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This is a direct line of Charles Jacob Braselton Jr. 
taken out of the book ( Barber "Grandparents" 125 Kings 143 Generations) 
by Ted B. Bernard, Ph.D and wife Gertrude Barber Bernard.

1.Charles Jacob Braselton Jr. born 5-27-1940 son of:

2. Charles Jacob Braselton born 5-21-1920 and Marjorie Pauline Robinson  
   son of:3

3.Clifford Milton Braselton born 1-30-1885 son of:4

4.Jacob Henry Braselton born 6-16-1854 son of:5

5.John Braselton Jr. born 3-8-1808 in Gibson Co.Ind. son of:6

6.John Braselton Sr. born 2-27-1774 son of:7

7.Jacob Braselton, born 6-27-1749, and Hannah Green, born 4-8-1757 in  
  Culpepper Co.Virginia married in 1772. Hannah was the daughter of:8

8.Ann Willis Green born in Virginia on November 11,1734, a twin to  
  Lewis Willis, Ann married Duff Green in 1756. Ann was the daughter of:9

9.Mildred WAshington Willis and Henry Willis, Mildred was a sister
  to Augustine Washington, which made her an aunt to the first
  president of the United States. She was the Daughter of:10

10. Lawrence Washington born at Bridges Creek about 1659 and 
  Mildred Warner born about 1690. Lawrence was son of:11

11.John Washington born about 1634; came to America about 1656, 
   and Ann Pope. John was son of:12

12.Rev. Lawrence Washington and Amphillis Twigden married 
   April of  1633. He was fifth son of:13

13.Lawrence Washington and Margaret Butler Of Tighes,
   Sussex, married on 8-3-1588. Lawrence was son of: 14a. 
   And Margaret was daughter of: 14b

14a.Robert Washinton of Sulgrave and Elizabeth Light,
    an heiress, in 1565: Son of: 15a.

14b.William Butler Of Tighes,Sussex, son of: 15b

15a.Lawrence Washinton and Amy Pargiter. Lawrence was the son of:16a

15b.Margaret Sutton, Heiress of Aston-le-Walls, married John Butler
    son of Ralph Butler of Sawridgeworth, Herts. She was daughter of:16b

16a.John Washington and Margaret Kitson,daughterof Robert Kitson of  Warton.
    John was the son of:17a

16b.Sir John Sutton, Lord of Aston-le-Walls, and Dudley, living in 1541.
    He was son of:17b

17a.Robert Wessyngton,"Robert Washington of Warton",and Elizabeth Westfield.
    He was the son of:18a

17b.Edward Sutton, Baron of Dudley, gave Aston-le-Walls to his brother John,
    died in 1531. Son of:18b and18c

18a.Robert Wessyngton Of Warren,named in records of 1437. Son of:19b

18b.Edmond Sutton,patron of Aston-le-Walls Rectory. Son of:19a

18c.Joyce Tiptoft, daughter of 19c

19a.John De Sutton, Baron of Dudley and Elizabeth Berkley of noted ancestry:
     born in 1406 and died in 1487, son of:20a

19b.Robert Wessyngton,Succeeded to his father's estate of Tuwhitfiled, 
    mentioned in records of 1450 and 1460, died in 1483. He was son of 20b.

19c.Sir John Tiptoft, son of,20e, and Joyce Charlton daughter of 20c and 20d

20a.John De Sutton, Lord of Dudley and Constance Blount. 
    John was son of: 21a

20b.John Wessyngton and ?? Lawrence, he went with King Henry V 
    to France and was wounded at te Battle of Agincourt on 10-25-1415. 
    He was son of 21b

20c.Eleanor Holland, died in 1405, daughter of 21e

20d.Sir Edward Charlton, Baron of Powys,died in 1421, son of 21c

20e.Sir Paine De Tiptoft son of 21d

21a.John De Sutton, Lord of Dudley. Son of 22a

21b.John Wessyngton, first of the family to drop the de from his name, 
    married Joan, an heiress of the Croft Family, through this marriage 
    he came in the possession of Tuwhitfield which is now a village 
    north of Cranforth. They are mentioned in records of 1382,1400,
    and 1403, soon after which Joan died and Joan is mentioned as a 
    widow in 1408. He is son of 22c

21c.John De Charlton, son of 22d, and Joan Stafford, Daughter of 22b

21d.Sir John De Tipoft,son of 22e

21e.Thomas Holland, Earl of Kent, married Alice, daughter of Richard , 
    Earl of Arundel.He was son of 23b

22a.John De Sutton, Lord of Dudley, married Catherine Clinton. 
    He was son of 23a

22b.Margaret Audley married Ralph, Lord of Stafford. She was daughter of 23c

22c.John De Wessyngton married Alianore de Warton who was alive in 1386. 
    John is mentioned in records of 1352 and 1369.he was son of 23d

22d.Maud De Martimer married John, Baron of Charleton. She was daughter 
    of 23e

22e.Ann De Roos married Sir Paine de Tibetot. She was daughter of 23f

23a.John De Sutton, Baron of Dudley, married Isabel de Charleton. 
    He was son of 24a

23b.Joan,married Sir Thomas Holland, Earl of Kent, she was daughter of 24b

23c.Margaret De Clare married Hugh Audley, Earl of Gloucester. 
    She was daughter of 24c

23d. Robert De Wessyngton married Agnes, daughter of Randle le  Gentyl. 
     Robert was son of 24d

23e. Joan De Genevill married Roger de Mortimer, Earl of March.  
     She was the daughter of 24e

23f.William De Roos son of 24d and 24f

24a.Margery De Somery,  heiress of Barony of Dudley, married 
    John de Sutton. She was daughter of 25a

24b.Edmund Woodstock, Earl of Kent, born 8-5-1301, married 
    Margaret, daughter of John, Lord of Wake. He was son of 25b and 25c.

24c.Gilbert De Clare, Earl of Herts and Gloucester, married 
    Princess Jane or Joan. he was son of 452

24d.Robert De Wessyngton, Lord of Milleburne, married Joan de  
    Strickland. He was son of 25d.

24e.Piers De Genevill, of Trim Castle. He was son of 25f

24d.Robert De Roos, son of 25g.

24f.Isabel De Albini, daughter of 25h.
25a.Rogery De Somery, Baron of Dudley, parents not known, 
    descendant of famous Norman family

25b.Edward I. Plantagenet, King of England, son of 26a.

25c.Eleanor of Castile daughter of 26b

25d.John De Wessyngton married Elizabeth Burnsheved about 
    1260. He was son of 26d.

25e.Richard De Clare, Earl of Clare born in 1222,son of 26c,
    married, Maud De Lace, daughter of 26e.

25f.Geoffrey De Genvill of Trim Castle, Ireland, son of 26f.

25g.William De Roos married Lucie Fitz Piers. He was son of 26g.

25h.William De Albini son of 26h.

26a.Henry III King of England married Eleanor of Provence. 
    He was son of 27a.

26b.St. Ferdinand, King of Spain, married Joana, Countess of 
    Ponthieu, descendent of Sancho III, of Navarre, Emperor 
    of Spain in 1000.       Parents not known

26c.Gilbert De Clare, Earl of Clare, Signer of the Magna Charta, 
    died in 1230, married Isabel Marshall. He was son of 27d,
    She was daughter of 27c.

26d.Sir Walter De Wessyngton married Diana Dilston. 
    He was in Battle of Lewes in 1264, and son of 27e.

26e.Margaret De Quincy married John de Lacie, Earl of Lincoln,
    signer of the Magna Charta, died in 1240. Daughter of 27f

26f.Maud De Lacie married Peter de Geneva of Trim Castle. 
    She was daughter of 27g.

26g.Isabel, married Robert de Ross, signer of the Magna Charta,
    Baron of Hemlake, born 1177, died 1226. She was daughter of 27h.

26h.Mabel, daughter of 27b, married William Albini, Third Earl 
    of  Arundel, son of 27i, signer of the Magna Charta in 1215,
    went on the Fifth Crusade and took part in the siege of Diametra
    in Egypt. Died at Cainella near Rome some time before March 20,1221,
    burried at   Wymondham Abbey.

27a.John I, King of England, married Isabella de Taillefer of  
    Angouleme, son of 28a, grantor of the Magna Charta.

27b. Hugh "Kenlock", Fifth Earl of Chester, son of 28b, born 1147, 
     died 1181, married Beatrix.

27c.Isabel De Clare, daughter of 28c, married William Marshall,
    Earl of Pembroke.

27d.Amicie De Muellant, daughter of 28d, married Richard de Claire, 
    Earl of Hertford, signer of Magna Charta, died 1218.

27e.William De Wessyngton, son of 28f, died before 1257.

27f.Robert De Quincey, son of 28g, married Howyse, Countess of England, 
    on 1st Crusade to Holy Land, died in the Holy Land.

27g.Gilbert De Lacie, of Trim Castle, Ireland, son of 28h, 
    married  Isabel Bigod.

27h.William "The Lion", King of Scotland, son of 28i, married Avenel.

27i.William Albini, Second Earl of Arundel, son of 28j, inherited 
    estates and honors of Arundel, married Maud de St.Milery, 
    died in 1196, buried       in Wymondham Abbey.

28a.Henry II, King of England, son of 29a, married Eleanor of  
    Guienne, Duchess of Aquitaine.

28b.Ranulph "De Gernor", son of 29b, fought in wars for Stephen 
    and for Matilda, died in 1135.

28c.Eva McMurcha, daughter of 29d, married Richmar, "The Strongbow",
    Earl of Pembroke in 1171.

28d.William, Count of Muellent, son of 29c.

28f.William, De Wessyngton, son of 29e, married Alice de Lexington,  
    a widow, in 1213, died in 1227.

28g.Margaret, married Saire de Quincey who was on 1st Crusade to 
    Holy Land, and signed the Magna Charta, died in 1219.

28h.Sir Ralph Bigod, Knight, Earl of Norfork and Suffolk, son of 29f,
    married Bertha de Furnival.

28i.Prince Henry, Earl of Northumberland, son of 29g, married
    Adeline de Warren.

28j.William De Albini, "The Strong Arm", Lord of Buckenham in Norfork,
    son of 29h, recieved Earldom of Arundel upon marriage with Adelicia
    who was the widow of Henry I, King of England, Died in 1176, 
    was buried at Wymondham Abbey.

29a.Geoffrey,"The Fair", Count of Anjou, son of 30d, married, Matilda, 
    daughter of 30a.

29b.Lucia, daughter of 30c, married Ranulph, Earl of Chester, son of 30b.

29c.Robert, Count of Muellant and Earl if Gloucester, son of 30e.

29d.Dermon McMurcha, King of Leinster, parents not known.---------------

29e.William De Hertburne, purchased Manor of Wessyngton, Durham, in
    1180, earliest known ancestor of the Washington Family.

29f.Hugh Bigod, Earl of Norfork, son of 30f, signer of Magna Charta,
    died in 1225, married Maud Marshall.

29g.David I "The Saint", married Matilda, parents not known.-------------

29h.Isabel De Eoeni And Conches, daughter of 30g, married, 
    William Albini, Pincerna of King Heny I of England, son of 30h, one
    of which was Buckenham in Norfolk, founded Wymondham Abbey where he
    was buried, died in 1139.

30a.Henry I, King of England, son of 31f, married among others,
    Matilda of Scotland, daughter of 31a.

30b.Maud,daughter of 31b, married Ranulph, Viscount of Bayeux.

30c. Lucia, daughter of 31d, married Ivo Tailboys, parents not known.

30d. Fulk V "The Young", Count of Anjou, son of 31c.

30e.Henry I, King of England, son of 31e, married Elizabeth Bellomont.

30f.Isabella Plantagenent, married Roger Bigod, Earl of Norfolk, 
    signer of the Magna Charta, died in 1220.---------------------------

30g.Gertrude, daughter of 31f, married Roger De Toeni and Conches, 
    son of 31g, engaged in Petty warfae in Normandy, founded  Monastery 
    of  St. Gilessault.

30h.Roger I'VRI or Aubingney,parents ot known, rebelled against 
    King William II after serving as his pincerna, or cup bearer,
    died in Normandy------------------.--

31a.Malcolm III, King of Scotland, son of 374,(The genealogy of
    Malcolm III goes back through the A's to Adam and Eve which is
    a part of the Ann Gosuch genealogy as explained in the next part
    of this line. This Gosuch branch is discontiued here, but ties
    in with Malcolm's wife, Margaret, which is continued as a part of 
    the Braselton genealogy.), married Margaret, daughter of 385.

31b.Richard Goz, Chamberlain to Duke Robert of Normandy in 1035, 
    son of 381, married Emma, half sister to William "The Conqueror".

31c.Fulk Le Rechin, "Cross Looking", Count of Anjou, son of 380,  
    married Bertrade of Montfort.

31d.Algar, Earl of Mercia, son of 379, married Alvara Malet of Kent.

31e.Elizabeth, daughter of 382, married Robert Meullant, Count of Meullant,
    fought under William "The Conqueror" at Hastings in
    1066, was counsellor to King Henry I of England, died in 1108.

31f.Baldwin III, Count of Hainault, son of 378, married Yolande, 
    daughter of Gerald of Wassenburg, Count of Guelers,died in 1120.

31g.Judith, daughter of 384, married, Ralph De Toeni, Lord of Flamstead.

31f.Matilda, daughter of 377, married William "The Conqueror",
    King of England after being Duke of Normandy, son of 375, born
    in 1027, knighted at age 15, subdued rebellious vassals, defeated 
    King Henry I of France at Val Des Dunes, defeated Harold, Saxon
    King of England at Battle of Hastings in 1066 after which he was 
    crowned as the first Norman King  of England on 12-22-1066, died,1087.