartshorne, Oklahoma. He was buried in Hartshorne, Oklahoma. Children
Minerva Jane Karnes b: 4 APR 1838 in Crawford County, IN
William Anderson Karnes b: 16 JUN 1839 in Crawford County, IN
Sarah Elizabeth Karnes b: 14 DEC 1840 in Magnolia, Crawford , IN
Henry Jack Karnes b: 14 JUN 1842 in Crawford County, IN
Joseph N. Karnes b: 6 NOV 1843 in Crawford County, IN
Jessie Scott Karnes b: 1 JUL 1845 in Crawford County, IN
Mary Ann Karnes b: 14 SEP 1847 in Crawford County, IN
Margaret G. Karnes b: 14 AUG 1850 in Crawford County, IN
Francis I. Karnes b: 3 OCT 1852 in Crawford County, IN
Nancy E. Karnes b: 14 JUN 1854 in Crawford County, IN

He was married to Martha Charlotte [Patsy] MCCLAIN on 22 Mar 1837 in Knox County, Tennessee. Children were: Minerva Jane KARNS, William Anderson KARNS, Sarah Elizabeth KARNS, Henry Jack KARNS, Joseph N. KARNS, Jessie Scott KARNS, Mary Ann KARNS, Margaret G. KARNS, Francis I. KARNS, Nancy E, KARNS.

bullet Henry Jack KARNS was born in Jun 1842 in Crawford Co. Ind. Parents: Henry KARNS and Martha Charlotte [Patsy] MCCLAIN .

bullet Jessie Scott KARNS was born on 1 Jul 1845 in Crawford Co. Ind. Parents: Henry KARNS and Martha Charlotte [Patsy] MCCLAIN .

bullet Joseph N. KARNS was born on 6 Nov 1843 in Crawford Co. Ind. Parents: Henry KARNS and Martha Charlotte [Patsy] MCCLAIN .

bullet Larry Kent KARNS(2)

He was married to Lorena Alene DEISHER on 3 Sep 1971.

bullet Margaret G. KARNS was born on 14 Aug 1850 in Crawford Co. Ind. Parents: Henry KARNS and Martha Charlotte [Patsy] MCCLAIN .

bullet Mary Ann KARNS was born on 16 Sep 1847 in Crawford Co. Ind. She died on 28 Apr 1930 in died of gal bladder disease. Mary Ann Wheeler born Sept 16 1847 in Ind died April 28 1930 at 4PM from careworen gall bladder. Father Henry Karnes born Ind. filed May 1 1930 buried April 30 1930 Dr. OT Brazelton
1910 census says mother and father born in Tennessee
Parents: Henry KARNS and Martha Charlotte [Patsy] MCCLAIN.

She was married to Charles Wesley WHEELER on 13 Mar 1867. Children were: Florence WHEELER, William WHEELER, Issac W. WHEELER, Henry Wesley WHEELER, Mary Maude WHEELER, James Floyd WHEELER, David Bengion WHEELER, Luetta WHEELER, Nellie Gwendelyn WHEELER.

bullet Minerva Jane KARNS was born on 4 Apr 1838 in Crawford Co. Ind. Parents: Henry KARNS and Martha Charlotte [Patsy] MCCLAIN .

bullet Nancy E, KARNS was born on 14 Jun 1854 in Crawford Co. Ind. Parents: Henry KARNS and Martha Charlotte [Patsy] MCCLAIN .

bullet Sarah Elizabeth KARNS was born on 14 Dec 1840 in Magnolia, Crawford Co. Ind. Parents: Henry KARNS and Martha Charlotte [Patsy] MCCLAIN.

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