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 Prettyman Marvel came to Indiana Territory in 1807 settling a short 
 distance south of where Princeton is now located. He was born in the 1760s
 in Deleware. He married Lavina Rogers and they had nine children:
   Patience born in 1796 in Deleware married Robin Montgomery,
      in 1812. He was a school teacher. He also fought in the battle of 
      Tippecanoe in 1811.
   Prettyman born 10-20-1815 in Posey Co. Ind.
   Wiley born 1806 married Charity
   Elizabeth born around 1800 married Edmond McReynolds{He is probably
                                     a relative of my wife Ruth Ann Braselton}
   Nancy married a man named Stone 
   George R.
 Robin and Patience Montgomery had ten children:
    William born 2-15-1814 married Elizabeth Olivia Davis
    Prettyman "Marvel" Montgomery born 10-20-1815 married Patsy Prewitt
    (daughter of Moses Prewitt and Phoebe(Williams) Prewitt in 1837. 
    He also married Melissa Trible 5-12-1851.
    Samuel born 10-28-1824 married Phobe Prewitt daughter of Moses 
    Prewitt and Phoebe "Williams"
    John born 2-1-1818
    Robert born 9-10-1831 married Priscilla Knowles
    James born 1-7-1827 married Louise Knowles
    George born 5-14-1834 married Lydi Yeager
    Thomas  born 6-7-1838 married Mary Ann Borton
    Elizabeth born 4-14-1820 married Jonathon Davis brother of William's
    Nancy born 9-12-1822 married John Baine
 Prettyman "Marvel" Montgomery, a farmer and stockman, and Patsy 
    Prewitt had six children:
    Phoebe A born 1838 married Franklin Hedrick
    Nancy E
    William R born 1842
    Patience C. born 1845 married William H Robinson, son of Henry 
       Robinson and his mother's maiden name was Burns. He was born 
       in 1842  in Ill.Patience and William were married on 9-13-1866
       in Gibson Co. Ind.
    Mary L. born 1846 married Adam Ort
    James Howard born 1848 married Elizabeth Wilkinson
 Patsy died  May 10th 1850 and was burried in Williams Cemetary. On 
 May 12th, 1851 in Gibson Co. Indiana.
 Prettyman then married Melissa Trible,  born 8-22-1823, 
     daughter of George Trible and Elizabeth (Bingham) Trible. 
     They had eight children:
    Comfort born 1852 married James Monroe
    John born 1857
    George born 1859
    Prettyman D. married Sarah J. McCleary
   Thomas Newton
 William H Robinson was a Corp. in the 58th Indiana Inf.He and 
 Patience C."Motgomery" Robinson
 had nine children:
    Mary born 10-12-1867 died 5-3-1889
    James born 1869 married Nellie Reynolds 4-1-1911
   Alice born 1870
    Oliver born 1873 married Margaret Bradshaw
    William Henry "Edgar" born 1875 married Elizabeth
    Willis Emery born 1-25-1875 married Mary E "Molly" Parke 12-23-1901
    Prettyman Albert born 1878 married Lili Kilpatrick
    Issac Newton Robinson born 3-30-1882, died 4-8-1949 married 
    Martha Alice Wallace, 
       daughter of James Henry  and Mary Jane (Hodges) Wallace 
       on July 4th, 1919 
    Rosie born 9-4-1889 married Edgar Holder


 Arthur Wallace married Nancy "Peggy" Johnson
    County Longford Ireland
 Son:Robert Wallace married Violet Burnett
    Migrated to Baltimore, Maryland in 1776
    Charles born Balt.,Md.1777 married Nancy Benton
    William went to Ill.
    Robert went to Ind.
    John went to Gibson Co. Ind.1829 born 1782
    Margaret married Peter Shawn
     John Wallace born 1782 married Frances Taylor
     born 1787. They had 11 children:
       Charles Franklin born 1808 married Dicey Wooley
       Nancy born 1809 married Horatio Bryant
       Elizabeth born 1812 married Duke Chambers
       Robert born 1813
       John T. born 1813? married Nancy Tyler(Nancy King)
                                  Julia Ann Reavis
       William born Jan. 21st,1817 married Mary Jane Witherspoon
       James Sampson Didn't return from Cival War
       Violet Ann born 1820 married Lenvel Witherspoon
       Frances Jane born 1824 married Samuel A. Williams
       Elvira married Andrew Gadgel
       Henry L. born 1819 married Mary Jane Devin
         William Walllace married Mary Jane Witherspoon in Gibson Co. Ind. 
         October, 5th,1837. They had fourteen children:
 James Henry born 11-25-1838 married Mary Jane Hodges
 David married Etta Scott 9-8-1885
 Nancy Ellen
 William Dudley
 Elijah married Rhetta Blythe 9-30-1886
 Christela married a Palmer
 Bertha married a Hart
     James Henry Wallace and Mary Jane Hodges had 10 children:
   Martha Alice born 12-18-1885 married Issac Robinson 
   Amos married Sarah Louise Thelfeld 3-1-1903
   Hattie married Henry Malone
   Ella married John Reynolds
 Martha Alice (Wallace) Robinson and Issac Newton Robinson married
 July 4th, 1919. She had a son by a previous marriage and he had
 a daughter and a son by a previous marriage:
    Owen Robinson (husband's son) born 12-7-1907 married Nellie
    Devon Cole (wife's son) born 9-28-1914 in Oklahoma
    Senora Robinson (husband's daughter) born 6-21-1915 married Paul Slifer
    Virginia Fern born 6-21-1920 died in 1926
    Marjorie Pauline born 1-27-1922 in Oakland City, Ind. married
      Charles Jacob Braselton 9-17-1939 in Bethleham Parsonage.
 Charles Jacob Braselton and Marjorie Pauline (Robinson) Braselton
 had four Children:
    Charles Jacob Jr."CJ" born 5-27-1940 married Ruth Ann Cox 3-16-1960
    Paul Milton born 12-31-1941 married Roxanne Clara Smith 10-2-1964
    Jana Lou born 7-4-1951 married Gerald Owen Creek 11-29-1969
    Scott Allen born 1-31-1962
   "CJ" and Ruth Ann had five children; 
    Barbara Lou born 4-14-1960, first married Gary Alan Nease1-5-1980. 
    They have a daughter:
     Charla Marie Nease born 8-15-1980. 
    She then married Charles Edward Jones 12-10-1988, they have a son: 
     Charles Justin Jones born 6-20-1989.  
    Elizabeth Ann born 11-19-1961 and Richie Martin  have 2 children. 
     Sara Elizabeth Martin born  11-4-1993  
     Jacob Alan Martin born 3-2-1996.  
    Rebecca Louise born 11-13-1963 married Wayne John Lauer 2-25-1983. 
    They have 2 sons: 
     Joshua Marshall Lauer born 10-16-1985  
     Mark Lloyd Lauer born 7-10-1987  
    Deborah Lynn born 1-3 -1965 first married 
     James Gerard  4-13-1985.
    They had 2 daughters:  
     Samantha Nicole Gerard born 11-16-1985 
     Jessica Dianne Gerard born 9-19-1986. 
    She then married Andrew Jackson "AJ" Waite 2-8-1997. 
    AJ adopted Samantha and Jessica in November of 1997.  
    Now the childrens names are:
      Samantha Nicole Waite
      Jessica Dianne Waite
   Tracy Jo born 3-15-1969 married 
   Randy Ray Byrd 11-8-1986.
    They had 2 sons:
     Randall Ray Byrd Jr. born 4-14-1987 
     Robert Lee Byrd born 2-7-1992. 
    She then divorced Randy.
    She and Curtis Allen Fuller  have one son:
     Curtis Allen Fuller Jr. born 3-5-1996.
  Paul and "Roxie" had one son:
   Quentin Jackson born 4-8-1966 in Bangor, Maine
  Jana and "Owen" had three children:
   Shannon Lichelle born 10-15-1970 married Scotty DeLong Sept.17,1994
 They have a son Samuel Nov.13,1997
   Eric Dukane born 1-21-1973 married Karen Gaskins Aug.20th,1995 
   Tiffany Michelle born 1-20-1976