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d.1788 FredrickCo.Md.
We now have a genealogist in Salt Lake City, Utah workinf on more
information on this John Brazelton and his wife. The Mormans[The
Church of Latter Day Saints] have the Genealogical set-up which is
the biggest in the world. They have copied genealogical records in
every state of the USA and also in England and Wales.
We have not yet been able to verify it but the story which appears
to be most correct is that Brazelton was originally French Hugenots
with the name of Braseltoin. They are said to have fled to Wales
to escape religious persecution.
John Brazelton is said to have come to Baltimore around 1830. He was
thought to have been a carpenter. A lady in east Tennessee said that
Braselton's there for many years had John Brazelton's carpenter's
chest and that an escutcheon on the chest or copy of it was sent to
a Mr. Samuel Braselton. This may have been the Samuel Braselton who
lived in Gibson Co. Indiana years ago.
This John Brazelton moved to Frederick County, Maryland in 1746 and
bought land there on Hans? branch of little Pipe Creek near the small
town of Union Bridge, Maryland. It appears also he was probably a
Welsh Baptist.

John Brazelton and Matilda Crawford had seven children:
1. William Brazelton        married              Sarah Shepherd
   b.1734                                        b.
   d.                                            d. 1830
This William became a Quaker. He is said to have gone to school in
Philadelphia and became a Quaker in Pennsylvania. The family moved
from Maryland to Guilford County,NC and from there to East Tennessee
mainly Jefferson County.. From there most of them migrated to Ohio,
Indiana, Illinois, and the West.
2. Elizabeth Brazelton      married              Williams and moved
to Kentucky                              
3. John Brazelton           married              Sarah Baker
   d. Killed by Indians on Bear Grass Creek in Kentucky near Harrodsburg
            They had children
4. Anne Brazelton           married              Isaac Brown
       Moved to Kentucky
5. Esther Brazelton         married              William Metcalfe
   b.July 24,1748                               [who came from England]
  They first went to NC and finally settled in Shelby Co. Kentucky.
  They had ten children.
6. Isaac Brazelton          married              Mary
   b. 1735
   They had children.
   Isaac inherited land from his father and lived in Maryland until
   around 1879. Isaac and his brother John lived in Mercer County,
   Madison County, and Washington County Kentucky.
7. Jacob Brazelton Sr.      married 1772         Hannah Greene
   b. 1749 Frederick Co.Md.                      b. April 8,1757 Md.
   d.July 6,1835 Jackson Co.Ga.                  d.November11,1832
                                                   Jackson Co.Ga.
   Jacob lived in Frederick Co. Md. until about the time of the death
   of his father in 1788. Jacob then moved to Granville Co.NC where
   he lived for several years.
   From Granville, Co. he moved to the Pendleton District of SC in what
   is now Anderson Co. From Anderson Co. he moved to Jackson Co. Ga. He
   seemed to have lived for many years in Anderson Co.
   The marriage records for the five years around 1772 for Frederick Co.
   Md. have been lost or destroyed and we are still trying to find out
   more about Hannah Greene and her parents.
   Children of Jacob and Hannah are:
   A. John Braselton        married           1st  Elizabeth Brown
      b.Frederick Co.Md.                    [daughter of Rev.David Brown]
        December 27th,1774                         [of Pennsyvania]
      d. Gibson Co. Ind.                      2nd Margaret [Pegy] Evans
        July 30th,1850                            b.1781
   B. Elizabeth Braselton   married            James Brown
      b.November 5th,1775                      Pendleton District,SC
        Frederick Co.Md.
      d.June 23rd,1805 in SC
   C. Henry Braselton        married                Lydia Ledbetter
      b. April 4th,1777 MD.                       b.1780 in Caswell Co.NC
      d. 1851 Madison Co.Ala.                     d. June 22nd,1847 in
                                                    Madison Co.Ala.

   D. William Brazelton      married             Esther Porter Keith
      b. March 26th,1779 NC                          b.1757 Pendleton Dist.SC
      d.Dec.13th,1858 Franklin Co.Tn.                d.Sept.20,1840
                                                       Franklin Co. Tn.
   E. Hannah Braselton        married             Ezekial Putnam
      b.June 24th,1781
   F. Mary Braselton          married                Mr.Wilson
      b. Feb.21st,1783
   G. Jacob Braselton Jr.     married                Mary Brice
      b. March 17,1785                               b. 1787
      d. Nov.17,1849                                 d. March 23, 1856
   H. Green Braselton    never married
      b. Dec. 5,1796
      d. Oct. 15,1820 It is said he died from a fall down the stairs
         where a new house was being built.
   I. Reuben Braselton        married                Elizabeth Stovall
      b. Dec. 30,1798                                b. abt.1796 Hall Co.Ga.
      d. Jan.1844 Pendergrass, Ga.                   d. May 21,1888
      Reuben was the ancestor of Mr. Hubert T. Braselton of Corsicana,Tx.-
      who is interested in publishing the Braselton genealogy book.
      Most of Reubens children went to Texas.Particularly to Parker County
      of which Weatherford is the county seat. It is near Fort Worth where
      other Braseltons lived.
      I had an uncle, Dr. Walter Wood-a denist-who spent his mature life
      in Parker Co. It seems some of Hubert's relatives persuaded him to
      move there.
   J. Daniel Braselton    married abt.1821           Mary Van Zant
      b. Nov.1790                                    b. NC 1801                                  
      d. after 1870
   K. Jobe Green Braselton married            Sally or Sarah Doughty[Dowdy]
      b. Dec.30,1792 Pendleton Dist.SC               b.SC Oct.15,1808
      d. June 16,1852 Hall Co.Ga.                    d.July 26,1852                                                      Jackson Co. Ga.

Their only son 1.William Harrison Braselton married Dec.11,1867 Susan Frances Hosch b.Jackson Co. Ga. b.July 11,1747 d.Nov.26,1896 [must mean 1847]Jackson Co.Ga. d.Jan.3,1929 in Braselton, Ga. "Harrison" and his wife had 3 sons and a daughter. His sons were Henry, Green, and John-the founders of the Braselton Bros. Store at Braselton Ga. The Hosch Brothers at Gainsville who had a wholesale drygoods business were double first cousins with the 3 Braselton brothers. Their mother, Angeline Braselton, a sister of Harrison Braselton, married William H. Hosch-a brother of Susan Frances Hosch. My mother's grandfather was Jobe Braselton. She was a first cousin of both the Braselton brothers and the Hosch brothers. John Braselton and his first cousin John Hosch both attended the Eastman Business College in Poughkeepsie, NY and were excellent business men. L. Rebecca Braselton married Morris Brazil b. Oct.29,1799 in Pendleton District SC M. Amos Braselton married Elizabeth McMillan b. May 17,1797 b. May 30,1803 d.March 9,1875 d. July 16,1867 N. Sarah Braselton married April 25,1830 Hugh L. Bell b. Oct.29.1799 b.Jackson Co.Ga. Pendleton Dist.SC d. Feb.27,1832 d. Feb.22,1832 All the Braselton brothers who started their own store are now dead, all the Hosch brothers in Gainesville are ow dead except Lester who must be going on toward 90 years old. LINE OF JOHN BRASELTON-THE OLDEST SON OF JACOB & HANNAH GREENE BRASELTON This John born in 1774 moved first to Elizabethtown, Kentucky [Hardin Co.] where he stopped and made a crop. In the fall of 1808 he and his wife moved to Gibson Co.Indiana and located in the Pigeon Grove settlement. He was a farmer and was one of the early Justice of the Peace. His grandson said that most of his descendants lived in Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio. Gibson Co. Census-1850 John Braselton-age 76-farmer-born in Maryland Wife-Margaret[Peggy]-age 69 John died the year this census was taken Children of John Brazelton and his first wife Elizabeth Brown 1. David Braselton-born 1797-died 1819-married Elizabeth Prince Apr.4,1816 2. Jacob Braselton-born 1800-married Mary H. Hogue Sept.22,1825 3. Jane Braselton-born 1806-married Amesa D. Foster May 3.1821 4. William Braselton-born 1803-died 1828-married Priscilla Hollis Sept.16,1827 5. Hannah Braselton-born 1806-married Samuel Tribble Oct.6,1825 6. John Braselton-born March 8.1808 [father of Samuel F. Braselton] 7. James E. Braselton-born 1820-died 1871[from Ruth Ann Braselton: I wonder if this date of birth should be 1810, since the belw dates are from 2nd wife] From a letter written around 1808 a son of the above James Braselton: "My Uncle John has 4 boys and lives in Princeton, Indiana. My Uncle David has 2 grandsons living in Evansville, Ind. My Uncle Jacob has 3 sons living in Monmouth, Indiana." Children Of John Braselton who married 2nd Margaret [Peggy] Evans May 8,1811. b. 1774 b. 1781 d.July 30,1850 d. 1852 1. Elizabeth Braselton-born 1812-died 1838 2. Mary-born 1814 3. Margaret-born 1816-died 1859-married Felix Milburn Oct. 30,1833 4. Eleanor-married Preston Sellers Oct.8,1836 5. George-born 1821-died 1825 6. Charles-born 1824-died 1861-married Nancy Sellers Line of John Braselton-born 1808-married Jan.1,1821 Nancy Colvin b. March 8,1808 b. Feb.17,1814[book says Elizabethtown, Kentucky June 17]New Harmony, Indiana d. Gibson Co.Indiana d. Aug.2,1887 Gibson Co. This John was said to be a wagon Maker in his earlier life, but later followed farming.[John Braselton, kept a tavern or half-way house, as they were known then. He died Sept.3,1887, and Nancy died Feb.3,1887 according to the book. Politically, John was first a Whig and then a republican. He was also a school director and took a great inteest in public affairs.] Their Son: Samuel F. Braselton married Oct.10,1878 Clara Kurtz b.Oct.12.1844 [I have Oct.22] dau.of William and Wayne Co. Ill. Indiana Kurtz Samuel served in the 20th Regiment, Indiana Voluntary Infantry, in the Civil War.[I have photocopy of write up and picture of him from book on Gibson Co.Indiana.] In 1875 he engaged in the tin and stove business. Later he was in the monument manufacturing business for 27 years. Their children were: 1. Edgar K. Braselton-a graduate of Purdue University 2. Edith-a teacher in the public schools of Princeton, Indiana 3. Daisy Dean-a teacher in the public schools of Indianapolis,Ind. 4. Paul Braselton-still living in Owensville[This is wrong Samuel only had three children and Paul is the son of Jacob and Louella] Other Braseltons living in Gibson County, Indiana in 1975 were: 1. Charles Jacob Braselton-RR#3 Owensville[This is my father-in-law] 2. Chester Braselton-Hillcrest Addn.Owensville[1st cousin of father- in-law] 3. Fred Braselton-216 W. Prince St.Princeton[????]


As copied by Miss Margaret A. Troutman, Princeton, Indiana.

David Brazelton        to  Elizabeth Prince            April 4, 1816
John Brazelton         to  Nancy Colvin                January 1, 1821
Jane Brazelton         to  Amasa D. Foster             May 3, 1821
Jacob Brazelton        to  Mary H. Hogue               Sept. 22, 1825
Hannah Brazelton       to  Samuel Tribble              Oct. 6, 1825
William Brazelton      to  Priscilla Hollis            Sept. 16, 1827
David B. Brazelton     to  Catherine Ferguson          Jan. 15, 1829
Pricilla Brazelton     to  Samuel A. Hogue             June 14, 1831
Elizabeth Brazelton    to  Casey Milburn               Aug. 25, 1831
Peggy Brazelton        to  Felix Milburn               Oct. 30, 1833
Eleanor Brazelton      to  Preston Sellers             Oct. 8, 1836
Polly Brazelton        to  Thomas Burket               Feb. 20, 1839
Louisa Brazelton       to  Samuel F. Wilson            Dec. 26. 1843
Margaret Brazelton     to  John Holbrooks              Sept. 16, 1849
Fargason Brazelton     to  Martha Jane Sanders         March 30, 1855
Sevilla Braselton      to  Albert McClure              March 6, 1856
Elizabeth Braselton    to  David S. Martin             Feb. 22, 1859
James W. Brazelton     to  Lettia Ann Hall             March 6, 1856
John W. Braselton      to  Susanna Woods               June 6, 1863
Mary E. Braselton      to  Thomas J. Hall              April 9, 1864
John R. Brazelton      to  Cordelia Milburn            Aug. 19, 1868
Margery E. Braselton   to  Samuel A. Muir              May 27, 1868
T. C. Brazelton        to  Catherine P. Weight         Oct. 25, 1868
Thomas C. Braselton    to  Mariah L. Adams             Feb. 14, 1867
Mary E. Brazelton      to  George W. Pinney            Sept. 16, 1868
Elizabeth Braselton    to  Samuel H. Woods             Sept. 30, 1874
Samuel F. Braselton    to  Clara Kurtz                 Oct. 10, 1878
Jacob H. Braselton     to  Luella E. Woods             May 2, 1880
Rachel J. Braselton    to  Thomas J. Anderson          Sept. 5, 1880
George M. Braselton    to  Annie Whitaker              Sept. 18, 1884
Rosa Braselton         to  Daniel Spore                March 22, 1890
Ettie J. Braselton     to  Thomas F. Bryant            Feb. 5, 1891
John O. Braselton      to  Laura B. Kendle             July 19, 1891
Estella Braselton      to  Henry B Neville             May 3, 1895
Florence Braselton     to  Wm. E. Hawkins              Jan. 16, 1905
Arville Brazelton      to  Lillis Slinker              Sept. 6, 1911
Lester Braselton       to  Zena Ethel Turpen           Sept. 21, 1912
Clifford M. Braselton  to  Nellie Wheeler              Dec. 8, 1917
John C. Brazelton      to Lathena E. Wallace           Oct. 31, 1918

Jacob Braselton, born June 27,1749 in Frederick County, Maryland, 
changed the spelling of his name from Brazelton to Braselton. Yet
descendants of some of his brothers use the spelling Brazelton.


an article in the Atlanta,Ga.Journal of Wed.Dec.10,1958.
Seventy-one years ago John Braselton, a sickly sad-eyed boy of eight came 
out of the cotton fields to open a nickel and dime store.
Field hands from his father's farm, he had noticed were walking to Hoschton
for snuff, cheese and soda crackers. Young John cut a doorway in a six
by eight foot piano box, but in stock valued at $3.50 and began selling
for a profit.
This year (1958) Braselton Brothers will do business totaling more than
a million and one-half dollars. Things other than snuff, cheese, and
crackers will have been sold. Things like:
Fully financed homes of the Braselton Improvement Company.
Groceries from the Braselton Commission Company
Dry Goods from a corporation simply termed Braselton Brothers General
Under one roof there is a department store, a super market, a hardware
store, and a bank.(Braseton Banking Company of course) Seven Braselton
boys masterminded the big trading company operation in this Jackson
County farming section. All are sons of the founders.
At the age of 9 and 13, John and Green Braselton, the original founders
walked to Gainesville, 20 miles away, and into a bank presided over by
a Col. Sanders. "Colonel" said young John, "I want to borrow some money."
He told the story of his small store, how his brother had come in to 
help, and his plans for expansion. The old banker was taken in by the
Braselton brass and ordered a cashier to bundle up the money. "You'll
never see it again." a cashier told his boss. In a year the Braseltons
were back, carrying a gunny sack loaded with nickels, dimes, quarters,
and half-dollars. "Count it" Col. Sanders said to the cashier, watching
as $2,0000.00 went into the till.
To draw shoppers, the sons of the original founders decided on a modern
supermarket. They opened such a store in 1955, asking the Georgia
highway patrol to help with the traffic. The troopers laughed, thinking
of small town Braselton, but the grins faded when they had to direct
more than 4,000 cars in and out of a parking lot onto the highway.